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Quarter Horse x Warmblood


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Israfel Azardokht
The Daughter of Fire

Name: Israfel Azardokht
Race: Tribrid [Unicorn x Pegasus x Equine]
Height: 16.1 hh
Breed: Quarter Horse x Warmblood
Color: Ivory Dun
- Golden leg barring/dorsal stripe
Eye Color: Fiery Vermilion
Mane: Ivory tipped in gold
Tail: Ivory tipped in gold
- Wears fire lilies in her tail
Wings: Alabaster feathers accented by gilded, golden markings
Horn: Two-pronged, antler like
- Ivory with narrow golden etchings
Other Markings:
- N/A

A unique specimen of feminine beauty, the Sun Daughter's body is a fresh, clean, ivory silk canvas. She is round and supple, soft and curvaceous, with a deep chest, long, nimble legs, and powerful hindquarters. While very much built like a lady, Israfel is strong. Toned, ample muscles ripple upon alabaster flesh, taut and unassuming at first glance, but trained and prepared to shoulder many arduous tasks, to outlast, to endure.

Israfel's body is wrapped in pale alabaster, unblemished save for the rich primitive markings upon her legs and the dorsal stripe upon her spine. Each nimble limb appears to be painted by the artists of the heavens themselves, strokes of warm aureate barring every dainty leg. Her hooves are cloven, split down the middle, and colored a fair, wealthy gold.

Sharp, fiery vermilion eyes are the windows to her soul, framed by lush, pale lashes. Her eyes burn as she does, bright, inquisitive, fierce, but can sooth with a look of gentle understanding, a passing glance of deeper knowledge, brows softening and creases disappearing whenever a smile might flit across rose-petal pink lips. A two-prong, antler-like horn protrudes from the center of Israfel's brow, the surface marred only by narrow golden etchings. Israfel's mane and tail are long strands of white silk, the ends kissed in golden splendor. Within her tail, numerous fire lilies are tied.

Large, broad, gilded wings spread from Israfel's shoulders. They are powerful appendages, argentine feathers downy and soft but deceptively strong, capable of sweeping Israfel up and into the skies with little hesitation. Each wing is adorned with whirling, twisting, patterns of gold.

I only wanted to have fun
Learning to fly, learning to run
I let my heart decide the way
When I was young.

drinks whiskey for breakfast,
moments of sardonic sarcasm and terrible dad-jokes,
enjoys a good back-alley brawl,
likes her men and women like she likes her coffee; dark, strong, and they better fucking get her pulse racing

The individual that Israfel is now is nothing like the one that she was before her untimely death.

Once haughty and somewhat materialistic, the young Sun Daughter held a sense of aloofness and superiority about herself. Obsessed with her beauty, with her heritage, she considered herself on another level than those around her, save for the three other demi-Gods of Helovia. While somewhat egotistical and flamboyant, Israfel truly knew an unfathomable sort of compassion and adoration in regards to those that she cared deeply for, but such a side of her was hard to be seen. She loved her family and friends completely, unfaltering, all while respecting and idolizing her Godly father. The God of the Sun was, to put it simply, her world. His regal blood ran through her veins, bestowing upon her a gifted magic and individuality that few others possessed, and Israfel was proud.

It was, perhaps, that very pride which created her downfall. Israfel would never know the true reason as to why the day came, the day her life was stolen by the very element in which she personified. All that she would know would be that with a second shot at life, came a second chance.

After her revival, Israfel embraced her new life. At first glance, the Sun Daughter is a rather straightforward creature. She is quiet but cheerful, inquisitive and humble. Where biting sarcasm and narcissistic bragging once coated her tongue, elated laughter and shy smiles remained instead. There is a strong ferocity about her now that was absent before, a dedication to those who win her trust and kinship, and Israfel is now one who does not mind engaging in friendly, competitive sport between friends.

Once, Israfel had loved the Son of the Moon. Now, however, she is trying to learn to love herself before she will allow herself to love another. Guilt cripples her, stealing away her easy going smile and joyous vermilion eyes, replacing her delight with moments of self-imposed seclusion, filled with times of severe melancholy, insecurities, and anxieties. These moments are fueled by her remaining questions to the reason behind her death, the fears of her failures, and the haunting acceptance that those are the answers she will never know.

Although she is hesitant to admit it, Israfel feels betrayed by the God of the Sun. It was in him that she rejoiced, whose praises she sang from rose-petal lips, and in the end, it was his word that called her home. While her love for her father will never lessen, it is now tainted with the bitterness and reality of treachery.

