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They say she came from the sea...

The tides are etched upon her skin, they disguise themselves using her earthen tones. The sands of the sea cascade from her throat to her tail. They are interrupted only by the striping of her mahogany waves strewn across her bodice. Ivory ink is painted down her limbs, it begins as a snip upon her face and ends where her hooves begin. The depths of her mahogany sea can be seen upon her facade, for it pools around her eyes and her joints.

Supple, rose flesh coats her muzzle. It promises that her words and touch will be gentle. These promises are lies. Her daggers are the same sweet splashes of roses. If only onlookers knew what those sweet roses were capable of. From her crown protrudes two bony branches, they rise from the depths on her face. Atop their peaks rests an elegantly swirled silver set of caps. They are a gift from her mother, the same as the starfish linked earring in her right ear.

There is a thin line of pale flesh surrounding her eyes, which are the only part of her that speaks for the sea she is said to come from. They are a fathomless blue. Her tresses cascade in an unruly fashion upon her bodice. A reflection of the turbulent seas she was born from. They too disguise themselves with mahogany tones. Woven in her unruly hair are strips of cream and pale chestnut ink.

I hope that you choke on your vacant teeth...

Self-reliant. Unsure. Resentful. Proud. Protective. Wise. Honest.

Given Meira's long and complicated history, it is no wonder that she is most notably self-reliant. It is extremely rare that she relies on anyone else, or displays any sort of vulnerability to others. She has learned from being preyd upon by an adept charmer who treated her as a possession. Meira is often conflicted when it comes to how she views others because she is so resentful. Her upbringing and turbulant life has instilled anti-social habits within her. She is quick to react to something that reminds her of her past. Meira, although she has worked hard to strive towards the neutrality of the court ideals, is still prone to outbursts. She is vicious when she wants to be, and more importantly when she needs to be. She is immensely proud of her Roanne heritage and aspires to join them one day.

Due to her pride in her heritage, and her resentful nature, she does struggle to fit in among the landwalkers of Delumine. Meira often feels isolated being so far from home, and even more mixed up when it comes to relationships. She is constantly on guard for any red flags that might show up in her companions. Meira struggles the most when it comes to love due to the nature of her one and only relationship that at times was very on-again off-again. Yet this has so greatly shaped her, and afforded her the wisdom of recognizing how someone should be treated. She is quick to stand up for others, even complete strangers.

It should come as no surprise to others that given her resentful nature, she resents those that she discovers are liars. Meira hates liars, and in response to this she goes out of her way to be nothing but honest with others. This only conflicts when it comes to the vulnerability her emotions create for her. She is more likely to lash out after she is vulnerable with someone. This too is a habit from her past relationshps, attack before she is attacked. Meira is quick to apologize and try to right the situation, although it has lost her many relationships. Some of her other anti-social traits that cost her relationships is addressing the fact that she recognizes when someone does not make space for her in their life.

Meira will call them out on it. She frequently calls others out when she believes them to be insincere. In order to try and deal with some of these traits she is aware of, she often seeks guidance from Oriens. She has turned to the gods of Novus to aid her in her complicated existance. To a degree, she largely believes the deities to symbolize the traits of each court, rather than acknowledge their existance. Despite this, it is one of the very few things that bring her peace.

You know just how to make me feel alone...

The life of this Novus native begins in the seas far east of the court she claims as home. Far beyond the borders of the Day Court. Her existance starts with three sisters, and the rules and traditions they worked so hard to forge. Rules and traditions that her mother would be sure to break. To many they are known as the Roannes. Her mother had belonged to the House of Liopardi before she got herself disgraced. Her mother had foolishly thought that due to her status within the Roannes, that she would be spared when she fell in love with a landwalker. This was not the case, and when she fell pregnant with Meira she realized it would only be a matter of time before the other Roannes realized who the father was.

