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Portal IC Event  - The Portals — 507 Spring: The Path

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The Island gave way to the Portals

The Terminus was so very angry and bitter that day, so long ago.

Sometime in the middle of Year 506's Summer season, what was once The Island and its entrances mysteriously snapped shut. All those who had begun to explore the rugged hills and confront the peculiar statues that dotted them, were forcefully ejected - through unfamiliar and wild rifts - back to their homes in Novus. Their travel was a mind-numbing blur and the nausea that followed was thankfully brief. 

Inhabitants could still see the Island from the continental shelf at the Southern borders of Novus, but no one knew how to access it anymore. That day, the statues turned faceless and their eyes drifted shut. 

But the sea... it was not nearly as forgiving. It did not, would not, forget the day it first allowed the Island to escape its depths and rise back to its former glory — then open to all the Novians to explore its magical, mystifying landscape. The sea knew the Island was on borrowed time, its magic too wild, too raw, too hungry.

And so in the blink of an eye, the violent waves' maws yawned wide and the Terminus swallowed it whole. 

In its place, a rift... pulsing and churning, at the south of Novus near the circular isthmus pass between Dusk and Night, over the Terminus. Its edges are frayed and tattered, and its existence alone draws the gods to it.

First Vespera arrives — for she is the only one that had not been called forth first by her Court — and her mouth is set in a thin, stern line. Solis appeared by her side shortly. Oriens is next, his brow furrowed. And Caligo last, for she felt a greater duty to remain among her people than meddle with her siblings... until she felt the pulsating pull as the rift tugged at its seams and ripped its stitches. 

The gods stand at the circular isthmus pass, staring out towards the rift. They murmur between themselves and then immediately set to work stitching and pacifying the wild seams of something that should not exist.

The Portals, born out of rawness and strife

Its edges were weaved into something whole, something tamed, something refined. The pulsing had tapered off into a gentle thrum underneath the diligent care of the gods' touch, and the angry electric snaps were caged, their furious lashings and crackles silenced into the ether. 

When Oriens, Solis, Vespera, and Caligo were finally done after what must have felt like an eternity, what they left for the Novians was something of beauty and power. The rift had been pacified and molded into the shape of the Portals: an immense rock archway, carved through one of the stones that made up the isthmus pass between Terrastella and Denocte. There, the air seems to audibly crackle and churn, warping the visuals at its center just enough to be almost noticeably off-putting. 

The water that laps at its base appears deceptively deep, but it is shallow and walkable by even small yearlings - in fact, when someone sets foot upon the beach and heads in the direction of the stone archway, they will find that the tide recedes each time. Step through it, and you'd feel the atoms of your body hum in tune with the ether's song as it transports you to whatever faraway or fantasy land it was connected to that season. Some would feel nauseous after their journey... others invigorated. 

But for now, the Terminus was no longer angry — instead, it greeted the Portal's visitors as if it knew they were there. 

During some seasons, there may even be multiple Portals - some nearby the original at its isthmus pass, some scattered randomly throughout the continent. But no matter where they were... they were all always easily recognizable the second someone laid eyes on them. All marked by their churning, crackling, warping center — the intensity that electrified the air around it. 

Should a Portal arrive in the forest, the trees would lean towards it, and the branches that may make up its edges, gnarled and filled with burled, knotted eyes. Should one arrive in the Meadows, the grass around it would flatten and curl into itself. In the swamps, the muck would vanish at its base and the reeds would intertwine themselves up the length of its borders. 

Nature knew — but was it warning you of what lay within, or welcoming you?

Earn EXP for your character each new season!

Welcome to The Portals, an explorative part of Novus where each season your character can cross into a new and unknown place. Sometimes there will only be one Portal, sometimes there may be many scattered... and where they will take you is a mystery. Maybe they will be real but faraway places — or maybe lands that don't abide by but instead break the rules of reality, pushing far past the bounds of fantasy.


Where The Portals takes you will change on the first day of each Season. For each new place, you will be able to earn character experience. This is not a one-time use bonus!

  • Your character will need (4) posts in a thread started during the timeframe of that season's event. Any post started during that timeframe and completed within (2) months of that start date can redeem the +2 EXP. 

