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Looking at Apollune, it is hard to tell that she was forged from nothing but magic. The once-immortal boasts rich deep grays, accented by an outfit made of gold. The mare stands at 16hh, and has a slender build. Her coat is a dappled gray, with a darker gray muzzle and legs. The only interruption of the dark grays comes from the white stockings that crawl up her legs.

Apollune sports golden hooves, eyes, and long golden lashes that stand out in stark contrast to her near monochromatic palette. The once-immortal has no mane, and no story for how this came to be, instead her neck is bound by golden clasps that almost seem as though they're part of her. This extends to the way her head is bound by an ornate-looking tiara inlaid with a glowing blue gem, and a chain that dangles between the two "tusks" of the headgear. Her upper hind legs are also bound with two golden bracelets.

Apollune's ears are tipped with the same gold that binds her nape and legs. Her tail follows a similar palette of dark and light grays and is bound in a long braid fastened with a gold band at the end. This completes her unusually sleek appearance.

★ Willful ★ Observant ★ Loyal ★ Studious ★ Protective ★ Proud ★ Blunt ★ Philosophical

Kind is not the word that comes to mind when anyone talks about Apollune. If anything they might proclaim her as driven and ambitious as the tyrant king she was once bound by. They'd never say it to her face, but to some degree that's true. Apollune never seems to cease in her studies, or pushing the limits to gain further knowledge on a subject. At times she might even cross a boundary or two. She is not known for being an emotional creature, and many often find themselves uncomfortable in her presence. Apollune often views others as another subject of study rather than acknowledge they're another living, breathing creature.

She is highly observant of others, to a point where she almost seems predatory. Apollune often points out flaws, or logical observations and tries to refute the logic of others. There are times this is taken poorly and a fight ensues. She is of the opinion that no one should fear the truth, even if the truth is painful. Given her willful nature and past, she has disdain for anyone who calls themselves a ruler. She is fiercely protective of the citizens of Solterra. Apollune is also highly proud of her heritage because she knows she is unique even amongst the Djinn she associates herself with.

Being egotistical doesn't suit the ancient, and so she does her best not to let her pride make her overconfident. Apollune spends most of the time studying various philosophies rather than making friends. To some degree, this is because she is from a time that no longer exists, and she lacks confidence in her ability to relate to others. Shame tends to keep her from actively reaching out to others, so she buries herself in her studies and herself in the past.

Before civilization rose from the sands of Solterra, there were other beings. Old, much older than any texts or tomes. There were rulers in the days before, and there were those who were owned by these rulers. One such was a cruel man who played the part of a king, but he didn't have the heart of one. He was obsessed with only possessing others, and because of this he sought out those that called themselves Djinns. These were the beings that were older than the written history of the lands before Solterra. The king who had the heart of a tyrant commanded his mages to find a way to contain these creatures of wild and untamed magic and force them to bow to him.

It wasn't enough that he oversaw the desert people, he wanted to possess the world. The tyrant wanted to be a god. Apollune was one of the many ancients by this time, she had been immortal since she was first created. Even then the Gods existed, but they did not have names. Apollune does not remember her true age, but it didn't matter because she had been reborn so many times so far. Each time her form ceases to exist, the sands of the desert rebuild her one grain of sand at a time. Often it takes centuries before she exists in a physical form. Each time she erupts from the sands, sediment spilling from her mouth in the vast expanse of the deserts of Solterra.

Apollune was unfortunate enough to exist during the reign of the tyrant king, who commanded little more than a small tribe. When she was found, the mages bound her with enchanted items that bound her to the heart of the tyrant. She was forced to carry out his bidding for many years until a stranger came along with an idea meant to change the world. They, like many others, grew tired of living in the age of fear and set out to build a revolution that would soon end the reign of the tyrant king. This stranger freed her, and with that became her dearest friend.

Apollune spent the rest of her time serving this friend, although they proclaimed they needed no thanks. The immortal ventured into the dawn of a new age with this friend until her form disintegrated and returned to the process of recreation once again. Apollune now finds herself centuries in the future, having been recreated once more. Sand spills from her mouth as she turns her golden gaze on the city of the Sun.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Apollune is adorn with multiple golden sets of jewelry. Atop her ears are gold ear tip covers that are held in place by studs pierced through the tips of her ears. Atop her head sits a tiara that extends down past her cheeks. The tiara is connected by two large golden shapes and small chains that connect beneath her chin. At the center of the tiara is a large sapphire nestled in the center of her forehead.

Along her nape and down her spine are bands that seem as though they are connected to her skin as they move with her body. They simply fit very snugly against her dappled gray skin. On her back legs is a set of ringlets, two each, that encircle both hind legs. Her braided tail is bound by a band made of gold. Apollune's hooves are capped entirely in gold, a remnant of the past. Each item on her frame beside the sapphire is made of gold.

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Apollune's immortality prevents her from aging, although it acts similarly to a phoenix. When she dies, she is reborn from sand each and every time. One grain of sand at a time. In order to permanently end her immortality, anything that completely destroys her physical body will not allow her to return. This includes drowning, and so she avoids the sea more than anything else.

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