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Florentine is a slender creature. Her father was a thoroughbred mix and her dam an odd combination of gazelle and horse.

She stole her sire's long limbs and her dam's gift of wings. Together they make Flora fast and light. She is as much at ease in the sky as she is upon the ground and she bears no preference for either.

Flora's coat is light caramel cream (dun, one might say) that extends to her wings. Her skin is thin, delicate looking, a throwback to her maternal gazelle genes. The gazelle heritage did not just give her think skin, but also a delicate body not set for cold days or wintry nights, but Flora was born in the frigid climes of a winter kingdom. Her hardiness is not of body but soul.

The feathers of each wing are tipped with the same colour orange that you find flecked in her amethyst eyes. Flora's mane and tail are the colour of honey, adorned with amethyst flowers that seem to grow from the threads of her hair. Her mane and tail, even as a foal, were long and wild. They are a tangle of colours and beauty and grow like a myriad of wild flowers.

About her slender neck Flora wears a chain bearing an ornate dagger of silver and amethyst gems and its scabbard is a lattice of silver metal vines.

Florentine is a thing of beauty, ignorant to her looks and is, herself, only enchanted by the beauty of Time and Space.

Florentine is a wild child that rides upon the waves of Time. Time is her muse and her creation.

Like a weed she will find the sunshine in any situation. Flora was a precocious foal, desperate for adventure and determined in her pursuit of it. It is a trait that has also begun to extend itself into the dawn of her adult years. She is worldly wise, having seen so much.

Florentine is a chatterbox, well able to chew the hind leg of a donkey. Occasionally she is aware of how much she talks, but be prepared for tales of her adventures and very little pertinent information to the matter at hand. She is a brilliant secret keeper - most of the time. There is the occasion where she has dropped secrets into the most awkward situation, but she tries hard not to and will always apologize, profusely.

She is impulsive and impatient. Patience is not a trait Flora is familiar with. What Flora wants, Flora will get/do. She will charm her way through any situation and would be most put-out (though secretly delighted) to hear she is regarded as adorable. Her humour is impish and sweet. The girl is surprisingly dirty-minded, even as a foal and has already asked two men to marry her (but only when she was older of course – those boys had better watch out now). She is loving but independent, reliable yet not always in the way you expect.

Flora is whimsical but also pragmatic, having been introduced to death and war so early. She likes to be the leader (especially on adventures), becoming bossy if allowed to be. Florentine is a stickler for manners and pointing out when others are impolite or lacking a certain (required) level of decorum. She was born a princess after all.

Despite being a princess, Florentine cannot be contained to one homeland. She is a slave to her flyaway soul that answers only to the call of adventure and freedom. Her love affair with all that Time and Space have to offer means that the girl is restless and always keen to slip away, like the changing of the wind.

Oh, one more thing: the girl’s eye mouth filter is severely lacking… just be prepared for her to tell it how it is.

Florentine is a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. It is quite unknown exactly how, or even when she came into being. If you ask her parents they will each most definitely point to a specific night of dragons and golden rooms.

But ask Time, or Space, and they will just give you a mysterious smile.

See, Florentine (as a yearling) appeared in the lands of Rift through a window in Time and Space. There, she made many friends amidst the moving landscapes. She was secretive to nearly all, except an older boy called Pan who, so she claimed, was her best friend… in the future. Flora and Pan exchanged many gifts, but one day she gave him a dagger from around her throat and told him to hide it until he knew to give it to her again. Not one to follow orders, but now accustomed to her bossy, mysterious ways, Pan dutifully hid the dagger.

Months pass as Flora repeatedly slipped through rift windows into the World of Rift and explored all the lands it had – all except one that is… The Winter Court. She studiously avoided this kingdom, except for once, and even then, it was with the utmost secrecy that she crept through the snowy kingdom.

One day, whilst making fast friends with a starry stallion and his prodigal daughter, Florentine heard about a raid in The Winter Court, one that threatened the lives of all who called it home. With terror and secrets in her heart the child raced to join the bloody battle; to save her parents lives and ensure her own, passers by had heard her claim.

Upon those snowy plains, strewn with blood, Florentine died fighting amidst the battle; for what place was a war for a yearling to be? The Winter Court won and its survivors mourned the death of a strange, unidentified child, one they all agreed had no place in such a bloody war. Some had met her and known her name as Florentine but none knew from where she had come… A courtier of The Winter Court, Karou, mourned for the child also, sick with guilt that she should risk her own by fighting pregnant. But what could be done? She could not let those she loved die at the hands of raiders, least of all her new lover Gabriel and ruler of The Winter Court.

