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Bathed in the waters of spring and life, Eirene stands at only twelve point one hands. Grullo at the base, the hue stretches over her entire body, turning black at the knees and then back to a silvery cream past that. Her underbelly is a soft silvery cream, the same hue that rests on her nose and the striped markings that her father gave her through genetics.

Eirene has sensitive spots of pink where the cream and grullo mesh, as well as over her nose and her eyes, even on the insides of her black rimmed ears, ( slightly longer than average ). Her eyes are near doe-like, aquamarine in hue, gentle and loving in gaze most of the time. She's a gentle soul, and if eyes are windows to the soul, hers certainly show a lot of her soul.

While her father gave her the gift of stripes, her mother gave her a full mane and tail, silvery cream in a way that's brighter than her underbelly or stripes. The strands twist and weave, creating a wild messy look on both mane and tail, but it's something that seems to just fit her.

Eirene is finally topped off by a large pair of antlers that used to be normally decorated with vines and flowers that she deems pretty enough to wrap around them, replenished often from the stock of items she has. Unlike deer, her antlers are fully grown and do not shed. However, if one is lost, it will grow back. However, since coming to Novus, the flowers and vines have not wilted from her antlers, and have instead only grown and bloomed more vibrantly. It left her very confused for a while, until she realized... they were actually growing from her.

endearing | soft-hearted | empathetic | sensitive

Eirene is a soft and almost delicate soul, though not to a point where she's naïve to the world. Think of her as a warm soul that has all the intentions to help those that can be helped.

Her gentle nature makes it so that she tries to see the good in everyone, as much as she can, but it does not make her blind to the ones that are rude or terrible in nature. It only makes her that much more patient, taking the rude with her while she strives to do the best she can with anyone in her care.

She was raised by a single mother, having no idea that her family with her father extends to a half-brother and nieces and nephews. Certainly if she knew, however, she would want to know all of them, as she enjoys the company of foals and family to a point where she strives for a family of her own ( be it only a close knit group or an actual mate and children ).

She's soft spoken, but will not be trampled over, refusing to allow someone to bully her or get their way. She might be small, but she packs a lot of sass when she needs it. She's also extremely curious, and while well versed in herbs and healing . . . she is far too eager to learn more about everything.

Her father was a traveling zebra that sired a son before her, but her mother was a delicate creature born into the wilds and the ways of nature, honing the use of herbs and salves for those in need. Eirene was born to the both of them, but her father soon left shortly after, leaving her mother to raise her in a small herd of other females that were dedicated to medical needs.

Eirene picked up these things and learned them quickly, finding comfort in the way she could help others as she blossomed under the tutoring of the elder mares in the herd. It wasn't long before she was taking that knowledge and leaving the herd with the blessings of her mother to help heal those in need.

For the most part, Eirene enjoyed helping those that needed it, always tending to wounds of those in need before slipping off into the horizon once her work was complete. It helped her learn a lot about the world and the beings in it, from place to place, always gathering herbs and seeds to store in her satchels and keep them on her person, planning to build an herb garden if she ever settled.

Stepping into the lands of Novus is a change, and perhaps a sort of call to her in a way. She's found her way in the Dawn Court as a Medic, carefully settling into her little shop and garden that she has so desperately wanted. It makes meeting faces easier, being part of an actual herd, and she's constantly learning, eager to slake her curiosity.

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Accessories: two rather small satchels that she has on her at all times, usually full of poultice or herbs or salves just in case.

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