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The Twin Warlocks of Luminous

Name: Erd
Race: Pegasus
Height: 12.1 hh
Breed: Andalusian x Caspian Horse
Color: Pale grey/white
- lithe, noble build
Eye Color: Turquoise
Mane: Deep grey/taupe
Tail: Deep grey/taupe
Wings: White eagle wings
Other Markings:
- N/A
- Pair of luminous stone earrings that glow faintly in the moonlight

Erd and Ard are the spitting images of one another. There is not a single physical flaw in their resemblance, leading to the near impossibility of telling the two apart. Perhaps once you get to know the twin warlocks a little better, you’ll be able to see the tell-tale signs of who is who and be able to distinguish them quite easily. Until then, you’ll be forever guessing, only noticing their outside physicality and take them at face value.

The first thing you may notice about the twins is their build. They are petite, standing at a modest 12.1 hands. Erd and Ard are supple and athletic, their small frames packed with lithe, tightly corded muscle, the Andalusian blood of their father quite prominent despite their mixed heritage. Some may even dare to call the twins ’feminine’, due to the elegant curve of their jawline, the nimbleness of their bodies, or the fluttering of long lashes. It would be wise, of course, to not mention that to either of them, even though they are more than likely used to such teasing. Clearly they are not made for war or battle; small and quick, the brothers rely on their small size and lean stature for evasion and speed as opposed to brute strength.

The warlocks are cloaked in a pelt of freshly fallen snow, not a scar or blemish to be seen upon their person. From the tips of their refined ears downwards they are canvases free of tarnish or color, ivory and brilliant and practically glowing. It is only at their knees that the colors begin to change, their legs from the knees down deepening into a rich, solid grey until it reaches the hardy black of their hooves. The brothers’ muzzles, slim and dainty, are the shared deep grey. Their manes and tales are a woven tapestry of colors; pale greys, deep charcoals, and glistening taupe make up the furled and tousled strands of their hairs. Piercing, frozen turquoise eyes peer out beneath long, black lashes, their stare intense and knowing, depicting an age that seems far greater than their young years.

Their wings are broad and strong, yet proportionate to their frames, large plumes of ivory feathers making up the graceful appendages. They are quick and sure-footed on the ground, yes, but faster in the air; agile and fluid, their small size allowing them to glide effortlessly through the skies and weave through tight spaces.

The only piece of jewelry they wear is a pair of luminous earrings, the small hoops a natural slate grey in color. At night, however, the stone glows a faint blue. These are the only physical keepsakes they have from their homeland of Luminous.

Once you’ve spent enough time around them, you’ll begin to see their most subtle of differences, in facial expressions and individual mannerisms.

Erd, unlike his brother, has a warmth that radiates about him. Be it in the way he smiles, the sound of his voice, or the shine to his vivid turquoise eyes, it seems that the boy is filled with an endless supply of vivacious optimism. A raised brow or a wide grin, these are the most telling points in distinguishing the twins from one another. He holds himself upright and poised, shoulders back and head held high, ears forward, smile lazy, and eyes sparkling in knowing. Regardless, Erd carries himself with an easy cadence, akin to a graceful dancer amidst the world of many beasts much larger than he.

Darling, don't wake yourself tonight
My love, my love, I am your satellite

Jovial | Charismatic | Scientific | Tinkerer | Deep Thinker | Personable | Revolutionist | Inventive | Outgoing

Too Trusting | Perfectionist | Empathetic | Stubborn | Unintentionally Annoying

Erd is the polar opposite of his brother.

The elder twin is all easy, warm smiles and kind eyes. He is a jovial sort, eager to befriend those around him regardless of the misgivings from his and Ard’s journey thus far. The boy is far more trusting than his twin and willing to give strangers benefit of the doubt, which oftentimes enables others to take advantage of his kindness and empathy. More than one occasion has ended in Erd having drawn the ‘short straw’, yet no matter how many times his kindness is ultimately his downfall, the boy cannot shake his simple desire to help or trust.

Personable and outgoing, it is remarkably easy for Erd to make friends, surrounding himself in social circles in the hopes of forming lasting friendships. Should any acquaintances turn their noses up at Ard or sneer at the younger twin’s ways, however, Erd won’t hesitate to offer them a tongue lashing, always quick to rush to the defense of his brother. He is devoted completely and wholly to his brother, loving him unconditionally and without reservation. Despite his friendly persona and desire for peace, the elder twin would readily launch himself into battle or squabbles to defend Ard, regardless of the consequences.

Occasionally happy to the point of annoying, Erd can come off as ‘overwhelming’ at the best of times, his mind instilled with an insatiable curiosity when it comes to discovering mechanisms or inventions of any kind. Be they structural or liquid concoctions, the elder twin eagerly engages in his studies and experimentation. As such, he considers himself a bit of a ‘revolutionist’, hoping to assist in seeing the world become a better, more peaceful place.

All of these positive qualities do not mean that Erd is without flaws. He’s stubborn, notoriously so, rarely changing his mind once it has been made up. He also is a perfectionist, especially in regards to his studies and experiments. Failure is not an option, and the mere thought is enough to make the poor boy panic. It’s rare, when this happens, and he will ultimately seek the quiet, steadying company of hs brother.

