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Day Court Sovereign
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I heard from God today and She sounded just like me
What have I done, and who have I become?
I saw the devil today and he looked a lot like me
I looked away, I turned away

Another day under the blessed sunshine of Solis, another day of training and getting to know his court better. He once more found himself within the colosseum, stretching and warming up his muscles. He had hoped that more court members would continue to arrive to train with him during these daily exercises. They would then meet each other, bond and create friendships. He had set his mind to building an elite collection of soldiers with different talents, these talents could be applied to different situations. And most importantly be used to train other citizens to defend themselves and each other. 

His coat was covered in a thick sheen of sweat, collecting around the mineralization of his coat. His thick wavy hair was tied into tight buns atop the crest of his neck. It kept it tidy and out of the way. If he had kept it down, it would become a tangled mess. It would be a disaster to become tied up in someone else's hooves or Solis knew what else!

He had hoped that his taking over had pleased Solis. He worked vigorously to try and encourage the citizens to train and develop their strength. He felt that Solis had been robbed of his blood shed when he ascended the throne without battle. That old sovereign had simply rolled over and given him the crown. He would bleed for Solis and for Solterra. He would be dedicated. He would push for what was best for Solterra and her souls. 

He continued moving smoothly around the outside of the colosseum, his enormous hooves beating the ground in a consistent rhythm. He would hope that with this new day, there would be a fresh training opportunity. But most of all he wanted to get to know the souls of Solterra, those he would fight for.

Arms wide open
I stand alone
I'm no hero
And I'm not made of stone

@Faction | speaks


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There had been changes in her court since she had joined, upheaval through the realms. As she danced through the sands, she felt the warmth caress her pelt. It was not as blistering hot as the summer, and she was relieved to once again have the companionship of her bonded. Sors was moving with her, ears and orbs alert for any possible danger.

As they neared the Colosseum, she heard the sounds of another moving through the arena. Perking her ears, she moved further in and watched the dark form move. "That stallion is not one that we have met... Do you know who he is?" Her companion asked her, his glowing green orbs moving from the stallion to Faction.

"Hmmm... Not that I remember... Though there has been murmurs of a new sovereign..." Faction whispered as she stepped out of the shadows and into sight without getting into the stallion's path. He was massive, easily dwarfing her more delicate form by a full five hands. Where she was built for speed, he was clearly built for power. Raising her moss painted facade, she watched him and waited for him to see her.

"It seems to be a pleasant day for a run, but wouldnt the wildness of the desert sands be more appealing than this dusty old place?" She called out, her bright green eyes tracking his movements as she fought her desire to join him in his run. It would be stupid to just suddenly start running with someone that you dont have any knowledge of.

"Faction's Words" - "Sors' words"
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