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like the ocean kissed the sky
at the most beautiful place under the sun
It is indistinguishable at first—the abnormal churning of water, melting into the natural ebb and flow of the ocean’s waters, pushing and pulling towards the shore. It is an anomaly that is easily overlooked, unless perhaps one were to train their eyes in the exact right spot, and fixate on how the cresting of the waves is just different than the rest. This goes on for a time, the sea calling his daughter forward with a voice as soft as it is powerful. When she finally answers, it happens suddenly, all at once surging forward in a graceless summons that is far beyond the control of her fragile, mortal body.

A crest of water rises, higher than the others, reaching and reaching towards the white sands with greedy, foaming fingers. By the time it falls, crashing and roiling, there is the hint of her in its grasp—the flailing of slender legs, the whipping of dark hair, the gasping of lips. Unceremoniously, the mare is thrown once again into a world that is entirely foreign to her. She knows the feeling, remembers how it felt when she had been swallowed up and spit out the first time (the fear, the loss, the unknown).

By the time her father’s wave retreats back into his saline depths, Tiamat is left lying on the shore. With her head spinning in the aftermath of her transportation, she finds herself squinting up towards her mother sky, blinking against a brilliant light. The sun, is her first thought, and it comes with a gasp that is nearly choked from her lips. She can hardly remember the last time she had seen the sun—truly seen it, bright and warm and comforting, unsullied by dark shadows and not dim with sickness. For a moment or two, Tiamat simply lies there, basking in the friendly glow that she has craved for so long. If only her peace could last forever (because, oh, how she deserves it!) but her second thought rips through her very being in the same way a blade rips through silk.

I’m alone.

“Nimue?!” The mare gasps her companion’s name with an inhalation of breath that stings the back of her throat. Jolting sharply, she staggers to her feet, white eyes scanning wildly down the length of the beach. “Nimue! Nimue! Her cry is one of desperation, cloven hooves carrying her anxiously through the fine sands, panic etching itself into every delicate curve of her body. She fights a horrifying realization, even when there is no sign of her beloved leviathan. She knows, she already knows that she will not find Nimue here—she can feel it, like a part of her heart and mind have been ripped away. The empty space aches in her chest, the wound raw and festering, crying for the piece that will put her back together.

Defeated, the mare collapses back onto the sands, legs folding beneath her as she turns her weary eyes out to the ocean. “Why, father?” The words hardly have the energy to sigh past her lips. Tiamat has cried countless times while captured by the darkness, but now, her body can’t seem to summon the tears she so badly wants to release. “Why have you brought me here?” Her jaw clenches in a soundless sob, eyes closing tight. A sea breeze is carried from the waves, seeming to caress her cheek as it works its way through her hair. Her expression relaxes slightly, though the pain does not ease.

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“I am longing to be with you, and by the sea, where we can talk together freely and build our castles in the air.”

The world, she knows, is full of beautiful creatures and beautiful things, beautiful people who dance and smile and are ever so dazzling with their airs of mysteries hanging about them like fireflies on the horizon when dusk rolls around. She is a collector of these people, these places, these memories that sit in moving frames within her head, always twirling and dancing and writhing gaily as the woman who wears white like a morning gown dances over the skies. 

She tumbles through them as a storm, rolling with the breeze, diving with the sparrows, floating as the clouds that pass overhead. 

It is her home, expansive and unsullied, the last of the world left so unexplored. For the sea holds the kelpies and the earth claims those bound to it. Ah, but Juniper... She is one so fortunate to have her wings, dove-grey and lovely, to swoop and swirl, to dream upon and bask in the noontime light with. She is never meant to be bound to one thing, one person, one place. No, she looks at all with curved eyes, slanted in a coy smile that echoes down her skinny nose and on her broad lips. A perfect picture of freedom encased in an almost porcelain body of a woman who still looks, still acts, just like a girl. 

She can no more deny herself the feel of the heavens than she can the water she drinks every day. Every body has needs, and hers craves the touch of another as much as it longs for the arms of her swamps and her brothers and sisters that would spiral about her, a den of vipers coiled tightly into a single entity until there was no beginning nor end, there simply was one. Vespera's priestess looks down unto the ocean that scares her, that turns her stomach leaden and her heart cold, that reigns ice upon her blood like acid from the sky. Today, it is restless like her hands that seek out another to touch, to hold, to whisper sweet nothings to over and over until they are lulled into her arms night after night. 

