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Private  - To catch a flighty bird

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o d i l e

Welcome to Wonderland, I'll be your guide
Holding your hand under sapphire skies

A soft flicker of light. It's what your eyes would immediately notice. That soft glimmer of reflecting sunlight on snow white feathers. It's nothing to make note off, however. Just a random swan flying through cold, arctic air. You can't know the swan's mind is full of grander thoughts, how could you? It's just a swan, isn't it? This frail bird, however, how odd it might strike you that it is choosing to fly in winter, when it could have already made its way south for the duration of snowy times. You might think it peculiar to even see a bird during this season. Much less such a soft and delicate creature.

If you were a hunter, perhaps you'd consider it a rare find. Your mind already alit with the possibilities of merchants and artisans eager to pay top dollar for those fine ivory feathers in a season where such feathers are hard to come by, much less the impossibility of finding freshly plucked feathers. A more delicate soul would enjoy just watching the swan fly, amazed at the grace and control it shows. If you were an Entertainer, you may try to mimic that grace into your dance, or sing of the beauty the sight shows.

If you were the one who sought the swan, however; your dry and cracked lips would stretch into a smile only fit to be seen on the face of Jeff the Killer. Twisted, possessive and eager to control the one who escaped you.

Regardless of who you are, you're likely to notice such an oddity. It's hard not to as the bird starts to appear more and more off. It's head whips around, as if it's looking for something, and for a moment you may notice that it seems to hover before descending.

That swan is soon in a graceful, arching dive, it's gaze still dancing all over the place. It's next actions cannot be missed, even in the low lighting of the setting sun. What else can one do but notice a distracted swan that flies straight into a courtyard column.

This graceful bird is no longer so graceful, wings flapping. If you looked closely you might see those black eyes hold a wealth of emotion, Confusion, weariness, trepidation. Odd for a swan, but dismissed easy after it's . . . unorthodox greeting with a slab of cylindrical stone. The swan doesn't seem to right itself, however. What follows is a series of escapades that feel as if they're straight from a comedy skit.

Your gaze would certainly be drawn to such a comical display as the swan honks in alarm, wings flapping until they clip the effigy of the central fountain, sending the bird into a spiral crash with the water below. The swan emerges sputtering and honking on its backs wings flapping and webbed black feet pedaling through the air. You might start to wonder why the bird doesn't just roll over when you notice the sun had now set, and the moon is shedding it's light.

You are not prepared for the light display that happens when the moonlight settles on the wings of the odd bird. You wouldn't be able to help it, you wouldn't likely be able to turn away; transfixed by what was happening.


Finally!!! The moon touching my wings was like a blessing! I don't remember the last time I was on water, let alone around water when the moon rose. Immediately I could feel the magic grasping at me, and the water under me seeming to shine with light. My eyes shut, mostly because I don't like watching, but also because my current position made it brighter and more awkward. I knew what happened next well, anyways. The water would stream up, like it was under the control of another and being forced to dance. And when it would return to the body of water below, I'd be normal! As the light dimmed, and it finally settled down, I allowed my eyes to slowly open.

The spectacle was not to be so easily ignored. Where once there was a bird struggling to right itself, there was now a small pegasus stallion on that shallow pool of liquid. Thick white curls floated on the water, his hooves posed delicately over his chest, his hind legs draping over the fountain side. One wing was awkwardly crumpled up the side of the effigy spouting water onto his face, his other wing draping and extended out from the side of the fountain.

Wide, bright and youthful black eyes look around, and he seems to grow more confused by the moment. His ears pin and he finally notices a face. Had they been standing there the whole time? Odile smiles, his expression warm, gentle, filled with a dangerous level of naivety, "Oh! Hi there! Is this your fountain! I hope I didn't break anything, did I? I sure hope not! So . . . Is this Day Court?"

Notes: <3 forgive me for the oddness of the post. I'm experimenting with the best way to write him.

Lineart © Darya87 @ DA; Character/Design © Dyzzie

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Liam Kenway

A late night sweep of Dusk Court led the restless stallion through the Susurro Fields, through Tinea Swamp, across Praistigia Cliffs, even through a round of the hospital. Now, as he rounded the Citadel and the epicenter of Dusk Court, Liam reflected on the life he was leading now. Sovereign of a court that had seemingly lost its way, relaxing into a familiar sort of role, and finding life in Novus to be incredible. Every time he met someone new, he realized just how many incredible individuals were out there, and how lucky he was to have been able to cross paths with them.

Despite being restless, Liam found himself being exhausted. He hadn't been sleeping well lately, despite having Bucky sharing his bed like they used to when they were younger. Not even a warm or hot bath could soothe his racing mind or aching body, and the stallion wasn't sure what was going on or why he was experiencing these things. He was restless, uneasy, and he could only assume it was due to the change in the season. Winter had been upon them for some time, but with the colder temperatures came the restlessness he'd come to realize started and only happened during the colder months.

Truthfully, he hated it. But how could he stop from hating it when he was frozen for nearly 70 years in a glacier in his homeworld of Agnosia? Just remembering the icy, cold plunge into the water, and then the slow, tortuous way he froze had him nearly panicking. After being found, he thought that he'd get over his hatred of winter, of anything remotely cold, but it appeared that he wasn't quite over it just yet.

