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- The Entertainers' Talent Show

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The Entertainers’ Talent Show

Back in grecian time, no celebration was complete with out a competition of the best entertainers out there. So, make no mistake, in a similar fashion, Cally and Coy have opted for a talent show for anyone who wishes to partake! Please note, this event is not limited to ONLY entertainers, but rather anyone with a talent!

Please respond to this thread by October 17th, 2021 with an IC post of your character approaching a table to declare their name, home court, as well as their talent! Remember to tag @’Official Dawn Account’ in your post!

How to play:
When the signup time has ended, I will be setting up the official roster, in which, you must post your act in the order of shows. There will be a Three Day Rule, in which, if your character does not have their talent act posted, it will be considered forfeit. After everyone has completed their rounds, I will be choosing my favorite five, at which point I will set up a poll for the members of the site to choose which of the five were their favorite.

If you completed your act, but didn’t place, you will receive 20 signos.
First Place: 200 signos
Second Place: 100 signos
Third Place: 50 signos

When claiming these posts, unless you are one of the top three places, link back to this thread, if you are a placer, you do not receive the 20 signos, and will need to link back only to the ‘winners announcing’ post.

The Registered: Names will go here :)


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