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Shatter every window 'til it's all blow away
every brick, every board, every slamming door blown away
'til there's nothing left standing, nothing left of yesterday
The fae's wings buzzed nervously at her back.

She'd looked over the land for a while, from one place to another. One plot to another in an attempt to find the absolutely perfect place to get to where she wanted to raise a home. But she kept coming back to this stretch along the edge of Vitreus Lake. The soil was healthy and rich from deposits left on the lakefront by water's movement. The water and debris seemed to enrich the soil, making it the perfect growing medium for any of the plants she had brought back from her homeland. It had truly been ideal for the expansive garden and herb complex she wanted to create for making medicines and poultices. A set of bags - everything the fey steed owned was dropped on the ground, before she allowed herself to stretch out her limbs, rolling her shoulders and fluttering her wings. As she landed lightly on her hooves, she slowly looked around one last time before she began to walk a fairly large square half a dozen feet away from the water's edge. Her hooves were scraped along briefly, creating a rough diagram for her to follow later.

A floor plan was slowly coming together.

It would be a large home, but she wanted to be able to work out of it too, and so she took that into consideration. The main part of her home would serve as a dining, and greet space. She walked an etched side that would serve as a treatment room and a hallway that connected it to the main greeting space. On the other side of the hallway, she etched a room that had two areas marked off as further doorways - the first room being an office space. Off one side was the etched diagram of a second room that would serve as an area for work out of to create poultice and medicines that could be stored away. The other marked-off area was carefully etched into her own living space, where she could sleep and have her own piece. Once the areas were marked out, she rewalked the areas, this time however she stopped every few paces to dig a small hole into the ground where a post would go, these posts allowing her home to be raised up so that if the lake flooded, her home would remain standing, with water going under it rather than around and through it. Once this was done, the little fae took a deep breath before digging through her bags for what she was hoping for - a sharp ax she'd bought earlier that day.

And so she began to look for steady logs she could cut down into proper posts.

Telekinesis came into hand here, allowing her to move the logs quickly, and handle the ax to chisel sharp edges before telekinetically driving each post into the ground, before smaller logs were bound to the top of the posts by twine, shaping the outlines of each room more notably, before following these steps up by creating a small step out of her future home at the back of the hallway, that would later be developed into a proper set of stairs that would go down into the back gardens. In the front, she added a small porch that would allow anyone who came to her home to come up and stand under what will later be a covering on the front porch until they could be let in. Ultimately her home would have a large room for entertaining, and four smaller rooms - one for treatment and patients to stay, her office space, her work space, and a private room for her. Big enough to work and experiment out of it, as well as entertaining when others might come over for a spot of tea and a snack.

Her smile was warm, the vision in her mind starting to come to life.

And so she got to work on the next step, creating a patchwork base for the floors of her home that she would then be able to bind twigs to. The patchwork was created by a lattice of the same thin logs that she'd used to outline each room, roughly half a foot in length for each open square. Once that base was in place, the mare went back out to gather all the twigs, and branches she could find, before beginning to bind them to place on her floor, keeping it fairly tidy, but not needing it perfect as it would just be the base of the floor she'd create by using a clay and water mixture that would later bake in the hot sun of the spring day, a plan for her to spend her day tomorrow if she didn't finish the base of the floor done by tonight. With the floor of the main room done, Caelum fluttered back to her bags, before digging out her lunch, laying down in the warm sand and setting up a tea pot over a small fire she started, and pulling out a small jar of honey, a small loaf of bread, and a covered bowl of fruits. When the kettle began to whistle, she added some herbs to steep, as she nibbled on honey drizzled slices of bread between bites of apples and berries, wondering how long it would actually take for her to properly finish her home in the full glory she hoped to achieve. However long it took, she couldn't deny a small thrill of excitement to finally have a place of her own.

A place of her own, in Denocte, in Novus.

Open to Anyone
Notes: Time for Caelum to build her house. ANYONE welcome, the more the merrier, help this baby cakes get a house put together <3

every tear-soaked whiskey memory blown away
blown away, blown away, blown away, blown away, blown away
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