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▶ Year || 502
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▶ Weather || The nip of Winter has begun to ebb away, replaced by the gentle embrace of Spring as it ushers in new life. Plant life peeks out from the melting snow and birdsong fills the air once more, calling drowsy residents from their hideaways. Slowly but surely, the continent’s hustle and bustle returns.


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"Like his companion, he steadies himself with the salt on his tongue, the sharp-sour smell of the sea like a fresh-split oyster. The beach, for him, is like an intersection between dreams and reality: endless, lulling, pungent and terribly dangerous. Realer than anything, and a mystery he will never solve. It is the only un-knowing he has learned to be comfortable with." From This Grand Show is eternal

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  Sovereign Stipends
Posted by: sid - 6 hours ago - Forum: Updates - Replies (1)

Sovereign Stipends Redemption

Reply here to redeem site currency to be used for offering rewards and incentives to your court members!
Requests will be deleted as they are fulfilled in order to keep this thread tidy.

Rules for redeeming signos for court activities:
  • Only Sovereign’s can claim these signos
    • If you’d like an exception, please talk to both your Sovereign and staff!

  • You must keep track of your court’s signos/inventory.
    • That means posting here when you need the signos, and posting here again when you spend the signos.
    • Example: if you need 3000 signos to give away prizes, you must post here to receive the signos. Once approved, staff will distribute them to your Sovereign account. Once the event concludes and you have given the signos and/or items away, you must post here again with a link(s) showing where the signos have gone/been spent.

  • We will require “proof”
    • That is to say, there must be an applicable use for the signos.

  • Please be honest!!
    • Don’t keep signos or items for yourself, they must be used for Court activities!

  • You can claim a max of 5000 signos per IC season
    • 1 IC season = 2 IRL months. Budget these signos wisely!
    • Signos cannot be “hoarded,” that is, you cannot claim 5000 one season and hold them until the next season when you can claim another 5000. Either you use them one season for an event or you don’t, they do not accumulate!
    • Unlike the Signos Redemption thread where every item has a set number of signos associated with it, here you simply claim the number of signos you want/need!

Here is the current list of what you can redeem for signos!
This list is not comprehensive, so if you have any questions or suggestions just ask! <3
  • Award prizes to winners of a Court event
    • These can be games held during a festival, a tournament, etc!

    • Award prizes to a Court member for achieving an IC rank

    • Whatever you can think of!
      • When in doubt, consult with staff! <3

Signos Stipend Form

Respond to this thread with the following form filled out to receive signos.

<div class="tcat"><center><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Stipend Request:</font></center></div>


<b>Amount:</b> HOW MANY DO YOU NEED?
<b>Justification:</b> THE REASON/USE FOR THE SIGNOS



Stipend Allocation Form

Respond to this thread with the following form filled out once the signos have been used.

<div class="tcat"><center><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Stipend Allocation:</font></center></div>





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  Denocte Warrior Tournament
Posted by: Rostislav - 9 hours ago - Forum: The Night Court - No Replies

Warrior Tournament

Welcome to the Denocte Warrior Tournament, hosted by yours truly, Rostislav! This tournament is to test out the mettle of our warriors, to give them experience in battle for these trying times, and let's be honest -- give them bastards something to do!

To enter:
* Post here with your intent.
* Must be old enough to in a judged battle.
* You DO NOT have to be a warrior. However, warriors are STRONGLY encouraged to enter.

* Experience! (+1 EXP/battle, +1 EXP/win, so +2 is possible!)
* Bragging rights!
* 250 signos to the tournament winner, 100 signos to the runner-up!

Bracket will appear when all entries are in!

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Posted by: Jezanna - 9 hours ago - Forum: Accepted - Replies (1)

Character Application

Player: Katherine
Referred By: --
Characters: --
Are all characters active? --
When was your last character approved? --
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yes

Name: Jezanna
Age: 3 Years
Birth season: Spring
Court: Night
Rank: Commoner

Health: 13
Attack: 7

Items: A simple white sash as my joining item (ok'd over discord via Kay because I wasn't sure)
Item Explanation: In specialties section!
Incentives: --
Other: Please be gentle aahh D; I'm so excited though!!