As a rule of thumb, the Sovereign asked that his servants had all the fireplaces in the Citadel lit, regardless of if he was in the room or not. Despite how well it was built, it was a stone building, which unfortunately allowed in as much cold and frozen air as it liked. The fireplaces were working well enough, and each night, Liam went to sleep warm and comfortable.

The mornings were something else entirely.

The chambermaidens bustled in early in the morning, shortly after he rose from the bed he shared with Bucky — it was nothing more than platonic, their sharing a bed, wasn't it? — and they were quick — and quiet — to relight the fireplaces before heating up the water for the Sovereign's morning baths.

It was something that he reveled in. Ever since Bucky had brought it up the day they reunited in Susurro Fields, the copper-burnished stallion just couldn't start his day without a warm bath. He was well and truly spoiled by the opportunity to have such a thing. In Caeleste, and even in Agnosia, he'd never truly been able to have moments like that, moments where he got to pamper himself.

It was as he was making his way around the Citadel again to make sure that everything was right that he heard a swan honk in alarm, the sound causing Liam to whip his head up, eyes squinting as he tried to seek out the source of the noise. Suddenly, there's a flash of white, and it clips the effigy of the fountain before ending in a spiral crash directly into the cold water. Cautiously, Liam approaches, ears pinned against his skull as he stares at the thing in the water, but his heart leaps in his chest as he scrambles backward in fright as the swan emerges from the water while sputtering and honking. The sounds of Liam's hooves beating against the tile floor beneath him echoed in the quiet of the room, and the stallion just stood there, panting heavily as he tried to calm himself down.

The sun was slowly setting, the ever-creeping winter darkness settling in on the Dusk Court, though the chestnut stallion wants it to happen less and less every day.

Almost as soon as the swan emerged from under the water in the fountain did it disappear in a swirl of magic. Confused, Liam just squinted as he watched, not sure what to think or how to feel. What was going on? Was Loki back to his scheming ways? Flattening his ears against his head further, Liam lowered his head and watched closely as the magic swirled in the air around them. Jerking his head back as the magic ceased, Liam stared at the small winged equine standing in the shallow pool of water in his pool. The Sovereign snorted softly, confusion and concern written on his expressive face.

As if just realizing he has an audience, the white pegasus finally turns to look at him, a smile on his face. The other stallion's expression was warm, gentle, and filled with a startling amount of naivety. Who was this horse? Clearing his throat, Liam glanced at the fountain with a look of concern before turning his attention back to the equine who was speaking. "It's the court's fountain. You didn't break anything, I don't think. The glass panes are missing in the window you crashed through because of Asta," Liam sighs, almost sounding exasperated, though there's a touch of fondness there, too. "Oh! Ah, no, this is Dusk Court. I'm afraid you overshot your target. Did you— need assistance getting there?"

"Liam Speaks."

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o d i l e

Welcome to Wonderland, I'll be your guide
Holding your hand under sapphire skies

The swam turned stallion turned, slowly working his way to his feet, tilting his head as he seemed to look around, trying to straighten himself, trying to get all squared away with if he was injured, where he was, did he reach his goal, and all variety of possibilities in between. Instead, he is soon distracted by the snort that alerts himself of another - noticing the confusion, the concern on the much larger handsome chestnut, the ivory beast put a smile on his face, trying to appear as unassuming as possible, before he began to fill in the missing information that helped him sort out where he was. A court fountain - but he didn't break anything (or so the chestnut thought). No glass to crash through due to something? An asta, what was that? But then came the real concern. This was Dusk Court - on the opposite side of the Island.

The ivory man sat back down in the water, wild curls floating around him on the surface, his expression puzzled, "Dusk Court? But I left the mountain top flying North East! How did I get South West with out crossing the mountain-god-place again? Are you sure This isn't Day Court? You're not joking with me, right? I'd be mighty displeased if you where." Black lips pulled into a deep frown, onyx eyes looking pitifully up at the larger stallion, as those wild curls fell around a soft face, "Oh well, no I don't need help! I'm just exploring! I'm new to the area, trying to see what there is! Well, that and making sure the mean, evil wizard guy doesn't figure out where I am." He adds after a thoughtful pause. "He kept trying to convince me to marry him! After he killed my dad AND turned me into a swan. Oh, but don't go telling others I turn into a swan, pleeeaaassssee. I don't like others to know, but you kinda already saw me, so I guess you can know. But no one else, okay!"

Odile finally climbed free from the fountain, shaking his tail off of water and fluttering his wings, before looking around, "OH THIS IS LIKE SOMEONE'S CASTLE!? Whose Castle is this? Wait is this YOUR CASTLE! Please don't tell me I crashed into your castle! I didn't mean to, don't throw me into the dungeons! I'm to cute and pretty for dungeon life! It's all dark, and yucky, and cold, and DO YOU KNOW what kind of filth lives in dungeons! The kinds that make pretty white pegasi, like me, yucky and grudgy!" Here Odile pauses for a moment before suddenly grinning brightly once, more, "I am so, so, sorry, look at me, making a full of myself, I haven't introduced myself! My name is Odile! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance~" The little ivory stallion stated with a stately bow, and that sparkle back in his eye.

Notes: So. He went rambling. Sorry Liam <3

Lineart © Darya87 @ DA; Character/Design © Dyzzie

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