It was scant weeks later that Karou would birth her and Gabriel’s child, a honey coloured foal with flowers in her hair. Though it grieved her, she knew to name her daughter Florentine. As the newborn grew, she met new friends who claimed to have met her before. Her bestest was Pan and, jealous of the pirate gold he pinched from a siren’s treasure trove, Flora also stole from that very same siren. An ornate dagger she took, one of silver and amethyst.

Karou’s Florentine harboured a penchant for finding rift windows and slipping between the past, the present and the future. Despite her parents dismay and reproach, with magic Flora made her new dagger both subtle and brilliant: a blade with which to make her own rift windows in Time and Space. It would take her anywhere Time and Space would offer and oh, they are generous!

The child adventured with her blade, in one time she was young, in another she was old but always, about her throat, hung that knife with its subtle power. There was no land, no world, no universe that was not open to her. As a yearling she visited the past, the old Rift and gave her dagger to a friend called Pan and bid him to hide it for her. She would need it again, when she was born again, after all.

So it is that Flora arrived in Novus, through a window carved by her own little dagger. We’re not sure (and neither is she, she will merrily tell you) exactly what time she came from on this occasion, but she was pleased to find somewhere she had not visited before.

She did not think to worry when the window blinked closed behind her, sewing back the cut she had made in the fragile seam between existences – it did always happen after all. Florentine does not even register the moment her dagger becomes simple – just a dagger, hanging about her throat.

She will not worry until she tries to go home and all that her dagger will slice is air.

The Novus story so far

Florentine arrived in Novus just as she turned three. In many ways she was incredibly mature, yet in others she had so much maturing still to do. Whilst Florentine was called to the Dusk Court and would ultimately pledge her life to it, bind her soul to it, in her early days on Novus she felt torn between the Night Court and her beloved Dusk. This yearning for Denocte lead Florentine to the coronation party of its then king, Reichenbach. Her night was spent dancing, indulging in the Night Court’s penchant for revelry. Such a night lead her to question her alignment, but always it was Terrastella that held her heart and her soul.

Queen Rannveig of the Dusk Court took young Florentine under her wing. In many ways Rannveig was like a mother figure to Flora. It was not long before Rann appointed Flora into the position of Emissary. This lead Florentine into many interactions with the other courts and their Regimes. Yet none impacted her quite like her encounters with Denocte’s king, Reichenbach. Despite Rannveig’s warnings, Florentine and the Night King fell in love.

After only a few seasons in power Queen Rannveig resigned and passed her crown onto Florentine. Still only 3 years old and in love with the Night King, Flora had a lot to learn about what it meant to be a queen and to rule well. Fortunately, only a few months after arriving in Novus, Flora discovered she had a half-brother, his name is Asterion. The two grew a deep sibling love for each other and Florentine regarded her brother as her closest advisor and greatest friend.

One day, as she attended a festival with her brother, Florentine discovered her lover, Reichenbach, had developed a relationship with her Regent. Distressed, she challenged Reichenbach who admitted to falling in love with Isorath. In his anger and despair Reichenbach used his magic to force Florentine to tell him the truth about an old, childhood friend of hers, Lysander. Under the spell of his magic Florentine told him that she and Lysander were fated. Her ability to time travel and Lysander’s origins as a god had made their relationship transcendent of space and time. Florentine loved Lysander, yet only in the way a friend loves another.

Too much had passed between Florentine and Reichenbach for their relationship to be saved. She removed Isorath from his position as her Regent and he moved to Denocte to be with Reichenbach who appointed him as his Emissary.

Whilst initially Florentine only loved Lysander as a friend, their relationship progressed. As a child she had once told him, in the way that children sometimes do, that when she was older she would marry him. It seemed there was some truth in this for maybe fate was working her hand through Florentine’s life. As time progressed Florentine began to see Lysander as more than a friend. Soon they became lovers. In his jealousy, Reichenbach had Lysander attacked. The beating nearly killed him when Raum’s blade, one of the attackers, broke within Lysander’s chest. The wound festered and it was only as she was cutting the piece of broken blade out of Lysander that Florentine realised how she had fallen in love with him.

After Lysander’s attack, things seemed to settle down for a time. Yet things in Novus are never quiet for long. Another old friend of Florentine’s returned. She had met Raymond as a child and saved his cat, Ruth, from grievous injury. Yet Ruth and Raymond had been separated as he time travelled into Novus. Florentine was determined to see Raymond reunited with his bonded. Yet, neither anticipated what the wild magic of time and space would do to Raymond’s beloved cat. When at last Raymond and Ruth were reunited the cat was a great monster. Florentine flew up to defend her court and yet was struck down grievously wounded by Ruth.

