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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
Novus closed 10/31/2022, after The Gentle Exodus
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Staff Log

Saved incentives/prizes: 2021 Advent Day 20 Prize (Massive bonded)

Users this member has threaded with & claimed signos for (*indicates claimed for EXP bonus): None

Has claimed free restricted item: YES - Sebastien #1492 (Active Magic)

10/17/20 OOC usergroup sorted -LAYLA
11/25/20 +65 signos for prize claims in the Spring Fire Festival (TID5641) - LAYLA
12/05/20 +250 signos for reaching 45 points/Tier 4 in Nov. writing contest. -SID
12/15/20 +50 signos & free pet item for days 14/15 on the advent calendar. -SID
12/16/20 Free enchantment item sent for visiting on Dec. 16th of advent calendar. -SID
12/17/20 +100 signos for visiting on Dec. 17th of advent calendar. -INKBONE
12/18/20 +300 signos for visiting on Dec. 18th of advent calendar. -LAYLA
12/22/20 Free armor item sent for visiting on Dec 21st of the Advent Calendar -LAYLA
11/08/21 +200 signos and +3EXP (sent to cordelia) for visiting on halloween! (boo!) - LULLIVY
12/13/21 Guaranteed Pregnancy item sent for Advent 2021, Day 13 prize. -INKBONE
12/15/21 +200 signos for Advent 2021, Day 15 prize. -INKBONE
12/16/21 +Free pet item for Advent 2021, Day 16 prize. -INKBONE
12/20/21 Won free Massive Bonded for Advent 2021, Day 20. Raffled in the Discord #contests channel. Saved on account until redeemed. -INKBONE
01/06/22 +300 signos for Advent 2021, Day 21 prize. -INKBONE
01/06/22 EXP for Advent 2021 Day 22 prize sent to Sebastien. -INKBONE
01/16/22 +500 signos for Advent 2021, Day 23 prize. -INKBONE
01/16/22 +Outfit for Advent 2021, Day 24 prize. -INKBONE
01/16/22 EXP for Advent 2021, Day 25 prize sent to Sebastien. -INKBONE
01/17/22 EXP for Advent 2021 Day 19 prize sent to Sebastien. -INKBONE
03/07/22 Signos for visiting on Valentine's Day 02/14/22, sent to Illia. -INKBONE