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"the sharp knife of a short life
i've had just enough time"
Rainbows refracted in the sunlight.

A prism of color lit the iridescent wings of the faerie as she hovered over the meadow. Her limbs were tucked in close to her body, her head angled down as she observed a small colony of bunnies below nimble on the early buds of dandelions, hidden by the swaying grasses of the hillside. It was a peaceful scene that Caelum had stumbled upon while on a leisure flight through the prairielands, and it was moments like these than she had a preference to savor. When one could witness the innocence of life go about their daily business.

A long ear twitched.

As if in unison, the rabbits all frozen, noses twitching before they split - bounding off in different ways, the majority of them diving in nearby burrows hidden behind the long grasses. The long furred, red tail swayed above the fringe of emerald, as the fox sniffed before seeming to dejectedly slump at an early spring meal hidden away. Caelum smiled sadly at the obviously hungry predator, too thin after a winter of hunting with little success. The fox slipped through the grass, and before long was out of sight and hidden to well for Caelum to continue to watch it's attempt to hunt for a meal. Instead, the fae turned back to her calm flight, her wings once more gliding through the air, and throwing rainbows where the sunlight touched the shimmering veiled wings.

She matched the sky.

From the light of the sun reflecting on her wings - to the bright blue of her body - to even the white of her hair that mimicked the clouds - it wasn't too strong a stretch to see why her parents had named her after the celestial heaven. The wind billowed against her long locks, pulling them back from her face, and painting the otherwise clear blue sky with streaks of ivory. Her eyes shut against the cool breeze, still chilled from the recent winter months that had just passed. But the air smelled clean and crisp, and the sun was once again warming the earth. Already leaves were budding a new on the trees, and flowers were beginning to grow up and preparing for blossom - a sight the nature loving fairy couldn't wait for.

Spring, a time for new beginnings.

A time for rejuvenation, a fresh start, a new lease. Caelum was hoping to experience a variety of these through out the new year that came on the wings of the dying winter and blooming spring time. A chance to continue healing from the wounds and scars of the past, to rebuild herself up stronger than before - rather than patchwork ducttaping the pieces of her heart and soul together in a quick fix. Caelum was hoping for Novus to continue the healing she so desperately hoped for.

Her limbs slowly unfurled.

Long, lean legs pawed through the air, as if swimming through oxygen as her wings angled to earth. Nearing the ground level of the current hill, her hooves made gentle contact, first the front left, then the front right, walking herself out of the landing as her hind hooves came into contact with the terrafirma beneath her. The long grass tickled at her knees, as the fairy horse tucked her delicate wings against her back, her gaze still watching curiously those around her, even as her smile turned soft and serene on her face. What ever spring held in store for her, Caelum couldn't deny the attraction to the season.

There was something refreshing, about coming back to life.



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Things haven’t really changed.

At least, they haven’t really felt like they’ve changed. If Antiope disregards the fact that everyone looks at her a little differently now, a little more like she’s something else, something more or other—that they all speak to her like she is Queen—then she might be able to convince herself that Isra has not gone.

Perhaps when the court is quiet and the streets are empty and there is no one around to remind her of the position she has taken, of the crown that she now wears, she could convince herself that Isra has not gone. But by the light of the sun, by the bustling of the crowds and the messengers who continually come to her door, there is little way for her to pretend.

She has been a Queen before, a jungle Queen of a predatory tribe who wore shadows like a second skin. But leading them was like breathing. They revered her, because they knew what she had been; they knew that the gods had made her to be their salvation. They would have done anything for her. They had died for her.

Antiope had let them die for her.

This time… this time is different. It has to be different. She is determined that it will be.

The recently ascended Sovereign is distracted from her thoughts by a flash of iridescent light, thinking she had been alone in wandering through the prairie. Evidently, however, she is not as Antiope looks up and her sapphire blue eyes see the gossamer winged equine landing hooves upon the ground only but feet from where she is walking. The hill she is cresting must have mostly hid the other from view.

The tiger striped woman recalls having seen them around the court, before. A medic, she thinks, as she approaches. “Hello,” Antiope greets, thinking that their wings are quite fascinating and that she can’t imagine how something so delicate can hold a horse, even in a world filled with magic. “Enjoying the weather?”

She imagines many of the court medics are glad for the spring, glad to take to the world and restock their supplies. Glad for the seemingly endless line of sick equines lessening, as colds and other winter illnesses take their leave for the year.



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