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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus
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Female [She/Her/Hers]

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09-17-2022, 08:14 PM




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Ginger | Blue-Green Eyes | 5' 5" | Average Build | Freckles | Pale

Wears: Jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and sneakers with holes in the sides, or Ariat boots.

Won't Wear: Dresses, skirts, high-heels, shorts above the knee

The Mom of Novus

Realist | Gives No F*cks | Dances When Everyone's Watching | Sarcastic | Drank So Much Coffee is Now Perpetually Bitter | Loathes Bigotry | Loves Animals | CATS CATS CATS | Is Actually Really Friendly and Loves Almost Everyone, Even Though People Say She's Intimidating (Like what?)

Born in Texas. Moved to Kansas. Moved to Colorado. Moved back to Kansas. Moved to Arizona. Lives in Arizona. Happily.

Went to school. Met Dingo. Dated for awhile. Got engaged. Just celebrated 13 years together.

Active & Parvus Magic

Parvus Magic: Procrastination - able to push off doing something super important until the last minute, then panic-stressing about it.

Passive Magic

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Just your friendly neighborhood Sprowtato.

Played by:

Sparrow (PM Player)


Sprowtato    //   



Staff Log

Saved incentives/prizes: None

Users this member has threaded with & claimed signos for (*indicates claimed for EXP bonus): Griffin (#142), Dingo (#229), Lauren (#105), Obsidian (#144), Ali (#252), Soupi (#455), Jeanne (#30), Rae (#234), Katherine (#524), Firefly (#903), Zombie (#817), Liv (#951)

Has claimed free restricted item: YES - Roshan #580 (Fantasy bonded) from the 09/26/18-12/31/18 incentive

08/06/17 OOC Account sorted, referred by Lauren (UID#105). -SID
08/13/17 +50 signos for referring Dingo (Signos sent to Somnus) -INKBONE
01/03/18 +100 signos for visiting on a major holiday x2 (NYE and NYD), sent to Somnus' account. -SID
02/07/18 +50 signos for referring Pres (ID# 512) -INKBONE
02/15/18 +50 signos for visiting on a major holiday (Valentines), sent to Somnus' account. -SID
02/19/18 +150 signos for winning member of the season. -INKBONE
03/22/18 Promoted to Moderator group! -SID
06/14/18 +500 signos for replying to 1yr anniversary thread TID2262. -INKBONE 06/16/18 +1000 signos for winning the 4th place ticket in the anniversary raffle, TID#2268. -SID
11/03/18 +50 signos for visiting on Halloween. -INKBONE
12/02/18 +200 free Novus member signos! -SID
12/12/18 +3EXP to all attached accounts (Somnus, Israfel, Ard, Erd, Roshan, Apollo, Runaveig, Rhiannon) for OOC anniversary. -SID
12/25/18 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Eve. -INKBONE
12/25/18 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Day. -INKBONE
01/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on NYE. -AIMLESS
01/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on New Year's Day. -AIMLESS
01/27/19 +50 signos for visiting on her birthday, 1/22/19! -INKBONE
04/22/19 +50 signos for visiting on Easter, sent to Vikander. -INKBONE
04/23/19 +400 signos for finding all 15 Easter eggs in round 1 of the hunt. -SID
07/05/19 +50 signos for referring "heartfullofjess" (ID #1065) to Novus. -SID
07/12/19 +50 signos for referring Brit (#1067). -INKBONE
10/21/19 +50 signos for referring Teal (#1139). -INKBONE
11/01/19 +50 signos for visiting on Halloween. -AIMLESS
12/25/19 +50 signos for visiting on Christmas Day - LAYLA
12/31/19 +50 signos for visiting on New Year's Eve -LAYLA
01/23/20 +50 signos for visiting on her birthday (1/22) -LAYLA
09/12/20 +50 signos for referring Heather(#1461) -LAYLA
01/03/21 +50 signos for referring Frostie #1552. -INKBONE
01/23/21 +50 signos for visiting on birthday (1/22). -INKBONE
03/01/21 Promoted to moderator! Huzzah! -INKBONE
04/05/21 +50 signos for visiting on Easter, sent to Israfel -LULLIVY