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The festival is set up where the Viride Forest meets the Illuster Meadow, a sprawling expanse among the flowers and the trees. There's a multitude of gardens and flower fields to enjoy in the Meadow, music, dancing, food, and other activities within the shade of the trees, and a center stage for the main festivities. Come all who enjoy music and the arts to celebrate individuality with one another!
In honor of their blessing, the Illuster Meadow has been turned into a field of festivities to celebrate the Union between Somnus and Eulalie. Lanterns hang in rows to illuminate the Meadow, a single aisle of silk-strewn lanterns leading to an archway of wood, decorated with drapery, greenery, and blooming flowers, where vows would be made. A wide spread of delicious foods and various beverages are available for everyone, and a clearing has been made for singing, dancing, or simply mingling. At the end of the evening, lanterns will be released as a promise of found love and a new tomorrow.


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