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the Coronation and Festival

the festival

While a little uncouth , it is not unusual for Sovereigns to throw parties when they are crowned . Leviathan does not shy from his royal predecessors or from his royal past when he actually held a spot before .

This party is open to all courts , though those of Solterran will gain a bonus incentive of having completed at least one thread in the duration of the time frame of the coronation .

There will be no lavish ball , as it is not the Solterran way to simply go dancing the day away and waltzing about as if they were born into the noble houses . No . This festival consists of a lavish feast of all Solterran foods , and those that have been requisitioned from the surrounding Courts and been brought in by those willing to bring it . Sparkling wines and ales , rich meads , thick fruits , nuts , grasses , cakes , even meat for those of the more carnivorous variety . Solterra will welcome all into its raucous halls and allow them to celebrate a new beginning , including those of the vagabond variety .

The guard will carefully watch , because while Solterra has been quiet , it has not been without its protective soldiers and guard . So try to not cause much trouble , or you might just be thrown out .

Drinking certain ales , you’ll find , may imbue your character with qualities for the duration of a thread , soft magics that are more for show than anything else . These will do no harm to anyone else and are nothing but aesthetic for those that wish to use them , but you can use your own imagination for it , allowing creativity to flow and let people pick and choose .

For those that want to dance , you may dance among others with the musicians that have traveled from far and set up in the center of the court itself , and while it isn’t a formal ball , it’s something akin to a celebration of a time less noble and more homelike .

There is no sign up sheet for this , we only ask that you put ‘The Sol Festival’ somewhere in your thread title !

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