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  it's not rigged. maybe. [warrior meeting]
Posted by: Rostislav - 10 hours ago - Forum: The Night Court - Replies (1)

I climb to the raised dias where Reichenbach once addressed us all in merriment, making announcements of his regime and counsel. Damaris follows behind, making much less racket than my own hooves do on the stone. A quick glance around the courtyard shows one or two horses that seem to be casually enjoying themselves, but I don't immediately see any that I recognize or am looking for.

"Alright ya bastards, let's get to it! We've got work to do." Not a very nice way to summon all of the warrior-folk, but my job description doesn't necessarily include being nice. I mentally go through the list of those I expect to come. Aislinn, of course, as the Champion of Battle. I should have spoken to her about this before gathering everyone, but that thought hadn't occurred to me until now. I'd say Nora and Noah but I haven't seen them around in so long -- not since the days of the search for the Relic of the Gods. I don't expect to see them now. Leaving... Lumaris, Erum, Morrigan, Kaisar, Tarquin, Nerissa, and Black Plague. Not that I know many of these faces (have I met any of them, actually?) but the list is easily acquired when you know who to ask. And of course Reichenbach. The King a warrior just as any.

Damaris sits by my side, poised and regal as always. I smile down at her. For once, this good idea was my own. A competition of sorts, for warriors to practice their fighting skills. I'd thought about doing something like this before, but it never really took place. Now, with all the hubbub and discord going on between the Courts, it seems a better time than ever to make sure we are all ready and prepared.

Get excited, I'm gettin' a little tourney started! Reply here by Feb 30th to be included. **STRONGLY ENCOURAGED** Prizes for winning the tourney: experience ;), bragging rights, and 250 signos donated from yours truly.
Tag: @Lumaris @Erum @Morrígan @Kaisar @Aislinn @Tarquin @Nerissa @BlackPlague @Reichenbach @Howl

Rosti thoughts | "Rosti speech" | Damaris mindspeak

more than a drunken fool
x - x

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  Inactive - Ammon
Posted by: Ammon - 11 hours ago - Forum: Deletion - Replies (1)

Deletion Request

Name: Tribs
Account(s): @Ammon
Reason(s): little muse
Delete or Make Inactive: Inactive
Notes: Will probably bring him back soon but mreh

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  but I'd risk it all just to be with you
Posted by: Raum - Yesterday, 11:16 AM - Forum: Vitae Oasis - No Replies


He think he might hate her. Every step beneath the unrelenting sun was a torture, yet she had asked to meet in the oasis and so, he went. It was, at least, a little easier in Winter than in the Summer. All too fast he had forgotten the ferocity of the summer sun and so cursed the Winter one just as fervently.
It felt like time slowed, ticking his time away in the desert more languidly. But at last he reached the Oasis, its glittering pools a mirage to his sun-drenched eyes. Gods he missed his dagger, his scarf – even if the very idea of a scarf was stifling in this heat.
Quicksilver slick, he moves towards the water’s edge and drinks. It is there that he sees her reflection, perfect beneath a tree’s shade. Was there even a part of her that did not thrive beneath Solterra’s light? A breath, a resigned sigh, slips past his lips.
Sated, the Crow draws back from the water’s edge, his cobalt blue eyes never leaving the flames of her skin, the wildness of her eyes. Their confessions still stir in the air between them, pressing out against his skin like razor kisses. Oh there was nothing simple about he and his fire-born girl.
He does not need to look around him to know there are few others who dared to make the journey out to the oasis this day, so when he reaches her, his lips lower, smoothing along the line of her brow. Oh she burns him, sets him alight to mold as she pleases. His lips are lit like coals and there is nothing that can cool him. It is a surprise when he exhales and he does not breath smoke like a dragon.
“You called for me?” The Crow asks as he stands above her, consumed in the shadow of her tree, drinking in their surroundings. A Crow’s instincts will never leave him, he remains on edge, even as he stands above her, lost in the scent of her too-hot skin.