  • Like other IC events, you can claim those (4) posts across multiple threads as long as they were all completed during the same (2) month period. 

  • As the Portals will change on the first day of each new season, all threads started after that date will not count towards the previous season's IC Event.

  • To redeem the EXP, go to the Experience Updates thread and post a redemption for "Participating in an IC Event." Make sure to link to your thread, this Portal info thread, AND indicate what season's version (e.g. Year 506 Winter) of the Portal you are claiming. 

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This is the current iteration of where the Portals are taking the Novians. Remember, to claim +2 EXP for participating in an IC Event each season: you must post in a thread made in that season, and the thread must be completed within (2) months of that post date.

During Year 507's Spring: The Path

[06/01/21 - 07/31/21] Came into existence at the beginning of Year 507 Spring, and will end at the beginning of Year 507 Summer. The Palace's gates gently clicked shut at the conclusion of the (once seemingly endless) Novian winter, the garden table cleared of all sweet and savory things and all keys to the inner rooms seemingly lost. On the last day of winter, those who would approach the portal would find that the Terminus' tide at the isthmus pass was too high for even the bravest to approach. The land's effective way of temporarily sealed off the Palace's Portal, protecting it as the wild magic ran feverishly behind its gate. 

The Portal itself did not stay inaccessible for long - no, for even if the Palace was no more (for now), something else opened up in its stead.

This time, stepping through the Portal would lead to what would become known as "The Path." Stepping through, hooves would land on a long, dark stretch of dirt. The path itself was a mere couple of feet wide, with each side indiscernible and cast in dark shadows that threatened to swallow you whole. Nearing either left or right edge of the path would instill a nerve-wracking fright in all who attempted such a move, preventing them from stepping over the edge with a paralyzing fear.

The only options this path gave you were two: Continue forward towards the end, or turn around and exit back towards the Portal and the Terminus. 

Those who chose to push towards the end of this long dirt pathway may be startled when it was no longer soil beneath their feet, but weathered stone. The path opened up to a circular clearing, with the unique archways of five somewhat familiar portals.

The archway of the first was seemingly carved out of sheer mountainous stone - the same that made up the mouth of the Abigo Caves. Humid, muggy air drifted from the center of this portal, and you could hear raindrops and whispering leaves.

The archway of the second was made up of twisting, curved, bent trees reminiscent of those you could see in the Viride Forest. Little flurries of snow drifted through the center of this portal, landing on the ground and melting within seconds.

The archway of the third was made up of expansive, cracked limestone just like that of the Elatus Canyon's walls. If you looked hard enough at the center of this portal, you could see the vivid stars twinkling in the distance.

The archway of the fourth was seemingly crafted out of Tinean swamp muck, which was constantly oozing and dripping - evermoving, but seemingly never pooling at the base. You could hear the bog crickets chirping from the other side.

The archway of the fifth was made of a snow and mountain rock combination, piled almost haphazardly but never seeming to tumble. It stood proud, like the Arma Mountains, but on the other side... you could hear the gentle lull of crashing waves. 

Which path will you take?

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Signos: 601,303
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These will be found in chronological order. All posts in this thread past this point will be dedicated to past incarnations of the Portals, what they shaped themselves into, and where they took the Novians. Remember, to claim +2 EXP for participating in the Portal IC Event each season: you must post in a thread made in that season, and the thread must be completed within (2) months of that post date.

Chapter I: The First Incarnation — The Palace

[03/22/21 - 05/31/21] Came into existence shortly before the start of Year 506 Winter, and will end at the beginning of Year 507 Spring. A seemingly never-ending castle with rooms of mystery and intrigue. Each room you step into is wildly different from the last — some haunting, some quaint, some surreal. How they appear will shift depending on who is experiencing it... but it seems sometimes two or more can experience the same room, should they find its key. 

Or on another foot entirely... for the less bold, the Palace grounds are equally as enthralling to explore. They feature exquisitely intricate stonework pillars, an expansive garden with flowers both real and of worlds you can only dream of in a state of ever-bloom, all separated by hedge work walls that turn the courtyard into a makeshift (or maybe intentional) maze. 

