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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
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A s t a
do you believe in reinarnation?
'cause i thought i saw your soul
This place was mine.

What a wonderful feeling! And I didn't even have to steal it or break in! Though I did have to promise one marriage meeting for every so much money my parents put into it. The luck on my father's face was gruesome. 

I made sure they wouldn't have keys.
And ill hire a bouncer to keep them out.

And maybe owning a bar will keep potential dates and marriage meetings from happening too.

Either way, this fixer upper was mine. And it was a fixer up. I'd finished cleaning the windows, and now that I could see with the lot candles and sunlight, there looked to be thousands of years of dust around this place. I try not to growl in annoyance, before using telekinesis to  sweep with out doing the work myself.

With that out of the way, the tables now shone, the bar and floor was spotless. And with the starting amount of booze on the wall, well I couldn't help but hope. Before long. Maybe this place would flourish.

Either way.

I gotta bar!

@All. Everyone Welcome. Come on in.
Notes:: Asta has a bar :D
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