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Pray and Slay

What can I tell you that isn't already obvious just by looking at me? I'm not sure I can find the words to explain how perfect I am. Honestly I don't think they even exist, but for you? Oh, for you baby, I'll try.

I come from a family of Kirin, you see; that explains the glittering turquoise and golden scales that compliment these god-given, rich velvet purple curves. I have legs for days that are narrow and refined, but I'm fleet of foot when I need to be with hooves the same brilliant turquoise as my proud, large assets. What? My antlers, baby, get your mind out of the dirt! That talk is for later.

  • turquoise
  • gold
  • rose-gold
  • plum
  • black
My height is perhaps the only thing about me that is 'average', although I use that word loosely and with the utmost self respect. I much prefer to use the word 'sublime', or maybe even 'ideal'. A nice, perfect height, not too short and not too tall, impeccable for leaning on the arm of a taller, sexy gentleman so I can flutter these long lashes over rose-gold eyes. My general looks are remarkably feminine, from a cute, angled face to curves in all the right places. Beautiful, stunning, and drop dead gorgeous, move over ladies, the Queen has arrived.

My hair is perhaps my pride and joy, but clearly that is quite obvious with how luscious and shiny it is. In some lighting it almost appears an endless ebony, but in others there's almost a touch of deep purple. No matter the lighting though, it always looks fine. Sometimes I wear it loose, sometimes I spend hours tying it up into pretty little braids. Maybe a bun? All styles are fun, and even though it's hard to improve something that's already better, I don't mind experimenting.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to bring most of my wardrobe with me, which really is a pity. The amount of form-fitting silks and extravagant jewelry I own would cause even the richest of royalty to swoon and be green with envy, but I was told I had to 'pack light.' Whatever that means. But I was able to smuggle in some of my gold jewelry and bangles, and my pretty golden shoes.

Seduce and Destroy

Ronin thrives as the center of attention. The center of over the top parties and ridiculous celebrations are where he is most alive, most deadly, and where he's most in his element.

  • admirable
  • clever
  • debonair
  • enthusiastic
  • vivacious
  • personable
  • individualistic
  • seductive
  • charitable
  • fun-loving
  • devout
Multiple sets of eyes followed him as he sashayed across the dance floor, a glittering icon of beauty and elegance as he cast winning, flirtatious smiles to any of the dashing men he came across. Dressed in his finest form-fitting silks and glittering jewelry, clearly he meant to impress, because there was no possible way he would be going home alone.

There were no shortage of rumors, scandalized and otherwise, that were whispered across the courtyard, eyes of envy and intrigue watching the Kirin as he stopped to talk with an older male.

"I think he's actually quite pleasant to be around; he's quite funny, and has a witty sense of humor."

A scoff of disbelief. "No way. I danced with him once. He wanted nothing more than to sleep with me, and he even called me 'daddy'. There's nothing charming about him."

A denial came swiftly. "You don't now what you're talking about; Ronin's a sweetheart. He donates regularly to the orphanage, and he's a man of the cloth!"

"It's a damn shame that his 'goddess' is full of nothing but trickery and lies, though. He turned my daughter into a frog when she insulted his makeup!" The outcry was indignant, followed quickly by an accompanying 'ribbit!'

  • arrogant
  • egotistical
  • conceited
  • childish
  • demanding
  • hedonistic
  • petty
  • vain

There was a quick hush that followed. "Maybe you shouldn't teach your daughter to be so rude. You have to admit, though; he does have an energy and a presence about him. Rarely are parties this lively and fun without him."

Of course, that wasn't enough. The crowd watched him go, fluttering about on hooves that hardly seemed to touch the ground as he danced between handsome, eligible bachelors, charming them with his words, compliments, and fluttering lashes.

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