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Dance like no one is watching

Absynthe was feeling light, thrilled with the stallion that was keeping her company. He was tall and strong, making her feel delicate and light. Almost four full hands taller than she and it was addicting. Pressing closer to him, she grinned. "I think you are doing just fine." She murmured, her eyes alight with amusement as they moved to the throbbing beats of the drums.

His exclamation caught her attention and she laughed. "That I do... though usually they stay protected since they are way too fragile to be vulnerable." She laughed softly as she watched his features.

"Please, do not apologize. I have grown rather skilled at hiding them when I do not want them noticed." She laughed as she nibbled the crest of his shoulder. When he remarked on another, she laughed softly, though the knowledge that she had only met one other fae was a small kick to her stomach. "I would imagine that you are speaking of my... cousin... Caelum." She answered, though there was a bit of difficulty when it came to saying her name at that point. "If you are, then you should probably know that I am not the same type of fae. Caelum is seelie, a being of summer and warmth. I am unseelie, a creature of dark winters." She answered, part of her wondering if she spoke so freely to try to scare him away.

For that is what usually happened in her world. She let someone in and then they ran as soon as they saw her for what she truly was. A pain lanced through her heart and she let the music soothe it away. "Perhaps not all, but you will find that most enjoy music and being surrounded by the magic of it." She answered honestly, her acid eyes following his movements and expressing a silent plea that he wouldnt disappear at the knowledge.

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