Suffering amnesia, Florentine could remember nothing of her time as Queen, or even those closest to her. Lysander, ever wary of love, finally declared his love for her at her bedside and when her brother, Asterion, came to see her, Florentine decided it was time, after so long upon the throne, to pass it on to her brother. She named Asterion King of Terrastella and retired to a quieter life with Lysander.

It was not long until Florentine was pregnant. She gave birth to twins upon the Island, a strange place within Novus where magic was always chaotic and unpredictable, often dangerous. Her children inherited time magic. Leonidas is able to speed up time whilst his sister Aster is able to slow it down. Between them they can freeze time if their magic is used together.

Flora always missed her parents. When she gave birth to her twins she felt more deeply how much she missed her father and mother and was keen for Asterion to meet Gabriel, their father. The family, Lysander, Asterion, Flora and the twins decided to leave Novus and return to her original home in the Rift. However, they chose to leave upon the Island and Flora did not account for the fact that the strange magic there might adversely affect her own. As she used her dagger to cut between worlds, the island magic resisted her. Lysander and Asterion stepped through before her and then she followed to keep the window open on the other side so her children might follow. Yet the Island magic rebelled. It refused to let itself connect with another world whose magic was just as unpredictable and strange. It began to close the window and no matter how Florentine fought it, it resisted until it shattered her dagger. The window closed leaving Florentine, her brother and Lysander on the one side and her children stuck in Novus on the other. There was no way to return to her children, her dagger was broken and her magic did not work without her dagger.

A year passed. Asterion had found another way to return to Novus. Still determined to be reunited with her children, Florentine learned how to master her magic without her dagger. She met up with Serafina, a sister in arms, who had once been the young Queen of the Day Court at the same time as Florentine was Queen of Dusk. Together they returned by Florentine’s magic to Novus, to be reunited with friends and family.

Active & Parvus Magic

Lesser Telekinesis - as possessed by all Novus inhabitants.

Active Magic: - Time Travel

With this power Florentine can, using her dagger, travel to different timelines and places within that timeline. This works according to Einstein's Theory of Relativity where time and space are one and the same AKA spacetime/space and time. In IC this power would be used to help Flora explore. She came to Novus via this power and it is the arc of her character to return this magic to her dagger so she can go back home. It can also be used in plots if other chars wish to time travel too (when Flora has more power) and also if a char wishes to tie their history/future to Flora in one way or another. It is an impractical magic to use in battle due to its nature.

Tier 1 - Discipuli:

Florentine can occasionally use her dagger to cut between worlds. It does not always have the power to work and when it does, time travel is a hard process at this level. The blade does not cut easily like it used to. The door she opens into this other place in spacetime is crude and big enough only for one horse to pass through. Where once Florentine could cut a door to her desired place in space or time, now she cannot. The door will only open up to a random place in spacetime. She has no control except being able to open a window. Due to the amount of focus and strength she requires at this level, she can only open one crude door to pass through before needing a rest of at least a few days.

Tier 2 – Vexilium:

At this level Florentine’s dagger works more often than it does not. It can also open a slightly bigger door between places in spacetime (worlds). The blade also cuts a little easier, requiring slightly less of her focus and strength. Still the doors open to a random place in space or time and Florentine has no sway over this. Now her recovery takes less time and she can open a door with only a day’s rest in between.

Tier 3 – Periti:

The dagger works all the time, the doors Florentine can open are large and cleanly cut. It takes little of her strength to open them and this is good since now her strength is put in opening the door to a chosen location. Her ability to open it to a certain place is fleeting, it does not work as often as it does work. Her strength and endurance is much better and she can open a door daily.

Tier 4 – Dominus:

Florentine at this level is able to control where she travels to in spacetime and her dagger cuts easily. Neither tax her focus or energy much at all. She can make multiple cuts in a day and not tire. The doors she opens are big enough for more than one horse to pass through.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets


Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A broken shard of a monster's bone. The monster was once a horse infected with a virus that turned them into a monster. The bone was burned in dragon fire to eliminate the virus, turning it into obsidian. The effect of this has left the bone twisted, angular and wicked sharp. Since the loss of her dagger when it shattered on the Island. Florentine now uses the shard of bone to cut between worlds.

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Hi I am Obsi, I have been on the rpg scene for years, but this is my first official foray into the world of forums - so please go easy on me! I am always up for plots, absolutely love them, so if you have any ideas, let me know! <3

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