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The secrets we keep..


Each step he took only brought pain. The edges of his vision were black, accented only by the thick taste of iron upon his tongue. Silas shuffled in the direction of where he had been instructed healers would be. It had been a long journey, much longer than he had ever anticipated. Silas hadn't expected to literally be dumped into another world, let alone dumped without his magic. The empty well inside him made him feel hollow. A grunt escaped his lips as he dragged himself through the heart of a bustling court. He did not know it yet, but this was where the travelers had instructed him to go. Each breath he drew in caused him pain, so much that at times he had to stop. Silas didn't bother wiping the blood from his limbs nor maw. He had large bruises along his left side that were hardly discernible given the hue of his pelt.

There were so many strangers bustling about, and in the sea of faces, all he could see was a look of concern. Silas just had to make it to their healers, and then he could let up. Just one more step forward, one more step closer. The thought encouraged him to move forward, despite the protest of his body. Silas could feel the grinding in his torso each time he drew in too deeply. He had no idea how far he'd fallen through that portal. If he had simply fallen out of the tower in Muramir, he would have been dead. The stench of mud and rot soon filled his nares, this told him he was going in the right direction. The travelers had told him that there were healers in a swamp south of his previous location. 

Pain. More Pain.

It was almost blinding, the darkness that crept at the edges of his vision threatened to overtake all his consciousness once more. More iron skittered across his tongue, so much that it dripped from his maw. Ahead he could see a busier section, through the marshy terrain. This must be what those two travelers had been talking about. Once he reached the entrance, he stopped and gave a concerned-looking equine a smile. More iron fell from his lips. "I think I'm in pretty bad shape." He sputtered to the mare before he found himself on his knees. His frame was heavy with exhaustion and pain. Oh, the pain.

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... The lives we lead


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She rarely walks the court anymore, not unless it is coming and going from her home, or to the markets. There is too much here, on these cobblestone streets, that remind her of days and those long gone. They are painful. She does not want to remember them.

So Samaira leaves before sunrise, when everything is awash in a dim haze, and the memories are still lingering in darkness and not in the light. She leaves before sunrise, with Alaunus gliding on silent wings above her, his shadow draping over her shoulders, giving her wings that she has not had the courage to use in months. And she comes home in the dark, after all her patients are asleep, when the only thing to keep her company is the lonely glow of lamplight.

The sun is high, though it barely bleeds through the thick branches that cradle the hospital and weave over its roofs. The hospital is, as always, a bustle of activity. Doctors and medics brush along the pathways strung between wings, some with the lemur-like helpers poised upon their backs. Samaira is making her way to the rehabilitation wing when an arousal of noise catches her attention from below.

Glancing down, she can see equines gathered about at the base of the hospital’s roots. She can sense more than hear their concern from her place, high above them in the trees. Someone shouts for a doctor. She takes a lift down to the swamp floor, her steps echoing on the wooden planks keeping them up and out of the wet and mud.

“Give them some space,” she says as she reaches the gathered equines, “you’ll do them no good suffocating them like that. Back up.” The pegasus gets her first look at the injured equine and is shocked to see them still alive, if barely. She glances up, toward the branches above. “Alaunus!” her moon-silver eyes search the dark canopy for the iridescent shine of her bonded’s feathers.

She feels him before she sees him, his concern zipping along that invisible line between them like a bolt of lightning. “I’m coming,” he responds, and a few moments later appears beside her with the beating sound of wings. “Hello?” she says, voice more gentle than it was a moment ago, “can you tell me what happened to you?” Her biggest concern right now is this equine losing consciousness before she has a chance to find out what needs to be done.

“Alaunus, can you alleviate some of his pain, I need him to stay awake,” Samaira glances sidelong at her bonded, but his blue eyes haven’t left her since he arrived. She knows what he’s thinking, but she doesn’t have time for his worry. “Please,” because here… here she does not have time to think about anything other than what is happening in front of her, even if her bonded thinks she should face it.

She cannot face it.

But the heron steps closer to the equine and carefully touches his beak to their skin, drawing away a small amount of his aching. Oh, there is so much of it he is nearly overcome; never has he experienced such a flood of agony before, in all the patients he has worked with alongside his bondmate. He draws as much as he can take, perhaps enough to make the man more coherent, less like they are about to lose him any minute, and then with a few flaps of his wings disappears into the canopy to dispose of the negative energy.

Samaira watches him go for a moment, before looking down again, waiting to see if it has helped.


@Silasthein one doctor and her healing bird at your assistance

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The secrets we keep..

Silas had stirred up quite a commotion, he could feel the warmth from bodies swath over him. It almost lulled him to sleep, but he fought it. It wanted to choke him, to stifle his breath, but he had fought dragons more terrifying than this. He heard the cries for a doctor and saw the forest of limbs dissipate for a woman who urged them to give the magician space. Her wings draped at her side, and nearly brushed the wooden planks beneath them. Her face soon came into view, but he couldn’t see all of her. Her words flowed like honey, it was the sound he associated with concern. Silas seemed to be the only one to find humor in such an alarming situation. The woman had called for someone else, but Silas could not see who it was. Silas only laughs when she asks what happened to him, he laughs only because it is such an absurd tale. The words that spill from her mouth to the other stir curiosity in the fading magician. Then, he is not fading. Some of his pain is being pulled out of him, literally. Silas notices the clarity of his vision greatly increase, and he is able to hoist himself back on his feet. He expects the woman to protest, who he can now see is as beautiful as she sounds. The woman looks as though she is a garden and sounds like honey. She smells like summer. Ragged breaths spill from his ivory lips as he peers at her. “I don’t mean to laugh, your question is valid. It’s just so absurd that I’m not sure you’ll believe me -…” His voice trails off, it is interrupted by a sharp gasp as the pain starts to seep through his body.
It takes him a few moments to steady himself, as the waves of pain begin to roll through him again. It is a terrible, crawling, all-consuming thing. “I fell from a portal in the sky into Novus. I landed out in the plains atop rocks, snow and ice. I’ve spilled enough blood on the way here to transfuse an army.” Another laugh escaped his lips, his humor never faded. It was what saved him in the worst of times. Silas felt at least more mobile now, coherent. “I guess it doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not. The fact remains that I fell from a very high distance and collided with the ground. Now blood seeps from my lips. The edges of my vision are blurred and black, and the pain in my left side. I can feel it crawling through me like a terrible creature. I haven’t felt like I was dying in so long. I think you might be my only chance to survive.” The grin on his faced masked the fear he felt. Silas wasn’t a man who was made out of fear. That tiny lizard brain was good at something, one thing really, keeping him alive. 

Silas has not ignored the concern etched on her face, but still, his defense mechanism of humor persists. He is surprised to see the woman cast a glance towards a Heron. Was this Alaunus? The one who she addressed? A smile of wonder and satisfaction crossed his face even as his vision darkened again. Magic was real, and alive in Novus. “What a brilliant creature…” He gasped out as a new wave of pain overtook him. His teeth ground together as he dropped his visage back to peer at the woman with a flower crown. “What do we do. Where do I go?” Silas asked her, his voice still light but there was a serious edge to it now.


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... The lives we lead


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