Meira was the start of her mother's downfall. No amount of love in the world would change this fact. Meira's innocense did not spare her from the trials the Roannes would place upon her. Four years after her birth, Meira's mother was stripped and forced to join the landwalkers. Meira too was bound to the world of the landwalkers. The pair sought refuge in Solterra, for her mother was so stricken by the cruelty of the Roannes, she could not bear to stray too far. Her mother tried in vain many times to appeal her stripping, but was unable to do so. She was no longer the youthful hunter she had once been. Meira's mother grew to resent her eventually. If she had never fallen pregnant with the child, then she would still have her pelt. Meira was largely forced to raise herself after a certain age, as her mother's health descended into a downard spiral as her iminent stripping loomed ahead.

Meira, who was not faulted by her mother's kin, was taught how to hunt by a Roanne who had once been very close to her mother. She recieved the pelt all the Roanne children were given. She was able to learn their ways, but when the time came for her to hunt a pelt on her own she was unable to pierce the flesh of the seal she had chosen. Meira was shown a similar disdain as her mother. They did not care that she was at more of a disadvantage than the other children. She had failed, and for that there was no excuse. Meira was now forced to live in the world among the landwalkers. She was not as devastated as her mother, because she had not known their world as long. She had truly been born into both worlds.

She was still vulnerable, her emotions were raw. The bitterness of her mother's resentment had stung when she returned to face her mother. Her mother berated her for her failures as a Roanne child. It meant everything, and insinuated that Meira had done this on purpose to bring her more shame. This was the night that the child abandoned her mother to rot in the deserts of Solterra. She did not leave before she admitted to her mother that she was the failure, and her own actions had brought her shame upon herself. Meira did not let her mother see the tears that fell from her oceanic chasms.

Meira was not daunted by living life truly on her own. Her tears were her fury, not her sadness. Her fury spoke to him. The man who promised her everything she had never been given. Love, safety, security, and understanding. He had been so charming, and she foolishly fell for the landwalker, hard. Meira had not been aware of this man who had spent his entire life watching her grow. They were the same age, and he had been fascinated by the Roannes. He never told her this. Never told her how he had listened for her and her mother in the night as his home was nearby. He made her feel as though she were the most beautiful, and important creature in the whole world. Meira was clueless to the monster who had lured her in. He never loved her, he only wanted to control her.

It started out small, his whispers of love changed to barbed criticism. He disguised these comments by ensuring he never said them out of context. He had never had any trouble keeping Meira isolated from others. For a time he kept her locked away in a small house in Denocte after he had been convinced of her infidelity. It was not long after this incident that Meira learned that he had been the one who was unfaithful. He had so many women wrapped around his hooves. She was devastated. Meira didn't know how she had ended up here, but her resentment built. She had no resources to get herself away from him, not fast enough.

She too started out small. Meira managed to sneak out during the day when he was gone, she had not confronted him about what she had learned. Meira confided in others in Denocte, and one in particular was able to help her get away. She fled to the Dawn Court to start her life over. He came too, as inescapable as the sun in the sky. He was no sun. Meira had learned that she was the sun, and that was all she needed. Yet, he lured her in again by returning to the disguise he had first used to capture her before. He was sweet, and loving. It wasn't until he first struck her in the open markets of the Dawn Court that she realized what type of relationship she had been in. Her anger, from all those years of resentment towards her mother, and him finally broke from the gates she had built to keep it in. Meira destroyed him in ways she had never dreamed she was capable of.

All of those things she heard her mother say about the landwalkers turned out to be true. She spouted every single thing she'd heard the Roannes say about them in her childhood. Her former lover had never been spoken to in such a vicious manner, and when she promised that next time she would not just cut him with her words he left. Meira was finally free, and she found it in herself to go and see her mother in Solterra. When she arrived her mother had shown such great remorse to her only daughter. Her mother had finally accepted her responsibility for what she put herself through. Meira accepted the apology, and her mother's gift to her. A set of jewelry passed down by all the Roanne women in their family. She told her mother that her forgiveness was not for her, but herself. Meira cut ties with her mother that day, and for once the two of them seemed to understand each other. Meira returned to rebuild her life in the Dawn Court.

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Starfish Earring - On the inner side of her right ear is a silver starsish earring that is connected with a small chain to another stud. (One stud is the starfish, the other is just a simple stud)

Horn caps- two small silver swirled caps rest on the top of both horns.

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