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do you believe in reinarnation?
'cause i thought i saw your soul
I stared curiously at the note.

I smirked quietly, amusement on my features to see my adopted father's handwriting scrawled out a plea to use the doors, to stop making my exit and entrances by windows. 

Didn't he realize how FUN it was, to feel the rush of excitement hum in my bones, balancing atop rooftops and just being able to RUSH. The citadel, the city of Dusk, it was all perfect for me to race by roof top and just feel alive. So I sat the note down, took an ink as red as I could find, and across the note itself, over his very own writing, the flourish script scrawled out No. I pause, frowning. It wasn't personal enough, wasn't nice enough. So I followed it with a scribbled heart, and then a smiley face to show my good nature about the situation. It was at this point that I carried it with me to my fathers' door. I grinned, knocked, slid it beneath the door and playfully calling out to the door, I like my windows! They make life more fun! If you want to argue more about it, I'll be in the library! Love you! Before skipping away, the fabrics of my shawl dancing around my shoulders, and humming in amusement.

I throw open the doors to the library with a snicker, tilting my head and finding a random history book to open.

I'm not really reading it however, my gaze is on the door, waiting for the large, exasperated form of my father, a playful smile already awaiting to hear what his arguments would be. Silly father, I haven't hurt myself yet, after all. And I've leapt through glass! I turn the page waywardly, before the sound of hoof beats reach my ears, and I immediately pretend to be busy with the book propped against my leg, trying to hide the amused twist of my muzzle, and the eager excitement in my eyes at just what Liam planned to present as his argument next. Silly stallion, I was old enough to be his great, great, great, great, great, great, great [well to many to name really] grandmother. 

He had no hope in winning this arguement

He just didn't know that yet.

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