Positive Traits:

-- Adventurous
-- Cheerful
-- Competitive
-- Determined
-- Daring
-- Earnest
-- Honorable
-- Idealistic
-- Individualistic
-- Selfless

Negative Traits:

-- Times of Insecurity
-- Reactionary
-- Indecisive
-- Obstinate
-- Volatile

Deep down I must have always known
That this would be inevitable
To earn my stripes I'd have to pay
And bear my soul

Flames. Whipping, spiraling. A vortex so hot it could melt steel, could warp sand into glass. Burning. Incinerating. Scorching. Melting. The mighty cyclone of fire crested upwards, a blazing beacon of death and destruction, spanning from the earth into the heavens, calling their Sun Daughter home.

Flesh peeled back from muscle and bones, charred and broiled. Hair and flowers ignited, reeking of death, of blood, cloying burnt nostrils and stealing away all of her senses. Feathers spread upon powerful wings turned brittle, melting in the inferno, charred limbs falling completely from her body like twigs in a storm. Vermilion eyes rolled, frantic, pale lips parted in a soundless scream, in confusion, in terror.

Stop. STOP! There was pain. There was suffering. There was agony as the flames licked and kissed her body, ripping her apart, throwing her into the heavens like a sacrifice. Her element itself, so passionate, so warm, so fierce, turning against her, consuming her whole. Daddy! A plea, a prayer, a whisper and a shout of reverence, of salvation. Please, please, please!

'Sleep, now. Israfel, my daughter, my beloved flame...' A voice. Low, affectionate. Familiar. Apologetic. It spoke to the Sun Daughter, reverberating in her ears, washing out the fury of the flames gusting about her, reminding her of a sun over the land, bright, promising, a balm after a cold night. It spoke, and in those masculine words that were so familiar, she found redemption. She found respite. She found heaven.

In those words, the pain finally grew into a satisfying, cool numbness, and the Daughter of the Sun knew no more.

Israfel Azardokht. The Daughter of Fire.

Helovia: The Beginning

Israfel's conception was not one born of romance and love. It was not brought on by compassion, by desire, by romantic flirtations and the courtships of yearning. It was not spurred by heartfelt sonnets or long-lived love, of helpless crushes and innocent giggles. Instead, her life came to light as though a match had been struck; sudden, bright, and far too fleeting.

The God of the Sun had needed progeny. He had sought out a mare that would produce him an heir, and had come across the slate grulla mare, Smoke the Wild Rose. Together, they had produced Israfel, the daughter of the Sun.

Israfel was born to the World's Edge of Helovia, a land shrouded in mists, thick forests, vast cliff-sides, and crashing waves, a patron land to the Goddess of the Moon. It was there that she grew up, curious, headstrong, and passionate. The world was her oyster, and she planned to find that pearl and wear it. Ever since her earliest days of awareness did Smoke tell her of her father, the Sun of the God, and patiently did she explain what that made her. A demi-Goddess. Half-God, half-mortal. Her life was to be arduous. It was to be filled with trials, with tribulations, with failures and victories. They would be frequent. They would be few. Ultimately, however, Israfel's life was her own to live, and she would need to make it that way.

She lived like the flame she embodied; feisty, uncontrollable, and wild. Little did she fear, becoming somewhat haughty in her youth, tempting fate and laughing in the face of destiny. Israfel grew taller, broader, becoming a young woman before the world's very eyes. There was not a land she did not visit, a soul she did not wish to meet. From the Northern Mountains of the Aurora Basin to the beaches of the Endless Blue did she venture, captivated by exploration, by learning, by the simple and elaborate desire to live. Those who flew in the air with mighty wings, however, were her favorite beings to encounter, for once she had mastered flight, Israfel was rarely not in the air. With her mastery of flight, however, came the mastery of her magics.

Bestowed upon her with her birth, gifted from the loins of her Godly Father, Israfel mastered the flames she could conjure up at her own whim. With them, she could fight and she could travel. Manifesting massive pillars of flames, the demi-Goddess could warp from one area to another, unhurt by the fire she controlled.

For the duration of her life, Israfel simply lived, elated to simply be as opposed to achieve. It was at her death, however, that her life truly began. A prophecy. A beckoning. A promise of more to come, more destruction, and more loss. Israfel was ripped from the world by the very fires that she loved, that she commanded. Chosen by the Heavens themselves, the Daughter of the Sun was slain by her own passions, her own desires, a precursor of the death and decimation that Helovia was to inevitably face. Perhaps it was a blessing then, that her life ended so prematurely, a match flickering out before it had truly burned and blossomed, for she could not see the cruel end of the land she had so passionately adored.

Along a flight home to the World's Edge in the midst of the night, alone and forgotten, the skies had opened, and a pillar of flames had swallowed the Sun's Daughter whole, leaving nothing but ash in its wake.

Life after Death

A gasp. One singular breath. New life filled empty lungs. Above, the heavens sobbed in mighty sheets of rain, their tears spurring movement into the pale form sprawled out in a pitiful heap amidst a grove of aspen trees. Another gasp. A twitch of a battered wing. Vermilion eyes slowly opened, lost, confused... Confused, but very much alive.


