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Borrowing heritage from her parents , Vega is long legged and almost ethereal in her form .

She's very feminine , with an arch to her neck and a sway to her gait that isn't something she picked up on consciously , always following and mimicking her mother from a very young age .

Her coat is a creamy ivory , a paleness that comes from her mother , and it's the only thing that she inherited from her other than her antlers . The rest of her form was inherited from her other parent , a visitor that her mother had obsessed over , a being by the name of Cicatrix .

Her antlers are rose gold , gleaming in the light of the stars and matching her cloven hooves and dew claws , a gentle shine that brings attention to her every step . Lavender purple pink colors her long mane and the feathers of her long tail , a plume that gently drops a feather every now and then only to grow it back .

Long ears were inherited from her other parent , rimmed with rose gold and making them stand out , but that isn't what draws the attention toward Vega . What brings eyes toward her are the dark black splashes like the night sky peering out from her bodice , highlighting the golden markings that are splashed over her entire being in the shapes of stars and the moon . The night sky , painted on her entire body in snippets , even on her face near golden eyes .

The one thing she truly inherited , that links her to Cicatrix as a true daughter , is the fact that the cosmos itself seems to be cradled within her antlers . Standing still , the blue wisps dance around rose gold prongs , breaking off into small glimmers like falling stars . When she moves , so does that nebulous appearance , trailing over her head and fading behind her wherever she goes .

The entire universe , cradled in her antlers and in her heart .

The issue with growing up with a mother like hers , is that Vega has grown up rather sheltered and innocent . She's naïve to how the world actually works , prone to getting herself into sticky spots here and there without meaning to , and not knowing how to get out of them . Her mother never taught her how to fight or how to defend herself , she merely coveted her and raised her in her footsteps , a mistake in hindsight . Despite her mother lying to her , Vega still loves her , still adores her , revealing the fact that she sees the good in all , because she can understand why her mother didn't tell her the truth about Cicatrix .

She's a gentle soul , attempting to make her way through the world as best she can . Curious to a fault , Vega explores every nook and cranny she can , wanting to know more about the world . Her eyes even cast skyward when the night rolls around , remembering stories about Cicatrix from her mother , and wanting to know about the Star Walker , about the life they had . She's very curious about the stars and moon , but is also rather grounded , not allowing her head to drift too far in the clouds .

Truly gentle , she tries to help anyone that needs it , and she wears her heart on her sleeve . It brings trouble with it , being so open and vulnerable , never learning to shelter those emotions or her heart from the cruelty of the world . Vega wants to see the good in the world , despite the darkness on the edges that would engulf her in a heartbeat .

Vega was born on the night of a full moon , under the enchanting stars of a land far from Novus , to a mother that was entirely obsessed with the vision of a creature she had laid eyes on .

Vega's other parent has no idea she exists , and she has only ever heard stories of them from her starstruck mother , how their body gleamed like the stars , how they held the stars on their wings . She was conceived through magic and locks of hair and glimmering goop her mother had carefully gathered up , creating ... her .

The stars and her mother greeted her , and she was doted on . Her mother was a beauty by many standards , and drew the eyes of plenty of suitors , even after she was born . Vega was sheltered though , carefully kept away from prying eyes and doted on through her growing up . She followed her mother's every step , even going so far as to walk like her , never the wiser to anything else her mother had .

Her mother was entirely obsessed with Cicatrix , with finding them again , and Vega ? Vega had only stories to go off of with their other parent , with lovestruck tones from her mother . Until one day , soon after turning three , she learned of the truth . That her mother and Cicatrix had never been in love , had never been a couple , that her mother had slowly gone more and more mad with the obsession she held in her heart . It broke Vega , in some way , to learn she was not from some sort of love , and that Cicatrix would one day return to see her . But her mother was innocent , if a little too wrapped up in her own delusions .

As much as it broke her heart , she had to know about this other , about the one her mother told her so many stories about . So Vega one night gathered herself up , and bid her mother farewell with a soft kiss to her forehead . She slipped off into the darkness , into a world she was in no way prepared for .

How she made it to Novus is beyond many , with how uncertain of the world she is , yet here she is . Seeking out a life that would set her apart from her mother .

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