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Spring is drawing to a close. Already the days are warmer, longer, brighter. The streets are busy in Denocte, equines brushing along like fish in a stream. They pass and nod or smile in her direction. Some greet her, “Welcome back, Queen Antiope,” or “Safe travels?” The streets are full of horses. When did they become so full of horses?

She missed it all, the budding of Denocte like a springtime bloom. But her travels had been necessary. Antiope could not have begun her sovereignship as a stranger to the other courts. She didn’t want her people to become another statistic. She doesn’t want to be another bizarre thing, another secret. No more of that.

She had passed beneath the shadow of a nearly completed structure on her way in from the mountain pass. The Queen smiles now, thinking of it, as she pushes on toward the citadel. Now that she is back in her home there is much to be done and so little time to do it all. If Antiope was not much of a sleeper before, she certainly will not be one now. Her magic will have to get her through the precious short weeks to come.

As the doors to the castle are opened before her, she turns toward one of the pages—a young boy with paper ivory skin and morning blue eyes, not quite blue but not quite green, pale—and speaks. “Aubin, will you please go find Morrighan and have her meet me in the great room?”

The boy bobs his head and hurriedly moves down the steps and into the streets. He is, perhaps, the only child in the entire kingdom who isn’t completely afraid of the Warden. Antiope thinks he is rather awed by the woman’s magic and would like some of his own, someday. She tries to picture him wielding fire like Morrighan, and can only hope that he grows up with less of a temper.

She moves into the great room, where the embers of this morning’s fire pulse in the fireplace on the far wall. The smell of woodsmoke still lingers in the air. “M’Lady,” one of the kitchen maids says as she polishes a table nearby, “It’s wonderful to have you back. Would you like anything? Surely you must have an appetite after your trip.” Antiope smiles, and appraises the girl.

“A meal would be lovely. Whatever the cook has, for two,” and moves to wait at one of the tables for Morrighan to arrive. Hopefully the Warden will bring her appetite with her, and plenty of news of the state of the court while she has been away. She is reminded of what all there is yet to do.

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She didn't realize just how much there is to the Court until Antiope left.

It had been one thing to wander the streets and the outskirts of the borders. Then Antiope had tasked Morrighan with keeping an eye on things while she went to the other Courts to maintain alliances. She took this job very seriously of course, but she had underestimated how much more work and energy it'd require. Maybe it's simply that she sets too high expectations for herself. It just felt that there was even more to monitor. Not just looking around at the streets for idiot thieves, but also making sure that it all ran smoothly. All the way down to the little mundane things.

She hadn't spent much time in the castle before this, except maybe here and there to visit Isra. She's too used to the comforts of her small home or the cobblestone streets of the markets. Now that she had spent many nights in there, it's like a whole new world unfolded before her. The food especially surprised her and she wonders if she should've spent more time here a while ago.

It had all been worth it though. The many nights she spent looking out the windows with eyes like a hawk. The many individuals she yelled at to get their shit together and do their jobs. The poor page from the castle that she probably could've cut some slack with. Oh well, it'll be good for him to develop some thick skin.

And, in the end, the kingdom hadn't burned down. That alone should be seen as an accomplishment.

So when the page arrived saying that their Queen had returned, Morrighan smiled. With Bram close by, they all headed back to the castle. They didn't exchange words (most likely because he was terrified of the Warden and her wolf), but her mind was swimming with thoughts anyway.

Before winter had ended, Morrighan had asked Antiope who she might appoint as a Regent. It was then that she realized how badly she wanted the job. Her task to watch Denocte in Antiope's absence had to have been a test that she very much hopes she passed. Now with this meeting, hopefully she will find out.

At last, her footsteps echo down the halls of the castle towards the great room. Morrighan can smell woodsmoke faintly in the air and, before the doors even open, Antiope will see flames come back to life within the fireplace. It wouldn't be like the Warden not to make such an entrance.

Then the doors open wide and the smell of food hits her nostrils. She can feel her stomach turning - either from hunger or nerves, or both. Her Queen is sitting by a table waiting and Aubin steps aside to let Morrighan and Bram pass.

"Queen Antiope, I present, Morrighan Ciardha and.. uh.." the page announces, but hesitates as he tries to remember her companion's name. The wolf laughs.

"That's okay, he's not as important," Morrighan says as she walks over to the table, a smirk on her face. A growl can be heard coming from Bram, but he stays off in the corner and lays down. He's too tired to argue back this time.

The Warden gives a nod to the Sovereign and takes a seat. "How was the world out there? Glad to see you're back in one piece." It's a bit of a joke, but Morr had never been interested in traveling outside of Denocte. She can't imagine how different the world must be outside of their borders or how the other Courts are. Desert sands? Swamps? No thanks. At least the big threat of Raum is gone so she didn't have to worry too much about Antiope's safety. Besides, the woman had made it clear how powerful her magic is.

She is still nervous and eager to ask what the woman is thinking moving forward. However, if she's learned anything in her time being Warden, she knows how important small talk can be at times. She'll have to wait it out and just hope there might be some good news coming very soon.

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