In the center of the courtyard, there is a massive refectory table: seemingly impossibly long, made of fine wood with a coarse, almost knotted grain streaked with luminescent silver. It is spread with a multitude of foods from all types of continents - savory, sweet... both rich and plain alike. 

Perhaps you wish to break bread among a group, nestled in the natural beauty of the courtyard — or maybe you are more daring and wish to explore the innards of the castle, wondering what may await you there. 

Palace Room Ideas 
Written by the lovely @sunsides — you are free to utilize these ideas or create your own! These rooms can all be found if you choose to explore the inner halls of the castle. To explore the same room with another, you must both first find its key..

Of red gems, marble, and springwater
The door is hewn from white mountain rock in the shape of a mountain range. A large red gem, the size of a dinner plate and radiating warmth, sits nestled between peaks; The room itself is colored the lightest of baby blues. It gives the impression of warming spring temperatures after a cold winter. A fresh stream of water cuts a swathe in the marble flooring; in the far wall a warm, red-gem sun, with crimson lines coming off it, pulses and beats and turns. There is a white table at the center of the room; the spread is spiced fruits, a peppery loaf of bread with a chili vegetable stew, and cinnamon flan, served with wine. there is a constant sweet melody of birds chirping and a faraway wind rustling through the trees.

Of magma, glass, and tropical fruit
The door itself is not so much a door as it is an opening in a solid wall of warm, volcanic rock. streaks of magma run through the black and brown stone, heating the air and filling it with an orange/yellow glow. You duck around and through the opening and emerge in a heated room that seems to be in the center of a volcano. magma swirls in the floor beneath you as though under a glass pane; beyond the walls great crashes of stimulated lava plume and heave like waves on the sea, sending up sparks like stars into a hot peach-colored sky. But besides the general warmth of the room you do not feel any danger or threat; whatever spellcraft created this place protects it as well. The table is round and pedestal-like, a large flat disc of black volcanic stone. The spread is fresh tropical fruits, a cold but delicious soup with warm yeasty bread, and chocolate lava cake, with a delectable, but dangerous, sweet drink made out of fermented guava and mango fruits as accompaniment. 

Of gold-rimmed windows, mountains, and red streaks
The door is white wood with great gold-rimmed window panes. the handle is red. red streaks of paint have been dragged artistically over the wood grain. Upon opening you cross through a curtain of danging golden stars on a string; beyond, the room is a delicate S-shape, with the far edge being a white bench-seat in front of planters full of red and pink roses. There is no wall-- instead, you sit on a balcony, overlooking a beautiful mountain range with a perfect, ever-blue sky above. The table is white and rectangular and decorated in vases of red poppies; there are star-shaped lanterns dangling from the ceiling. Savory cakes of red bean paste and rice are your appetizer, with the main course of red corn and pepper succotash with shredded summer squash, for desert, small white petit four cakes with candied, edible red flowers atop them; red wine is the accompanying drink. 

Of sunsets, citrus, and cotton clouds
The door is a moving image of gray-pink clouds on an orange, sunset sky. You almost don’t see the handle until you look. The room within is small but comfortable, and there is a slight scent of fresh tobacco, warm and pleasant. It is dark, and there are large windows; the blinds are drawn, and only streaks of almost orange neon-light shine through the slats. Large, green potted plants sit aside an oblong table, which itself is a basin of water, eternally circling like a pond; orange and pink roses float on the water’s surface below a pane of glass. Fresh and candied oranges, clementines, and nectarines garnish roasted cauliflower steaks and rice pilaf. Citrus-flavored martinis are the drink served, and for dessert, a sweet, sticky glazed orange cake topped in powdered sugar. 

Of shadows, gothic roses, and bleeding hearts
The door is harsh black engraved at the top with a filigree of blood-red roses. The room beyond is dark; you pass through a curtain of black, semi-sheer curtain to find a small, black table. A vase with a single red rose sits beside a smoking candle that seems perpetually in a state of just being snuffed; the air smells slightly of smoke. Encircled on all sides by the slightly opaque fabric, you can see flashes of silhouettes beyond, moving, posing, and acting in a provocative manner. You can’t really make out details-- they're just shadows, shapes. A roasted red-pepper spread with a varied offering of thin, fresh, herbed bread precedes a plate of delectable meaty morel mushrooms; a dark red cocktail of raspberry vodka, lime juice, grenadine and garnished with toothpick-pierced ‘bleeding’ cherries and personal strawberry tarts round out the meal. 

