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Secrets from the grave, whispering my name...

Reinhart is coated in ash and soot. Much of his pelt is a quiet gray, as though he was born from the coals of a forgotten fire. Upon his hide are speckles of charcoal, each oblong in shape. There is a smattering of black soot upon his face, they stain his delicate rose flesh. Reinhart sports rose flesh in more places than just his face, it appears beneath where his legs connect with his torso. Dustings of rose can also be found upon the ankles. His rose ankles gently transition back into the quiet gray ash that dominates his coat. There are speckles of rose petals along his lower belly and on the edges of his hips. There are only traces of these petals along his nape.

The rose petals along his nape are subtle and serve only to accent the ash and soot that make Reinhart up. The edges of Reinhart's ears are dipped in ink, a rich, black ink. From his poll, two Ram-like horns protrude and swirl delicately behind his ear. The horns are painted with charcoal grays, they create an almost gradient effect. His right horn is chipped in two places, it is the only imperfection in his horns. His eyes are a rich molten gold, and it isn't any wonder why he's always had his eyes on the riches of gold.

From his nape extends long ash and soot coloured tresses. Each strand of hair starts out as light ash, and transitions into a sleek black. His banner follows the same pattern as his mane. Upon his right leg is a band of gold, with chains connecting the bottom two cuffs. From the very bottom cuff hangs tiny golden diamonds. They dance with his movement. His daggers are the colour of sand, as though they have been crafted from the shores of the sea.
... Reminding me all the time “We’re only what we leave behind”

To hold my tongue except when I try to pray...

The rebellious son; ostentatious; clever; charismatic; devious. Reinhart lacks the sophistication that his sister is capable of commanding. He is no poet, and he cannot captivate audiences with his presence alone. Reinhart is a boisterous soul who thrives best when he is going against the grain of his familial expectations. Reinhart is the polar opposite of Rheingold, he is disobedient and it makes him thrive.

His voice commands attention. It is not because he has anything interesting to say, but because he is willing to say what is on the minds of others. Reinhart does not operate with the proper decorum of an aristocrat, much to the dismay of his father. He does not choke on the lies of the aristocracy, no matter how much they shove those lies down his throat. Reinhart is an adept liar. He can taste their lies before they're even spoken.

Reinhart has many secrets. He lies through his teeth to his family when they inquire. Reinhart cares only for his sister, despite the comparisons his father made between the pair. He is protective of her and cares for only her thoughts. Reinhart will never admit this fact. His silver-tongue is mesmerizing to those who stop and really listen. Reinhart is not only an adept liar but a brilliant thief. The noble son is very emotionally intelligent and well versed in social interaction. These are the tools he uses to snatch chains from the throats of the victim as he speaks with them. Reinhart can look you in the eye with a smile as he pulls precious items from your person.

He is the cause of the uproar in the aristocracy when their items go missing from their homes. Reinhart blends in among the street urchins of Denocte, and he brings great shame upon House Vogelstein. Denocte knows him as Ezra.

Reinhart roams the streets as though they are the one true home he has. Heists are his favourite, but they leave him with no explanation for his absences. He is forced to hide outside of Denocte while the guards hunt for the man known as Ezra. He enjoys lying to them, with his silver tongue and mesmerizing manners. Being the son of a noble is only useful for one thing to Reinhart, to hide his second life.

Reinhart is an oblivious soul at times, and he is completely oblivious to his ability to mesmerize others with magic. There are no magicians that he knows of in his family line.
... try to breathe words out, But I’ve got nothing to say

The secrets we keep...

Reinhart is the second born child of House Vogelstein. A house that is notorious in Denocte for their wealth and lavish parties. Reinhart has always been compared with his elder sister, who is by far more elegant than he could ever dream to be. He learned at an early age that he could not trust his father in the same way that he could trust his sister. It was not the comparisons of the rebellious child and the angel that bothered him. It was the disdain in which his father spoke of certain couples. Couples that Reinhart identified with. It was during these times that he learned his father would never accept a son like him. Reinhart was like those couples his father hated so much, and for reasons that Reinhart could never understand. So he rebelled and was compared with the street urchins of Denocte. The children his father spat upon for their lack of status. His mother was a complicit counterpart and enabled his father. The head of the house determined what was and wasn't acceptable. A title Reinhart would never gain.

Rheingold was named the heir to House Vogelstein. He was relieved. Reinhart hated everything the aristocracy had come to represent. Their fake balls with fake creatures. They made him sick. They indulged themselves without concern for those worse off than them. Reinhart had bonded with a few of the thieves of Denocte. As a child, he became fast friends with them, and they grew together in separate worlds. Reinhart was allowed to tag along on excursions as long as he pulled his own weight. The education he'd received as a member of an affluent noble house had aided the thieves more than once. His peculiar ability to smooth-talk their way out of most situations had fascinated the thieving youth. It was almost as though Reinhart possessed a magic that the street urchins could only dream about. What Reinhart attributed to his upbringing was magic. Real magic.

Reinhart remained and remains oblivious to this ability he has. Whether he is prowling the streets of Denocte, or attending the lavish parties of House Vogelstein, his magic is ever-present. It raises suspicions to those who encounter him, only after he has used his magic on them. It is the obliviousness about his magic that protected him all these years.
... The lives we lead

Active & Parvus Magic

I got unholy ghosts with their hands around my neck...

