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Days passed since she was allowed to stay in the herd, a herd she felt unsure about. Being a newcomer was always hard, or at least for her, she felt awkward and out of place, she didn't know anyone or knew how this heard's dynamics, belives or political affairs. But more then that, she didn't know if those who called this place home would be welcoming with new additions, would they accept her despite how she looked? Would they reject her as her previous home? But of course, she couldn't pretend to be everyone's friend. And until she didn't get to know most of them, she wouldn't know the answer to her previous questions. 

For now, all she could do was to try and get used to her new home, to the lands and important locations it had. To learn the costumes, the events if they did have them. To familiarize herself with any curious thing that she may find. But she was sure that she would take her time, she wouldn't rush and pretending to make anything just for wanting to please others. She only wanted to do things that would become personal growth and betterment. Would they apport to her essence as a person? Would they allow her to grow and find who she really was and could be? 

And today, her path drove her to a swamp. A place of high humidity and apparent loneliness. Sounds of unknown precedence reached her ears. Sounds never heard before, and she felt curious but decided to ignore it for now. All she wanted was to learn as much as she could about what she didn't know of this place. That was something she always did, let her mind dance through the several questions she always made to herself, all the ideas and things she wished to learn from. 

Hoofs sank within the shallow waters as she walked further into the swamps. 


Art by @SilentWolf , code by @SilentWolf, stock from pixabay


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