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The summer moon was high in a clear sky on this night, washing the world in a glow of silver and shimmering brighter than all the stars as it watched Denocte below.  Though the Summerfest continued and strangers flocked to their borders for colorful baubles and dancing, not all were raucous and participating in the revelry.  Real life continued in the Night Court, beyond the merchant tents and food vendors, even if the land was significantly quieter past the burning bonfires and music.  

Azrael doesn’t mind, he thinks, as he skirts the fire-breathers and jugglers.  Still, he smiles at the warmth, remembering that only months ago, this land had isolated itself from the world as it worked to heal.  It was better this way, he decided, open and welcoming.  Perhaps the new queen would be in high spirits too, which is why he had chosen this night to meet her, not usually one to leave his mountain home for court life.  Like many of the shed-stars, he felt a loyalty to Caligo – but Azrael had found he knew very little about her people or this land that he now called home.  Hoping to change that, he sought Antiope in her palace, walking alongside it’s eastern wall with a hushed sort of reverence.

He winds around the walls of the structure, until at last Azrael finds himself standing at the main entrance, staring at the obsidian archway as he expels a breath of wonder.  Even he had to admit that the citadel was impressive, with it’s obsidian walls and gilded windows.  Stepping across the threshold, his body throws an otherworldly glow against the shadows halls, and he does his best to muffle the sounds his hooves make against the rock.

Azrael would make an interesting picture for the queen – all stardust and moonglow in the darkness of the castle, aurora-like patterns dancing upon his back.  He stops just outside of her chambers, clearing his throat before questioning with a polite tone, "Your highness?", as he waits for her to address him.

He comes with little more than a desire to meet her, not sure of what he would find.  Would she welcome him to their kingdom?  Would she give him some task or position to support them?  Azrael was open to the possibility, unsure of how he could add value to the place which he would come to know as home, having strayed for too many nights in the hills to himself.  But even a vagrant needed something more – a purpose of sorts – to keep their heart rooted in a home… and Azrael hoped his queen would deliver this mission to him.




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