-- Hypnosis --

Hypnosis or mesmerization by definition is the ability to influence others. The touch is subtle at first but grows with age and experience. It swells to create great walls between allies and enemies. It serves a magician who is unaware of his gift. Reinhart subtly influences others to comply with his own desires, which may fall under a vast array of things. At higher levels, he will see that he is able to make larger suggestions to others successfully. His failures will lessen, and his ability to protect others will increase. This ability is not just a tool that the thief uses to steal. This ability is what creates his silver tongue, and keeps innocent youths from running into trouble. It keeps his sister safe. Those who are precious find solace in Reinhart's silver tongue. Whether he uses it to reassure vipers or persuade someone to look the other way for a minor transgression, he often uses this ability to help others.

Quick words from a silver tongue.

-- Parvus Magic --

As with much of Reinhart's obliviousness to his magic, his Parvus magic follows a similar suit. His Parvus magic makes him seem more trustworthy and approachable. His presence to some may seem soothing due to this Parvus magic, although others may feel uneasy in his presence. His Parvus magic is greatly influenced by his mood and body language. Reinhart's focus and desires play a larger part in this magic's influence. If he is happy and excited, then his presence is soothing and approachable. If he is enraged he will give off a silent warning to those in his vicinity, making them uneasy and wary to approach him.

-- Discipuli --

With great concentration placed upon others, and quick words slipping from his tongue, Reinhart can minimally influence others to align with his desires. What he does not use his understanding of social encounters and the emotions of others, he will impose upon another a sense of agreeability. At this level, Reinhart can only accomplish small things such as deterring or redirecting anger. He is able to minimally soothe others as if to simply give their emotions a gentle push towards peace. Reinhart is unable to utilize his magic unless he continues talking, and it only comes in small doses. It is more likely that he will redirect someone's attention to him than greatly influence others for anything. There are small bursts that tell him exactly what to say or do. He has no control over these bursts, they come intermittently. His magic often rises up when he feels the need to protect others, it is what rouses his magic.

The silver tongue has no explanation for his fatigue when he becomes the wall between allies and enemies.

-- Vexillum --

As Reinhart becomes more adept at social activities, the more his magic grows. He is able to impose a suggestion upon another with slightly more success than before. Whoever is subjected to his magic becomes slightly more agreeable than before. They become more open to suggestions and at the time may become lost in the cadence of his words. The progression of this hypnotic state is gradual and takes a great amount of effort and time to accomplish. Reinhart can sway others towards his line of thinking at this level, but his victim still must willingly make the decisions themselves. He is able to penetrate apprehensive emotions in others, and nudge them towards one that is better suited for a given scenario. Perhaps he wants a guard to take an alternate route at a certain time, he may be able to convince them to do so. His words become smoother, and more well rounded than before. The bursts of clarity come more frequently, it is as this stage he begins to notice patterns in social behavior if he speaks with someone long enough. His magic is more effective with those he is close to.

The silver tongue learns to breathe ash and hate. He still has no answers for his fatigue.

-- Periti --

At this stage in development, his magic becomes easier to rouse than simply when danger presents itself. Reinhart is much more charismatic than ever before and finds it easier to relate to those who are total opposites of him. He is much better at convincing others to align themselves with him and his desires. His words flow like liquid gold, and the flourish of emotions he has mesmerizes others much more quickly. It still takes a great deal of concentration for Reinhart, who is still unaware of his gift, to accomplish larger tasks. His ability to request smaller tasks has improved greatly at this stage. Reinhart has taken to protecting the children of the downtrodden of Denocte, and frequently tests his abilities out on guards seeking to reprimand them. He is slowly growing able to influence the aristocrats of Denocte when they stop to listen to the wild tales he spins. It still takes hours for him to accomplish some tasks. At this level Reinhart is beginning to fool the authority, he is becoming an elegant liar. It is not until one is outside Reinhart's ring of influence that they are able to realize any oddities about him.

The silver tongue becomes a liar.

-- Dominus --

Reinhart's magic flows from him effortlessly, like liquid that is pulled down by gravity. He is able to charm his way into almost any social circle and win the hearts of even the sourest of beasts. The silver tongue is capable of suggesting higher caliber tasks, it is said he is able to convince a King that his throne belongs to someone else. Reinhart almost never needs to lift a hoof to dissuade someone from violence or any other ill-intentioned situation. Others become quickly mesmerized by his charm and eloquence. Gone are the days of quick flowing words for the sake of a distraction, and replaced with something new. Something vibrant. Reinhart is so capable of hypnotizing others that he could convince almost anyone that copper is gold. It takes a great amount of use before he begins to feel the rough edges of exhaustion fill him. Still, Reinhart does not know he has magic, and he simply believes by practicing socializing that he is accomplishing such great feats. He no longer needs to rely on the participant willingly deciding upon his suggestions, most will comply with them almost effortlessly. This can only be done while in his presence, as the effects of this wear off rapidly when away from Reinhart.

The silver tongue creates his own reality
... A delicate reminder to never forget

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

On his right leg is a golden cuff piece (2 pieces) that are connected by small chains. From the bottom half of the piece dangle golden 'diamonds.'

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