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IC Event  - Halycon Race - Leg 2

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Aestate Umbrae Festival

Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay, life has kicked my pants a bit lately. That being said, it is time for leg 2! If any need a reminder of what this leg will be, here is the initial information from the first even thread. <3

Quote:Leg two: The second race of the event will take place on the Praistigia Cliff. This race will test your agility. While there is only one lap, there will be three separate posts from each character as well as the updates from the Official Dusk Court. Runners beware! This leg may have random events that happen as the race is being run that your character will have to react to. These events will come from the Official Dusk Court account and will either affect one character or the entire group!

The morning for the second leg had dawned hot and clear. Uzuri took to the skies, taking a moment to see the course and make sure it was all set for those that would be taking part in the race. The dark fae had withdrawn, her ankle still needing time to heal before she tried again. That left the three warriors from her court and the saurian mare.

Returning to the start, she dipped her head at each of the horses. They would start as they had finished, with Below Zero being the first position. She smiled at the familiar mare and then to each of the others. "Welcome, and thank you for continuing! The weather is working in our favor and it looks like it will be clear skies. However, it is likely to get extremely hot as the day grows later. The first third of the race is through the forest, so beware of the limbs and trees that will fight your path." Her words are warm and kind, though gave them an idea of what to expect with the first part of the race. Stepping back from the line, she nodded to one of her court members and the bell sounded to release the racers.

@Below Zero

Absynthe has withdrawn due to injury <3

And so with the sunshine
and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees,
just as things grow fast in movies,
I had that familiar conviction that
life was beginning over again with summer.


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