The last thing that Israfel could remember was fire and pain. It had swallowed her, consumed her, and she had prayed for deliverance, and... And then nothing. Darkness. Blissful nothingness. A void of time where she felt memories should be, but there she was, alive. Weak. Tired, but alive.


Even as the rains inevitably stopped, Israfel remained in that small grove of aspen trees for many days following her revival. At first, she could hardly move. It took all of her strength to simply eat, consuming the rich grasses that grew abundantly in the grove. After that, she would sleep, and dream of the life she had once lived. Slowly, however, her strength returned. Eventually she was able to stand, to walk, to trot, to run. It was quite some time until she found the willpower and courage to fly, however, but the first test flight, albeit hardly off of the ground and only for a few moments, had brought so much joy to her battered heart that she had, for the first time in a very long time, laughed her joy to the world.

Her magics, however, were gone. Whether it was from the experience of death, or some other power at work, Israfel did not know. No longer could she control the fires of her birthright, using flames as her weapons or to fast travel from one location to another. She was, quite honestly, just Israfel. But she lived, and that was all that mattered. Everything else would come with time.

When her strength had returned, Israfel had finally left the safety of her aspen grove. She had no idea where she was, but all that she knew was that her old life was now a thing of the past, but as her mother had always instructed her, she must learn to live a life of her very own. Second chances were hard to come by, and the Daughter of the Sun had no intentions on squandering such a precious gift.

Active & Parvus Magic


Born with the fires of the Sun God of Helovia coursing through her veins, Israfel spent her first life intimately familiar with her own magic. The golden markings of her body could come aflame, the fire burning only those that she willed it to. She could control the flames at will, able to dance amidst the embers with no fear or doubt as to their abilities. Transportation also became easy to accomplish. Large, spiraling pillars of flame-like tornadoes would surround the Sun Daughter, transporting her body to a single destination that she desired. It was this very magic, of course, that ended up killing her, turning against her amidst a stormy night.

Now, it has emerged once more, gifted to her upon the spectral image of her Godly father.


Tier 1: Discipuli
Flames emit from Israfel’s golden markings. She can control these fires at-will, though the distance they can travel to affect others is miniscule. As such, she can also create one fire tornado, and can use it either offensively or defensively. She can also travel up to one mile by surrounding herself in the pillar of flame.

Tier 2: Vexillum
Gaining confidence with the unpredictable magic that once killed her, Israfel can now control, manipulate, and cast her fire at larger distances offensively. She can now create two pillars/tornadoes of fire and can instantly travel up to ten miles by surrounding herself in one pillar.

Tier 3: Periti
Israfel no longer fears her magic. She is confident and ruthless, nearly in control of using her fires in an offensive manner, and can now summon three fire pillars/tornadoes. As such, instant transportation by fire pillar is now up to fifty miles.

Tier 4: Dominus
Completely confident and in control of her birth magic once more, Israfel’s body can become the embodiment of a flame. She can now summon four fire tornadoes/pillars, and can instantly travel anywhere that she has already been with a single thought.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Solaris the Phoenix


ivory/gold or vermilion/crimson feathers | rich purple eyes | 8 ft. wingspan

Larger than what most would consider a ‘traditional phoenix’, Solaris’ sheer size is intimidating and daunting. She is a proud beacon of their kind; robust and muscled, she is a proud bird of prey, always poised and prepared for battle. Solaris’ wingspan is an impressive 8 feet long, and her weight fluctuates steadily depending on the season and the availability of food.

Her body is covered in silk-like, downy feathers, longer, narrower feathers sprouting upon the crest of her head and from the roots of her tail. When calm and at peace, her feathers reflect the ivory and gold of her bond-mate; refined, elegant, and beautiful. However, when angered, her colors change. The ivory transitions into a warm vermilion, the gold deepening into a burning crimson. The most noticeable change is not the shift of her colors, but the flames that ignite and dance about Solaris’ large body. It is as though she is a torch burning eternal; the flames lick and caress the phoenix but do not burn, nor does it burn any that she does not wish it to.

Solaris' eyes are a rich, royal purple, keen and observant.


bold | loyal | passionate | protective | fierce

Solaris does not have one set personality. She is what she is, and you take what you are given. There are days that she can be as fierce and passionate as the fires that burn through her very veins, a spitfire through and through. Then there are other days where she is quiet and inquisitive, finicky and spoiled, or lazy and demanding.

There is no doubt that Solaris is a very proud creature, however. She has moments of arrogance, of haughty behavior, but is loyal only to Israfel. Solaris will do whatever is necessary to keep her bond-mate safe, considering her akin to a charge in need of protecting. They are one in the same; beings of a higher power, symbols of rebirth.


- To come...

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Fire Lilies:
-- Has numerous fire lilies tied into the hairs of her tail

Agora Items & Awards

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Still, as always, just your friendly, neighborhood Sprowtato.

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Sparrow (PM Player)


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