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Limited  - Takarian Pirates

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The Takarian Pirates—

Derived from the Japanese word for treasure, "takara", the Takarian pirates are a kingdom of it's own — one of ocean fae and sea-folk and land-mermaids, all under the just and brutal rule of their pirate king and queen. They hail from many lands and many backgrounds, but the blood that runs like molten gold in their veins is the same; they are none without their deep, forever love for the great blue sea.

Calling a land far far away from Novus home, they are foreigners in these lands. They are not only fiercely loyal to their king and queen, but the Takarians are also known for their devout beliefs in the sea gods. Many have chosen to live out their days at sea, blissful along the waves of the ocean and it's hidden treasures. Each Takarian feels chosen and blessed to their own gods; for there are many, each pirate hailing from various walks of life. The sea does not see a difference from one pirate to another; just their passion, their drive, their violence, which calls to each one like a trinket of gold, special for only them.

The Sea Gods
There are three sea gods that the Takarian pirates are devout to. They are Poseidon, Triton, and Calypso — the sibling deities that rule the ocean blue. WIP.

How to Join
Currently, joining as a character from the Takarian pirates is limited. Should you wish to join a character as a Takarian pirate, please message Keira (either PM or on Discord [Keira#7345]) for permission/plot devices, to make sure your future character fits well with the lore! Additionally, names of former (and current) pirates are also closed, and are considered to be NPC characters.

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The Takarian pirates and all of the lore associated with them is copyright to kiroochuu (I have permission to use the lore as I bought her character for it). Specific characters are also copyright to their respective owners. ??

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coding by Avis. BG from Unsplash.


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