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Night Court Scholar
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Night descends from the sky in the form of a goddess. One adopted into her great family, who stretches across all of Novus each night. She swallows the sky and string stars in the heavens for all the children of Novus. Caligo. Sebastien knows her well, and the stories of his own family. Her form surely has vanished from the temple upon the peak, because she now stands before all those of Denocte to announce they need yet another Sovereign. He is sore when he goes to rush from the Vogelstein estate and is reminded he is not fit to be a king. Not yet they tell him. Not yet. Sebastien feels his anger cool with the falling night as he arrives with the other denizens of his home. He will not be the pup that is licking his wounds. His magic drifts in waves around him, drawing others in. 

He does not want them. He has eyes only for Caligo, and those that offer themselves up as her next set of victims. Sebastien wonders then if Caligo will discover the blasphemous son from the cursed house. The one that claims she is responsible for their suffering. Because they cannot look inward and blame themselves. Sebastien is no different, although he likes to think he is. Instead, he watches, allowing his magic to hungrily lap at whoever is close enough to notice his presence. "Well met, Caligo." Sebastien murmurs his lullabies to the wind. His words are meant only for one.

"May the next Sovereign serve us well. In your name, and the name of Tempus." It is as though he worships aloud. It is still a foreign taste upon his tongue. To devote himself to Caligo, who cursed his family. He believes these stories. The Solterran son feels blasphemous for the roots of his lineage, and the curse upon their house. Yet, he is here to witness history. He is here in place of the Head of House, to collect information for them. The political tides of the court are always the most important.


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and in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
i tried to find the sound
She is queen and night and all things, all-encompassing, and in her presence, Kassandra feels both held and swaddled and exposed, raw edges left out in the cold. She has seen where Caligo is supposed to rest-- she has seen the throne of the gods-- and it was empty. And this living embodiment of pitch-black and goddess of shrouds now dusts the paltry air they breathe with her stardust presence; her hooves touch the mortal ground upon which they tread.

And she speaks! To Kassandra! In real silken word, and not visions and tricks of the mind. Not scenes from the void pressed through too-small holes, unbendable material forced around corners. Not explosions of color, light, sound; and yet, when Caligo addresses her, Kassandra finds herself no less shaken, and small tremors run through her, across her pelt, making the stars dance.

All these people! All the faces, all the names, all the hearts and minds and ideas. They all stepped up to move Denocte forward. A cacophony of colors and voices; each one, whether they believed themselves chosen or not, willing to bear the burden of the kingdom on their backs. Each wanted the power but each knew the risks. If the story of powerful Morrighan, dread, damaged, deceased, did not put the fear of gods and the monsters they create in their hearts then they were fools beyond measure.

And what is Denocte at its core but a house, a home, a haven? Where did Caligo go when she was persecuted by the lords of Light? Where did Kassandra go, when her home burned behind her?

Oh, but she had so many questions. Please, just let me ask my questions; but the words turned to ash in her throat, and she turned her head away so the night-queen did not see her childlike tears. And when she does she sees the amaranthine form of a lovely, familiar face.

She smiles at Rivane and tries to pretend she isn’t crying (she’s only crying a little bit). Oculos is there, too, sniffing for his friends, nuzzling his black nose into soft little hands.

[Image: image.png]


Played by Offline Zombie [PM] Posts: 24 — Threads: 3
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Night Court Youth
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He knows this is a big moment for Denocte. He knows that they must choose someone to rule them next. Kibou knows his mother expects him to side with her because she has raised him and taught him all he needed to know. But was she the best fit for Denocte? He wasn’t sure. In fact, he wasn’t sure of anything anymore.

The colt steps forward, meandering through the crowd easily due to his small, but growing stature. He looks to Caligo and he offers her a smile as she addresses each of the ones who have stepped forward. Each time a name is called, he looks to that individual. In each of them, he sees hope for the future. Some of them he has seen before, some he knows by name. Others are new faces, but they speak true words. It’s so hard for the young colt to decide.

Once again, he looks to Caligo, his eyes resting on her as several come forward to make their selections. He’s still torn and he doesn’t like the way it makes him feel. “Give me the strength and courage to choose, Caligo.” He pleads with her, knowing she can grant him the strength to follow his heart and his mind.

Eyes look to his mother, her stands there watching him, waiting for him to say her name. Kibou has to look away. He cannot help but feel like he will hurt the woman who gave birth to him. He steps away from the crowd, heading towards the voting box where he casts his vote for Kassandra. Now he can only hope he has made the right decision.


Played by Offline Zombie [PM] Posts: 153 — Threads: 26
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Female [She/Her/Hers] // 14 [Year 492 Summer] // 17.2 hh // Hth: 20 — Atk: 20 — Exp: 49 // Active Magic: Cellular Manipulation // Secondary Magic: // Bonded: Finnick (Harpy Eagle)

Denocte has always been her home and it will always be her home. Nothing has changed that. But here, she wonders if Denocte is strong enough to make the right choice, to choose someone who will lead Denocte through the next troubling times. Katniss cannot help but feel as though a Denoctian should be the one to rule.

She listens to Caligo as she addressed those that have stepped forward. She has listened to all those who have put their name in the hat and most of them seem worthy enough. But when Caligo comes to her name, she pauses. She can see in the demi-goddess that she had not been alone the night Metaphor had been taken from her. She can see the pain in her eyes. But Katniss offers her a small smile, a way to tell her that it’s okay. While her heart will always ache for Metaphor, she knows she is a stronger person because of him. She has her son now, a spitting image of his father.

Eyes look over the crown and she spots her son coming forward. Despite what he thinks, she does not assume he will pick her. She knows that he will always follow his heart, always do what he thinks is right. So when he does not look at her, she knows she has done right by him. He has the courage to stand up against her and vote for who he thinks is the right one for the job. She smiles at him as he walks away, knowing that she has succeeded as his mother.

As Kibou’s form disappears, she looks back out over the crowd, her eyes touching each and every member gathered. Some say their votes aloud, some cast them in private. Katniss knows that deep in her soul that Denoctians are voting for their next leader. They are choosing which path they will follow. Even if they do not choose her, she is still happy to be a member of this court. She is proud to call herself a member of Denocte.


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