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All Welcome  - [Festival] Orbiting the Suns-on-sticks

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V e i l N e b u l a
Visions of your pretty face send me into hyper space
Caught up in a palentary world
Sounds penetrated the air.

Others, like her but different, had gathered here. Together. So many more than she thought possible, of all shapes and sizes, all varieties (perhaps another star could be found)? A mass of bodies, all making noises and sounds that she had no understanding of. Their noises shifted in volume, some loud and heavy on the air, thick like gravity effected their very words. Others made sounds so light and melodic, Veil could listen for hours as the noise melted from one sound to the next.

They must be communicating.

Not that Veil had any understanding to how, or what they might be trying to convey. They were sharing something together though. Loneliness, Uncertainty, Awkward, Lost They were like a galaxy of noise - all twinkling to one another, and she felt like the ugly asteroid crashing through- with no understanding of the stars around her. A random intruder in their colony, and that culture shock she felt grew by the day.

Today was certainly no exception.

Bodies moved about, a constant flow of mortals passing by (although, wasn't she mortal herself now, subject to a shorter life span after having been previous alive for so long as a Nebula?) Thankfully the Nebula had no concept of her own new Mortality (not that she really had any concepts of anything). But still, as the others moved about walking around her with sweet smelling items hovering, she was pushed to and from by the constant moving crowd.

Her wings pinned - nervous, frozen.

So many pushed her, this way or that, a movable and posable doll that was unknowingly picked up among the hustle and bustle of that crowd. Suddenly the crowd retreated, leaving Veil stumbling - to be caught and steadied by one of the female mortals. Vibrant pink eyes met the amused gaze of the mare. A light, airy sound left the creature, drawing an emotional response from Veil: Merriment, Surprise, Confusion, Nervousness, Confusion the feelings danced through Veil's mind, startled and confused by how such a trilling sound could fill her with a sense of merriment. And then this other mare spoke, a series of sounds with no meaning to the listener. A gesture was made towards a group of horses swaying with suns-on-sticks.

Veil watched them for a moment.

More noise, and a touch, drew Veil's attention back to the mare, as she was passed her own sun-on-a-stick. Startled, Veil was forced to catch the oddity mentally, Confusion. Heat. Surprise. Alarm. Concern Her muzzle dipped into a frown, confused and she had no idea what the reassuring noises made meant. She was then telepathically shoved forward.

She fell in among the dancers.

She was frozen, 
Alarm, Surprise, Confusion, Heat
The emotions melded into a ball of confused anxiety as Veil stood among the dancers, trying to figure out what was being expected of her. She was nudged this way, and that way, spun around by the other dancers, a lost soul in the middle of the party.

Galaxy dust was left as a trail.

It followed her behind as wings unfurled and she kept out of the fray and into the air. Below her the dancers kept moving, not giving her a second look, and she began to understand what was going on. Planets orbiting around stars, following a normal twirling pattern the image ran through her mind like a movie, and it was like a new star was born. They were orbiting the suns-on-sticks! Why they were choosing to orbit the pseudo suns, Veil wouldn't even have the ability to ponder. But if they were doing it 
 . . Should she?

Her eyes locked onto her own stick.

Fidgeting for only a moment, she began to mimic the others from below. Unbeknownst to the Nebula - she would be quite the dancers in the sky, gracefully twirling and gliding around the torch. Nebula dust trailed after her, floating off herbmane and tail, her wings. The fire played peekaboo between the trailing dust, a visual nebula created by a dancing star.

Her heart was lightening.

No longer worried about the others below, the former Nebula danced around her sun-on-a-stick, chasing her own dust, mand and tail caught billowing in soft waves along the wake her aerobatics left behind. She only returned to the earth after her torch had extinguished, a smile on her face, and the odd twinkling sound the mare from before had made, now left her own muzzle.

A delighted laugh.

Open to anyone!
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