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Guidebook Supplement  - Sovereign Duties

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Sovereign Duties

As the most important rank on Novus, you may be wondering how far a Sovereign's power truly reaches. While none of these duties are required, a Sovereign will have more control over their Court if these duties are completed. As an added bonus, a Sovereign who completes these tasks will be much less likely to be deemed vulnerable (simply because completing these tasks would lead to IC activity)!

  • Host activities and events for all Court citizens

  • Approve or deny citizens for Regime and Counsel positions
        — You must do this within one week if you wish to have a say in who challenges for these positions!

  • Hold meetings with Regime and Counsel positions to stay updated on Court life

  • Ensure lower ranks are active by permitting others to challenge them or by overthrowing them yourself

  • Receive all challenges for your position
        — You must respond to challenges within one week or you will be overthrown!

  • Remain connected with your Court deity through whatever means you deem necessary

  • Maintain relations with other Courts, including inciting peace treaties and declaring wars

  • Keep your Court's borders secure

  • Attempt to steal enemy Court members for political gain
        — You may only do this three times per real life month!

  • Protect herd members from being stolen by another Court
        — You only get one guess per stealth attempt!


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