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The way she moved would look peculiar to the eyes of those accustomed to the world above the waves. Her legs carried her, the solid wall of her hooves pressing into the earth as she seemed to marvel at the prints it left behind - each step was calculate, a leg lifting higher than it needed to be, clearing the ground and was drawn up and out, as she felt muscles in her shoulder contract and extend in different timing, as she delicately place that foot on to the ground.

Every step was like this, as Indrani moved. It gave her an ethereal presence like she was a dancer. Beneath the waves, she knew how to beguile the eyes and ears, how to spin and sing and entertain and it would be a time before that would come to pass here. She hummed to herself, a soft and sweet sound that drifted over the fields and seemed to intertwine with the breath of the world. It wove through the plants and reminded Indrani of the swaying kelp beds.

There was a pang for a moment, missing the water but it slid away, as she looked. Why she was here, she wasn’t entirely sure but the fields were of the Court she had given her name to - the Court she would go to, the one her sister had spoken it - and now she was here, with her bright eyes wide as she continued to hum the gentle in her throat.

This world was so bright - and full of life.

Every moment had been truly worth the price she would probably pay for stealing the magic needed to come here, she decided with a smile.

@Anandi <3


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Anandi has been alone for what feels like so long. Untethered from the family that, for most of her life, was simply everything. Her closest friends, her deepest enemies; her confidants, her rivals. Her world, deep down there in the cold and the dark.

To be so suddenly not alone is a surreal feeling. The ripping of the bandage, in reverse. A coming together, a comfort, a wholeness that had been so far removed she had begun to forget what it had felt like to begin with.

The sight of Indrani hits like a hammer to the throat. She stops in her tracks. She thinks she might be crying. “Sister!” Anandi leaps into motion. She runs, legs long and strong, graceful but-- there would always be something a little odd to the motion. Her stride marking her as other just as much as the coral fringe on her poll or the wicked sharp gleam of her teeth. She skids clumsily to a halt, and closes the scant remaining distance to her older sister in a prancing trot.

Indrani.” The emissary is definitely crying now, pretty little tears that she beats away with a frenzy of long-lashed blinks. She steps forward to embrace her sister, chest to chest, and a little giddy laugh emerges from her. A white flame of joy, so hot it could not ever be taken. “I’m so glad you’re here.

She knows she ought to unravel herself, show her sister the court, say something, say anything, but right now she just wants a long moment wrapped in something familiar. And Anandi was good at getting what she wanted.

Somehow, in the expanse of scarlet ambition,
I forgot that joy, too, ought to be mine


@Indrani ;_; <3

some say the loving and the devouring are all the same thing


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