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I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes
And wants to play with it...

Sol felt the wind sing to him as he flew, one ear trained on the filly that was curled up on his back and sleeping peacefully. He adored the flights with the filly that had blessed his life. The massive stallion had come a long way in his emotions and drive to better himself. And much of that was thanks to both the daughter he had found and the best friend that pushed him to grow more.

Landing as gently as he could, he twisted his head to look at Jiri. The little filly lifted her head and gazed at him with sleepy blue eyes before scrambling back to earth herself. She would stick to his side for a while, one of the joys of her first waking moments. The orange and white filly was a handful and interesting to keep up with. She had no fear of others, that was certain. Shaking his head with a soft chuckle, he led the way into the court. Jiri's eyes widened and she gawked at the horses and court around her.

"Welcome to the Dusk Court, Jiri." Sol laughed as he watched her, eyes peeled for horses that he knew as he walked.

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art by vivihal
The Dusk court fit its name well. It seemed to Jane as a place forever strung out in Autumn; the stones had the grey feeling of late October, and the shadows seemed to hang long over Jane’s body. Without thinking about it, the presence of the Sun court had sunk its claws into Jane’s earthy hide and made her a part of it; or it a part of her. The soaking, perfect land of which Jane originated was beginning to be lost beyond the imaginations of a land brimming always with sun and with the feeling of sweat on Jane’s heavy hide. Her body sucked in the sun like a leech on blood. 

It had been a few weeks since Jane had been outside the Sun Court. Between job hunting and looking for a place for herself and her small, curiously helpless friend, she hardly had time to think. Each night, Jane would pull herself into whatever nook that she and the Veil Nebula had managed to make for themselves. A hotel, a boarding house, the stress of the world made all the walls look the same. The dust stank, the wood stank, the embarrassment stank, although Jane tried to avoid it. She didn’t know how much Veil saw- in many ways she approached Veil as though she were a younger sibling. Jane hid certain parts of herself not for the fear that Veil couldn’t handle it, but for the simple inconvenience of it all. She knew all about pitiful glances, but did her companion know? Had she yet understood the circumstances of class, social elevation? She certainly knew about expulsion. Sometimes, when Jane and the Nebula were in moments of silence, a quiet pain would overtake the both of them as they longed for something irretrievably lost forever. 

There were things that Veil understood better than Jane herself. How Jane sometimes wished to pry into her friend’s brain, to pull the mare’s words into fruition. She wished that things could be learned in a day, so Jane could ask for advice. But she felt more understanding in her foreign, barely-equine friend than Jane had ever felt in her own kind. 

But there was a week free, and Jane had to get away. She took the opportunity, and found herself in the rocky, granite-based Dusk Court. Although on the surface it could be compared to Solterra, the undercurrent was nothing alike. The last, and only, time she had been in the Court had been with Sol Bestiam. A tantalising memory, a snatched moment of time before Jane had been thrust into the ordeals that now robbed her of that time. It could be classified as a relief if it wasn’t so horrifically boring. At least the boy of a faraway land was now barely even a name in her mind. Had she really thrown everything away for him?

Was it bad that she didn’t feel guilt?

Tagged; @Sol Bestiam. OOC; sorry for the wait love!

i've never felt more alone
it feels so scary getting old



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