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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus
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kaiju / jekyll: a smol bean of 30 years of age.

been roleplaying for 20 of those years so my style varies. one of the original members of novus until RL swept me away for a few years and i came back, starting fresh.

owner of many birbs ( budgies ) and animals. full-time supervisor at my current job, but i tend to lurk around novus more than you think.

leviathan is my oldest character of 10 IRL years, so love his grump ass because he's developed over the years for so long.

Played by:

Kai (PM Player)


kai-ju    //   



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Saved incentives/prizes: 2021 Advent Day 19 Prize (+1EXP to any character)

Users this member has threaded with & claimed signos for (*indicates claimed for EXP bonus): Zombie (#817), Firefly (#903), Veer (#1302), Lackadaisy (#932), Sunsides (#829)

Has claimed free restricted item: YES - Leviathan #1514 (Fantasy Bonded)

10/23/19 OOC user group sorted. -INKBONE
11/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on Halloween. -AIMLESS
12/18/19 +free accessory item for advent calendar day 5 -LAYLA
12/19/19 +250 signos for advent calendar day 6. -INKBONE
12/21/19 +100 signos sent for advent day 8 -LAYLA
12/24/19 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Eve - LAYLA
12/25/19 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Day - LAYLA
12/26/19 Enchanted Snowflake item gifted for last day of the advent calendar. -SID
12/15/20 +50 signos & free pet item for days 14/15 on the advent calendar. -SID
12/17/20 +100 signos for visiting on Dec. 17th of advent calendar. -INKBONE
12/20/20 Guaranteed pregnancy item for visiting on Dec. 19th of advent calendar. -GRIFFIN
12/22/20 Free outfit item sent for visiting on Dec 21st of the Advent Calendar -LAYLA
12/27/20 +100 signos for visiting on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day -LAYLA
01/03/21 +50 signos for visiting on New Years Eve 12/31/20. -INKBONE
01/03/21 +50 signos for visiting on New Years Day 01/01/21. -INKBONE
01/15/21 +60 signos - 40 for Cicatrix and Araxes completing TID5997, 20 for Eirene completing TID5996. -INKBONE
02/20/21 Sent to Crux - +150 signos for 1st time with Zombie TID5907, Firefly TID5905, Veer TID5881. -INKBONE
04/04/21 Character pass (for Cicatrix) no longer needed due to the April 2021 design rule changes and removed, so user can claim free restricted item for another character. -INKBONE
03/29/21 +200 signos for suggesting implemented idea: 18+ channel in the discord! -INKBONE
04/04/21 +200 signos for suggesting implemented idea: changing rules for passive magic! -INKBONE
09/08/21 +100 signos for first time threading with Lackadaisy(#932) and Sunsides (#829) sent to Leviathan -LULLIVY
09/08/21 +250 signos for First time threading with 5 different users. Zombie (#817), Firefly (#903), Veer (#1302), Lackadaisy (#932), Sunsides (#829) Sent to Leviathan -LULLIVY
09/08/21 +3 EXP for threading with 3 members for the first time Zombie (#817), Firefly (#903), Veer (#1302), Lackadaisy (#932), Sunsides (#829) Sent to Leviathan -LULLIVY
10/16/21 +50 signos for referring Skellri #1718. -INKBONE
11/08/21 +200 signos and +3EXP (sent to Leviathan) for visiting on halloween! (boo!) - LULLIVY
12/15/21 +200 signos for Advent 2021, Day 15 prize. -INKBONE
12/16/21 +Free pet item for Advent 2021, Day 16 prize. -INKBONE
12/18/21 +50 signos for submitting 1 nomination for the 507 Fall spotlight noms. 1EXP sent to Leviathan. -INKBONE
12/18/21 +150 signos for Advent 2021, Day 18 prize. -INKBONE
01/06/22 EXP for Advent 2021 Day 22 prize sent to Leviathen. -INKBONE
01/16/22 +500 signos for Advent 2021, Day 23 prize. -INKBONE
03/07/22 +200 signos for visiting on Valentine's Day 02/14/22. -INKBONE