Of sunrises on dewy hills, picnics, and all-seeing eyes
The door is cut from marble and inlaid with a large horse-head-shaped bust with eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go. Open it to find not a room but a beautiful landscape of sweeping hills; in the far distance is a quaint village of cobblestone cottages. the sky is rosy-hued with a perpetual sunrise and it seems like all the colors are gently desaturated. a soft white blanket has been spread on the ground for you beneath a beautiful, tall birch tree; the eye-shaped knots growing naturally in the trunk fix you with an all-seeing, but placid, gaze. Chunks of sweet honeycomb precede a salad of wild greens in a lemon dressing served alongside a spiced rice and bean paste wrapped in golden grape leaves; an apricot and basil shortbread tart finishes the spread. A crisp and refreshing white wine is served alongside. 

Of ivy, waterfalls, and jungle mist
The door is a curtain of thickly intertwined ivy. passing through it reveals a cave behind a roaring waterfall. the ground is slightly slick with stray spray; the edge a natural, raised stone, wrapped with ivy. from a ledge above dangles more of the stuff, this sprouted with small white flowers. the view beyond is a dizzying drop to an impossible, magical jungle canopy; despite the locale, the air is fresh and not too humid. a gentle downward slope leads you to a stone table with a skirt of growing ivy. fried plantains begin the meal; garlic mashed chickpeas wrapped in blackened chard is served alongside a salad of rainbow greens; personal banana creme pies round off dessert. A lovely spiked tea drink is offered as refreshment. 

Of torches, sand, olives, and sun
The door is a mint green color and inlaid with golden stars; upon opening it you are greeted by a flaming circle topped with two crossed torches. the room beyond is a sandy-floored space nestled within high curves of marble. ferns in golden pots and ivy growth dot and cross the walls. olive trees grow, gnarled of trunk and heavy with fruit, offering some protection from the bright, eternal sun. there is the distant sound of perhaps a market or a busy city street, but it is a soft backdrop to your encounter and there is a sense of privacy from all the greenery and the high, white walls around you. skewers of marinated olives, roasted peppers, and spiced cheeses are served with cold grappa; a peppery bean salad is served alongside warm ‘burgers’ of broccoli and quinoa patties topped with braised cabbage and a garlic-olive sauce; platters of honeycakes iced with perfect little bees round out the spread. 

Of pink roses, cherries, and garden-side pickings
The door is a gentle pink and engraved with a tall and winding tree with rosy petals that seem to fall. within, the room is a white cylinder, rising upwards in gentle spirals. white light beams down from above. at the center of the room is a cherry tree in bloom, roots growing reaching all the walls. the air is sweet with the sickly sweet scent of cherries and a gentle breeze with an indiscriminate source rustles the leaves. a golden table is set beneath the overarching boughs. small bites of goat cheese and cheery compote begin the offering; for the main course, fresh bread alongside a wild mushroom alfredo; and for dessert, sour cherry tartlets. cherry cordial is offered alongside everything. 

Bonus Signos reward for The Palace 

In addition to being able to claim +2EXP for IC Event Participation, you can gain an extra +200 signos for every thread you complete with another player's character, which features them finding one of the Palace's keys and exploring a room inside the castle together. This can feature one of the lovely rooms created by Sunny (above), or you may craft a room of your choosing and design!

To claim the bonus signos: 
  • Must be a completed thread — 4 posts from your character, with the final post being a "closer" that marks the end of your character's involvement.

  • Highlight the applicable sections of your posts about the room and key itself
    <span class="alerted">Text here</span>
    Or you can use your own coding - just make sure it stands out from the rest of your post!

  • Head over to the signos redemption thread to claim +200 signos for "Receive a Signos Reward for an IC Event."

  • Remember to link to THIS event thread and your IC Post in the Palace!

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