@Rhoswen <3 <3 What is this? Raum being affectionate? Excuse me whilst I die of shock ;)


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  Coming Up with a New Recipe
Posted by: Somnus - Yesterday, 04:46 AM - Forum: Arma Mountains - Replies (1)


’Is this it?’
Somnus lifted his head from where he had been rooting around within the growing grasses of the mountain foothills, keen verdant eyes peering up at the hovering barn owl just above his head. He focused on the flowers that were clutched within sharp talons, narrowing in assessment. The flowers that had been found were long and blue with hard stems, but did not match the sketches in the books of the Dawn Court library. They were definitely not the kind that he was searching for. The new King of Delumine gave a thoughtful frown before shaking his head apologetically.
“I’m afraid not, Alba. Best try again.” The barn owl seemed to sigh in disappointment as she let the incorrect prairie flowers drop from her grasp before wheeling about in the sky, off to attempt to find the correct flowers that had brought them here in the first place. That would mark her third failed attempt at finding the correct flowers. Somnus, of course, was fairing no better.
Call it foolish curiosity, but the pair had come to the foothills of the Arma Mountains in search for two flowers that grew specifically in Denocte. Dabbling in the culinary arts as he did, Somnus had been curious of the teas he could possibly brew from the Alpine Forget-Me-Not and the Common Wood Sorrel, but despite their best efforts, it seemed that equine nor owl could find either of the elusive blooms. Were they even in the right area? Was it too early in the year for the flowers to be blooming? The texts had stated, rather explicitly, that both flowers could be found in Denocte around the Arma Mountains, and that the flowers and stems could be brewed into a delicious tea. As a purveyor of fine teas and coffees, both of which were a simple pleasure to the golden tactician, he could not simply pass up the opportunity to try it for himself.
Unfortunately, the said flowers did not wish to cooperate. They had spent all day searching for the wayward blooms and were no closer to finding their quarry. Lifting his head, Somnus’ gazed traveled to the sun in the sky, squinting against the evening light as he gave a mighty stretch, the joints in his wings popping from having been furled in his search. It was a warm spring day and the sunlight was pleasant and welcome, but they only had a few hours until dusk. Their search would be cut off for another night, where they would pick it back up tomorrow… Unless they could find what they were searching for first.
The Dawn King gave a grunt of displeasure before shaking his head. “… Not bloody likely, at this rate.”

@Aislinn <3

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  halfbaked ideas
Posted by: Rostislav - Yesterday, 01:24 AM - Forum: Tinea Swamp - Replies (3)

The ground isn't quite thawed, thank goodness. Or I'd be sinking knee deep in the swamp muck. I keep my head low, trying to watch for any spots that are weak beneath me. Damaris seems to be doing a good job of finding the way, and I watch her as much as the ground. She's led me here to the Tinea Swamp, not that I've come unwillingly. I know her intentions and, subconsciously, I agree with her. There's shit going down and you haven't seen Weir in months. You need to figure this shit out. I nod at her reasoning.

There's much I missed, and Weir's apparent absence is part of the reason I left in the first place. I had thought we were building something together. A future. But then she disappeared. Maybe it wasn't meant to be the way I thought it was. Maybe she knew all along and I was too blind to see it. Different realms, different worlds? With all the madness that apparently is going on between Dusk and Night -- goddamnit Reich! -- it makes it even harder to see Weir. Or even to look for her. I may not be Sovereign, I may not be Emissary, but I can have a chat with Florentine and see what's going on.

So through the Swamp we go, hugging the edges by the Terminus Sea. It's dangerous business trespassing through the Bellum Steppe and over to Terrastella. But I feel like it needs to happen. Don't take credit for my good ideas, Rostislav. I chuckle and continue through the semi-frozen slop. Thank God I've sobered up enough now - enough - that I can have an adult conversation. I want to call out for Florentine, but that might not be the best idea if it attracts unwanted attention. Instead I'll just have to keep looking for her and hope no one tries to take me out in the meantime. Even better if I happen to find Weir along the way.

Tag: @Florentine @Weir
Rosti thoughts | "Rosti speech" | Damaris mindspeak

more than a drunken fool
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  Where the river changes course
Posted by: Eik - 02-22-2018, 05:22 PM - Forum: The Dusk Court - No Replies

- - - - -
- - - - -

He awakens to the smell of ash. For a moment he thinks he's dead, swallowed in the flames with his loved ones. The excitement wakes him and his heart is off, racing away before his brain has the chance to blink and stretch and piece his thoughts together. Soon enough the memories trickle back, and with it the familiar sense of resigned despair. He raises his head from the ground (funny- he doesn't remember ever lying down) and labors to his feet with little to no grace. He grunts with the effort, feeling older than ever, and then winces as the hangover rears its nasty head.

