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Valda was 'reborn' thick and large , keeping proportions of being a once deity . Drafty like in appearance and standing at eighteen two hands , Valda is built like the gladiator they once were , before escaping .

A base of lilac dominates Val's body , more often than not causing them to stand out in surroundings ( as if their height alone didn't do that ) . There are subtle marrings of lighter lavender that coat their belly , and mottle their face , spine , and even sock their legs . Perhaps the most noticeable marking on them are the darker purple ribs on either side of their barrel .

Valda's insides are gold . Literally . Due to their bones , flesh , blood , and mucous membranes being gold , this means their scars turn to gold once healed . They sport several , namely on their haunches and one across their left eye . With golden bones , it also affects their cloven hooves , having them turned a shimmering gold . Even their eye whites are gold , due to the way their body is built , with darker golden irises that define their eyes instead of giving them a 'dead' look .

Valda's mane and tail are several shades of lavender and lilac , long and thick now that it's grown out from where it had been practically cropped against their body . With it as thick as it is , it takes away slightly from how fluffed out their ears are around the edges , and cup around their horns . Like bull horns , they rest with golden tips , thick and crystalline , shining . A third horn rests between their eyes , only a small nub of gold .

Val has very few accessories , including a golden septum ring , and the shackles and shattered chain links of their once servitude to the arena on both left legs .

The best ways to describe Valda are protective and bullheaded , on top of being a bit harsh and with a personality as aggressively bright as the sun . Not in a way that's chipper , but a way that's really hard to miss , unless you're blind . Reforged in the arenas of the land they fell in , Valda learned to be sharp witted and blunt tongued . Very aggressive , very quickly , after their capture .

She's protective in a way that is just as aggressive and sharp sided as the rest of her . She will fight and gore anyone that attempts harm on anyone that she cares for , though not without provocation of it . She doesn't harm for no reason at all .

Valda has no true memories of their past life , just flashes and snippets that are chalked up to just strange figments of their mind .

Despite being rather large and bullheaded and intimidating , there's a soft streak somewhere in there . They want to protect anyone close to them , with having no real idea what drives them to do it .

Once their memories are recovered , chances are likely they won't change too much . She'll still be resolute in her stance , protecting those that need it , and going against whatever forces mean ill will toward her or her kin .

Though they don't remember anything of their past , Valda once used to be a deity . The sun personified , blazing hot and bright in their true form . Radiant and protective , Valda fought in a war and protected their precious moon at their side , as well as their mortal beings .

However , Valda was struck down and plummeted to the mortal plane , shedding their bright abilities and the revealing someone underneath of it . Valda awoke with no memories , in a body that was still almost like their own older one . It wasn't long after waking that they were captured , dragged to an arena to feed the spectators that craved violence in a more controlled setting .

Having no memories , and not looking like her previous self that many had worshiped , Valda was still an absolute force to be reckoned with in the arena . She made friends in others that rested in the barracks with her , and protected them with all her might . All of her golden scars are borne from when she had fought to protect anyone close to her , and between them all , they began to cook up a plot to escape .

It worked , with a full on riot of those in chains fighting their way out . Many were lost , and Valda was one of the few to escape , dragging chains with her as she ran and ran until she finally collapsed somewhere far away , after hours of running and seeing the sun dip below the horizon .

Her scars are a reminder of the arena , and while she could have broken the shackles off her ankles , she decided to keep them instead . A grim reminder of who she lost and her friends that had fought with her for their freedom .

Recently , Valda has found themselves in the land of Novus , as if searching . Somewhere deep down , they know they're missing something , someone . Perhaps Novus will be the key to unlocking the past memories that they have missed since waking up on that fateful day .

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a pair of shackles on their left legs, a nose ring, and golden rings on their horns.

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