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IC Event  - Day Court Autumn Fest

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There is something different about the streets of Solterra. Despite the uncertainty of the newly revealed catacombs, there appears to be a fragile hope blooming in the hearts of the citizens. For the first time in many years foreigners have entered the city to trade and offer goods; a travelling caravan has brought art, music, and most importantly... life to the city.

Solterran's have not forgotten their inherit roots. The Colosseum waits for the blood of contestants, and the gates of the citadel open to the 


Autumn brings celebration to Solterra; the heat abates and is replaced by a cool coastal breeze. This change of weather brings with it not only foreign traders but caravans of vagabonds from the desert. The capitol easily receives both and hosts, for the first time in many years, the Autumn Fest. 

In part, Solterrans are eager to celebrate the end of the harshest season in the desert. But more importantly, they are eager to celebrate a changing of fortunes. The citadel itself has opened its gates not only to the people, but tradesmen and caravans from beyond. Each night, almost magically, the palace doorways open to invite the people of the city in. Strange commodities are available for purchase and music overflows the typically empty corridors, replacing them with life. Most importantly, the vagabonds of Yuka have arrived with their stocks of beer, ale, fine wine, and delectable liquors.

So come inside, Solterra, and drink. The elaborate parties last from night to the break of dawn, and will for an entire week. Traders deal in fine silks, jewellery, and even armour. The lights do not go out and the beer and ale most importantly, are on Solterra’s treasury. 

Please mark threads with [Autumn Fest] for participation. All completed threads award 50 signos to both participants. 


For a number of months, the abandoned colosseum has been the fixation of bustling, hurried activity. Workers have laboured to repair the tiered seating, to polish and replace the rusted, unused armor and weaponry. At last a red, silk banner has been unfurled across the entrance with three sun sigils, Solis’s own.

The d’Oru, so long neglected, have emerged from the desert. They busily occupy themselves about the Colosseum, almost awkward after so long an absence.  They can be found bustling among the fighter’s quarters, where old gladiator cages have been polished and returned to their former glory. There are rumours, even, of ferocious calls from deep within the Colosseum, the echoes of either long-dead beasts or new ones. 

The d’Oru busy themselves by outfitting the medical post, organising supplies, and even venturing above to the Colosseum's tiered seating. They watch with gem-bright gold eyes and venture close to the incoming spectators. At times, they doze in the sun, or sprawl out on the edge of the Colosseum in anticipation for the battles below. At their busiest, they arrange the brilliant new weaponry and armour, awaiting the fighters with barely concealed impatience. 

Then, the invitations are sent out: one is sent to the medics of Terrastella and the other to all of Solterra. Parchment fliers are placed outside of taverns, about the market, and in every established business. A herald calls the opening of the Colosseum from Solterra’s center, and another from the outskirts, until the entire city knows. 

The invitation is simple:

Come, and fight.


The Colosseum is open during all seasons, but for Autumn 505 are three entrance options: 

  1. A matched fight chosen by members and judged by staff, with a completed thread worth 50 signos for each participant. 
    1. These fights require at least one Solterra, although members of other Courts are invited to participate. 
  2. A tiered system, randomized, where characters compete against one another and have the chance of winning signos for thread completion (50 per participant) and an ultimate prize for the overall winner. Each fight is judged by staff, with single elimination from the tournament. The tournament is a bracketed system, and Solterran participation is highly encouraged! However, all characters from all Courts are welcomed to participate. 
  3. Day Court members may also request a “mystery fight” which, again, will be judged by staff. 50 signos will be awarded to characters who complete the fight, although this is capped at THREE members.
  4. Characters from all Courts are invited to participate in the Tournament, as well as the matched battles. Only Solterrans can participate in the mystery fights.
  5. A special invitation is in place for Terrastellan medics to participate. Specifically, if a Terrastellan medic completes a thread with an injured Solterra combatant, 50 signos will be awarded to each participant. This amount os signos is matched by the lovely RB, for a total of 100 signos per participant in a thread containing a Solterra combatant and Dusk medic! 
    Important Note: In order to enter either option 2. (the tiered system) or option 3, please DM the Official Day Account. The deadline for entering is June 3rd, at which point the tournament and mystery fights will be closed to entrance. At that point, members will be paired randomly with other members and must complete their fight threads within the season. The winner of each match will move on to compete against the winner of the other match, and so on, until there are only two combatants left. At that point, the two contestants compete for an unknown, mysterious prize. 


Played by Offline Leviathan [PM] Posts: 46 — Threads: 25
Signos: 205

[Image: DHXj5AL.png]
enlarged version: click 

The Solterran Colosseum is ready for battle.

All contestants have been paired and tiered randomly through a bracket generator. 


1. All fights will be judged and adhere to the rules of a normal judged fight.

2. The process is single-elimination. 

3. The first name in each FULL bracket is responsible for beginning the fight within 3 days of this notification. (That means Orestes, Dune, Jahin, and Andras will be responsible for beginning their threads).

4. The next brackets, which require a winner from a previous fight, will be started by the member who has YET to participate in a fight. This member will be notified by the contestants they are meant to fight (i.e. in the Orestes x Tenebrae match, when Tenebrae wins, Obsidian will notify Griffin and Griffin will then proceed to start the thread within three days of being told).

5. For each full fight thread completed, both members earn 50 signos.

6. For those who make it to round 9, the ultimate winner will be awarded a mystery prize. 

7. Please remember, this is just for fun! No hard feelings outside of the character realm are meant to be derived from this. Simultaneous with the competitions Solterra is hosting an IC party in the citadel, and all fighters are welcome to attend. Although fights are "serious" the aura of the Colosseum "reopening" is meant to be a celebratory one! Overall, if anyone has questions do not be afraid to ask me! Additionally, if you need extensions on posting the thread past the three days just notify your fellow combatant. 

8. I reiterate: HAVE FUN! Solterra is meant to be a warrior culture, and here we are trying to emphasise that! 

9. The thread title should be MATCH ONE (depending on the match): insert your title here [FIGHT] and place it in the Colosseum board. 

*Updates will be posted as fighters complete their matches. 


Corradh x El Rey
Helios x Jask 


1. The winner of these fights will be decided by staff. All rules of IC judged fights are applied.
2. Each participant, upon completion of their fight thread, will earn 50 signos from Solterra. 
3. Have fun! 
4. The thread title should be: insert your title here [MATCHED FIGHT] and place it in the Colosseum board. 


Jask x tbd 
Rufio x tbd


1. Jask and Rufio will be tagged by the Official Day Court Account within the next three days for his mystery fight.
2. At the completion of the thread, Jask and Rufio will be awarded 50 signos. 


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