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Information  - Denocte Seasonal Prompts List

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Fall 505 Seasonal Prompts

We hope these fun and interactive seasonal prompts will encourage everyone to include them in their threads and use them to make some IC memories! Prompts will change with the seasons, and will always be available unless the court hosts a larger scale event.

If you complete a thread within the season using a current prompt, you will receive a 100 signo bonus paid from the Night Court Account! Please tag all thread with the proper season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) for ease of tracking. Enjoy!

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Costume Party @ The Night Markets

With the arrival of fall comes another tradition within the Night Court to celebrate the season. The markets have been decorated with corn stalks, lanterns, pumpkins, acorns and more. Apple cider, mead and pumpkin pies are being served by merchants as well. This autumn, an All Hallows Eve costume party is being held; unique and/or scary costumes are encouraged, but any participation is welcome. On one particular night when the veil between the living and the dead wears thin, it's said that ghosts may lurk the dark corners of the alleys looking to haunt the festival-goers. It could also just be some horses taking their spooky transformations to heart to cause some trouble… or at least, that's what you could keep telling yourself.

Comfort Cook-off @ Sideralis Prairie

If the thought of fall does not immediately bring to mind the sight and smells of all manner of freshly made food, fear not. With the markets occupied for the costume party, Sideralis Prairie has been transformed this season into the home base for a melting pot of the best self-proclaimed bakers and cooks from all over Novus. They have set up shop at booths and stands lined across the drying grasses, offering their number one dish to the masses. There is plenty to choose from, as autumn brings with it an endless number of comfort foods to warm the heart and fill the belly, from stews to pies. Which one do you think is the best?

Wishing Lanterns @ Vitreus Lake

Travel to Vitreus Lake after the sun has set and watch the lanterns light, one by one, like stars blinking into existence. It is a tranquil and magical sight to behold, especially at a distance, to see how the lake truly appears as though it has become one with the sky above. Unlit paper lanterns line the lakeside, each one unique in size, shape and color, waiting to be chosen. Pick a lantern, light the candle inside as you make your wish, and set it upon the surface of the lake to float. Some may even place a small trinket inside the lantern, as an offering. Perhaps that thing you've been aching for might just come true?

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