Spiraling down, a predator landing, a sky snake at last on solid ground once more, the goddess-girl hears on the last vestiges of the wind, the voice of an angel fallen from her home. In a heap of blue and seaweed, upon the shoreline a distraught woman rises. Is she from the sea ? This father, whoever he is, is gone, and she is all that is left; just as when a hermit crab finds a new home, she is the empty shell that is a reminder of what was. 

Juniper wonders at her origin, her beauty, but she wonders more of the woman herself. Her skin is slick with water, her eyes are wet with unshed tears. The priestess moves closer, careful to avoid the water's reaching grasp. "Vespera brought you here," the Pegasus whispers when close enough, long lashes fluttering down, half-lidded eyes hiding, and a smile on her lips. "She's chosen a beautiful one again - who are you, blue, crying waif? Speak to me, I shall not harm you, I will harm none whom Vespera has chosen."

credits @Tiamat <3


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take this burden away from me
and bury it before it buries me

When she had been little, Elena had not understood how a mother could abandon her children. Her grandmother had told her how she had raised her Uncle Zamier and Aunt Shiri. They were the children of Ichiro the Fierce. He had found Zamier and Shiri shaking in the Nursery, alone, dreadfully alone. He had come to realize they were his children and he had taken them home. “How can a mommy leave her babies?” Elena had asked, a child so blessed with two parents who loved her, who longed to be with her when they weren't beside her for even a moment. Little Elena who had been too young to comprehend such a thing.

How can a mommy leave her baby?

She would ask this question again as her mother lay sick and dying. She was fading, Elena knew this as she would rest her head against her, sit beside that body so hot with fever that Elena knew it was not just the afternoon sun as her mother claimed. She was leaving them, all of them. She was leaving her.

How can a mommy leave her baby?

She feels restless. There is a heavy thrumming in her heart. She has grown wild here in Novus, like the sea that she has so chosen to live beside. It is seen in the daisies that roam in her flaxen man, and the way the ivory that creeps on her legs hold wet sand.

In the end though, he has hurt he and she would carry that in her heart because having him there, even in that way, as a constant reminder in her chest fragmented glass that so many have already broken (inhaled by her lungs) was better than not having him at all. He is trouble. He has shown her this time and time again, and still she yearns for him. He has danced with her, embraced her, shunned her, saved her, caught her, pushed her away. He has done so much to her for such a little amount of time, for such a summer.

Oh what a summer it has been.

She does not know their story, but she thinks she can almost feel it. It is sadness that radiates in her chest when she comes near, but the golden girl of sunshine is unable to tell just who is feeling it. Elena finds them by the ocean. Oh always by the ocean. How often has she found one here since coming to Novus? It began with Anandi, a welcome, to Michael, a moment of questioning, to Tenebrae, a feeling of desire, to Azrael, a rush of adventure. It is only when she is closer she knows the one who causes the tightness in Elena’s stomach, who makes her eyes sting with the desire to cry. She wants to move away, to find happiness underneath the sun on this summer's day, but compassion burns in Elena’s veins like something fierce. She cannot leave a heart when she knows how much it weeps. She would not allow herself.

“She is right, beautiful stranger,” Elena says to the blue mare only speaking when she knows her voice will not falter with someone else’s sorrow that feels unfamiliarly familiar. “You are safe here,” she offers her moving closer to come and stand beside Juniper. “Steady your tears when you can,” she says, and though her voice sounds almost firm, there is the undeniable warmth that is so essential to Elena, a girl of sunshine and affection. She could not be cruel even if the world turned black. (For it had once, and Elena still had smiled. Elena still had loved.) “Welcome to Terrastella,” she says to the girl with a smile, offering what she can. “Now tell us, why do your tears fall?”

so take away this apathy
bury it before it buries me

@Tiamat @Juniper thanks for letting me join in <3

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let's light this house on fire
we'll dance in the warmth of its blaze
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