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I'm ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets
And join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
Shivering cold nights took some getting used to. It was an adjustment compared to living around a volcano that was perpetually hot all year round.  The growing colt stood beside the battered tree which provided some comfort from the blustering winds. The winds whipped and howled through the cliffs. It almost felt like they were woefully singing to him. Speaking of their suffering and of their torment.  Its effect only made Aeon feel more alone. He was constantly swinging from trying to not miss his previous life and striving to flourish in the new life he had found here. 

If the ancestors could talk to him, he would imagine their voices wouldn’t be all that different to the moaning of the wind in the cliffs. Ancestors he would never meet as he couldn’t fly to see the records of them in the caves. The others had spoken of talking to the ancestors of guidance and of wisdom. It was difficult to place what exactly he was mourning when a strong connection with his tribe was never really formed. Was it the missed opportunity to prove them all wrong?

Bucky and Liam had kindly taken him in. He felt like a burden, and in some fashion he was. His skin was beginning to heal but it would take time before he was of full health. Youth still had its grips on his physical strength, and he was in an awkward stage of growth. In time it would even out, his wings would catch up to the rest of his body. Maybe even one day he would be able to fly. 

For now he could only take solace in that he was alive. He really was lucky to be breathing here on this cliff face. Aeon was unsure how he felt about fate and about what was predetermined in their lives. Did the choices made matter? He had yet to meet any creature here that made him doubt that Novus was a better place then his previous home. No one had been as brutal and as exclusionary then his own family had. 

Overcome with emotion he felt the need to imitate the sound of the wind. To commune with the howling cliffs. His volume was nowhere near that of nature. His voice was seized by the wind and carried through the cliffs. He felt the howling sounds leaving his body. It was freeing and in that moment he felt connected to the world

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