When the nausea passes he looks around. Small fires smolder here and there, but most of them have burnt themselves out. They and the trampled ground are all that remains of the festivities from the night before- a small miracle- and

(a memory rolls in: across the fire, green eyes carefully place their empties in a row. In their gaze endless summer and roots to the core of the earth. Where did the green eyed time of year go?)

Eik shakes the sleep from his head. He takes his time this morning- days like these, reacquainting yourself with your body is no small feat. Without thinking too much about it he makes his way to the ocean, washes the sweat and smoke and winter from him, washes the spilled wine from his lips and chest, and if there are other, nameless things that he washes himself clean of... well, those too are carried away. In the end he feels a little lighter, and the world less hard to look at. A little salt and cold water does wonders.

With much of the headache chased away by the cold shock of the ocean, he feels a bit more like himself. It is late afternoon by the time he finally makes it to the court. He feels a bit anxious- maybe he should have just gone straight back to Solterra- but when he thinks of the bay man and the sea a certain feeling comes over him. Most of the time he feels like the branches of a tree, swept whichever way the wind blows. But sometimes- sometimes he feels as though he is not at the mercy of the wind or the gods or anyone. 

... But that is simply the drama that blooms from time to time in his chest, the violent waves of emotion that are followed by the smooth, flat-of-the-blade calm. He leans on this calm to ignore the occasional pointed stares... even freshly cleansed by the sea, the Terrastellans somehow know that he comes from Solterra. Or at least that he comes from elsewhere.

In time he finds the man he seeks. They see each other at the same time, and Eik drags his feet to a halt. He regards the man with head tilted, examining the bay for any change in him since they first met.

"Hello friend." That word firm and warm as a handshake. It feels odd now, seeing Asterion within the walls of his court, strangers passing in the background like fish darting along the reef. But still the cerulean sky is above them and a fresh breeze blows and Terrastella is shy but welcoming to the scarred grey stallion; there is a balance.

"Are you busy?"

-  -  -
-  -  -

@Asterion <333 sorry so long i'M EXCITED

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  Too Much is Never Enough
Posted by: Somnus - 02-22-2018, 06:57 AM - Forum: The Dawn Court - Replies (2)


Since parting ways with Kasil, Somnus has known exactly who he had wished to speak with first about the matter. It simply came down to finding the joyful Emissary. Delumine was changing, and they needed to be prepared. The command had shifted, the mantle of Dawn King now resting upon his shoulders. It was a heavy weight, one that he did not feel worthy of, but one that he knew he would not need to carry alone. The tactician would do whatever it took to see that his Court was well taken care of, that they would want for nothing, but he could not do it alone. He would need help, and while the list was remarkably small, Somnus knew best who could help him tend to the needs of his Court.

His Court? No, no… It was not his Court as much as he was theirs. He was their servant. His body was their vessel, a means to do their bidding. A means to keep them safe. That had been his promise.

Having stepped out into the courtyard, Somnus’ eyes had wandered until they had spotted Ipomoea standing amidst the blooming hedges and flower bushes. Alba fluttered from her perch upon his rump, silently taking to the skies and darting about the spotted fellow, clacking her beak in loud pops! to get the Emissary’s attention, before wheeling about in the air to return to her roost. Somnus’ eyes remained upon the Emissary, waiting and watching for his reaction.

When their eyes met, keen emerald meeting joyful magenta, Somnus gathered his strength to offer the Emissary a kind smile. It was an honest expression at least, sincere despite his trepidation, but noticeably strained. This was not a happy visit between friends, as much as Somnus wished otherwise. Would that it could be so easy…

“I had hoped that I would find you out here, good Po,” the golden murmured by way of greeting, deciding to jump straight into it. No point in dawdling, and Somnus was never the type to beat around the bush, anyway. Oriens’ beard, had Kasil even told this kind hearted young man about his thoughts of leaving Delumine behind? “... There’s been a development, and if you’ve the time, I need to speak to you. Urgently.”

What would Ipomoea say? How would he react? They were amicable, certainly. Somnus would even dare to say they might be friends, or, at the very least, almost be to that point… But Po was fiercely loyal to Kasil. Would he trust Somnus’ words as true? That Kasil had passed the crown to him? That the Regent hadn’t acted a traitor and usurped their beloved King? No. Please, stars above, no.

Please let him listen to reason and truth. They needed each other now more than ever.

@Ipomoea - Something short  and quick to get us started <3

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