Neither twin will ever seek a Bonded companion, preferring the close, intimate bond of one another instead. On the event that one twin may die, it’s very likely the other would not survive the agony of loss. Due to their very close intimacy, it is also very likely that neither boy will seek out an outside relationship, choosing instead to stay with one another until the end of their days.

Be still my dear, I know it's true
The rising tide will lift my love to you

Asking Erd is by far your best bet if you wish to learn more about the twin warlocks. Ard would only tilt his head curiously and stare at you as though you had grown two heads. If you were lucky, you would get a grunt of, “Ask Erd.” Erd would laugh but tell you anyway, although you may not receive the entirety of it in truth. His tale would go something like this;

’It’s hard to say when our journey really began, but if you really must know. Ard and I? We were born in a land called Luminous. It’s pretty, I guess, if you like dead forests and cold mountains in a war torn country. Gets its name from the natural luminous stone formations that make up the countryside. They give off a bioluminescent glow when hit by moonlight. The nobles like to mine the stone to make their castles and homes, but, that’s beside the point. There’s something you need to know about Luminous in order to really understand everything; they’re a terribly superstitious lot. Scared of everything they can’t understand, really, but they’re absolutely terrified of magic.

There was a big hunt a hundred years ago or so and the country turned on itself, tearing itself apart to get rid of anyone who carried the blood of mages. Pretty much all of them were killed off.

Anyway. We were born in the middle of winter and cooped up quite a bit for the duration of our younger months. Our parents weren’t around very often after we were weaned, but at least we had each other. That was all that mattered. Spring came around, and we got to finally stretch our little wings and explore the countryside. It was all good fun, though. We lived like typical children. Ard even talked back then, believe it or not. Our parents were proud of us. Even though they weren’t around, they loved us.

As we grew older, we discovered that we could do things that others couldn’t. At first we could only move objects with our minds, but after months practicing, we were able to summon the very elements of nature itself with just a mere thought. It was amazing, but terrifying. Remember how I said that Luminous had a strict ban against magic? Yeah, that law didn’t really do us any favors. Despite that, Ard and I kept practicing our abilities. We wanted to get stronger, even though we were only kids. It was only inevitable that we messed up, though. We got caught. Our parents caught us practicing with fire, and they were horrified. Things… Changed pretty quickly after that. They regarded us like we were monsters, just because we were different.

One day, they left. They just left and never came back. Ard and I were nearly a year old at that point. After that, it was just the two of us. Some of the King’s men came to fetch us soon after our parents abandoned us. They must have told the authorities about our magic. They yelled and cursed us, called us ‘abominations’. We managed to escape capture and hid in the mountains, but, well… It might have been better to just go with them.

By then the civil war was in full swing. The rebels wanted to overthrow the corrupt monarchy, and the monarchy wanted to squish out the rebellion. We had been in hiding for a few weeks when the leader of the rebellion found us. His name was Vreis, but he was no better than the corrupt King. We were both sick from hiding in the snowy mountains with little food, but Ard tried to use his magic to try and scare them off. Vreis and his men immediately knew what we were. They could’ve easily killed us, given that we were practically surrounded by an army and we were sick, but they didn’t. Vreis, he… He gave us an ultimatum. He would let us live despite being warlocks, on the one condition that we served him and fought for his army. If we refused, he would kill us. It was as simple as that. Ard and I didn’t have much of a choice, not if we wanted to live.

We spent the next year and a half honing our magical abilities and fighting in a war that we wanted nothing to do with. Not only did we have to survive the war, but Vreis’ army. They were cruel, manipulative, and twisted, raping and pillaging as they saw fit. We became Vreis’ personal ‘pets’ and we served him in whatever way that he wanted. He particularly liked the sound of Ard’s voice. We knew we wouldn’t survive if we stayed, and so Ard and I began to plan. To make us more powerful, Vreis had ordered his men to find us as much information on magic and elemancy that they could. We read everything that we could obtain, and found a particular spell.

Supposedly, if done correctly, the spell would open up a portal to a new world. It required two skilled magic users; one to mold and shape the portal, and the other to supply the magic ‘reservoir’. Deciding we had nothing left to lose, Ard and I took the chance. In the middle of the night, we fled from Vreis’ personal tent and tried our luck at opening the portal. It was taxing and took a considerable amount of focus and discipline, all while depleting our magic reserves… But with a bright spark of light, a portal seemed to rip into the very air before us. By then, the rebel camp was aware that we were meddling, and so we did the only thing we could think to do; we jumped in.

Luminous was never our home, not really. Leaving it behind meant nothing to us, not when all that really mattered was each other. Now we’re here, in this world, this Novus, and that’s all that’s to it.’

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

The twins’ outfits are identical. When worn, it is impossible to tell the two warlocks apart.

The outfit is a collection of black and charcoal cloths, crudely stitched and bound together with a dark green hemp cord. Secured with various worn belts, the ensemble nearly resembles a cloak when fastened properly, yet is not long enough to drag upon the ground. A large black hood can be slid over the top of the head, enshrouding their face to an onlooker. Adding to the mystery is a charcoal grey cowl that covers the lower portion of the face, allowing only a sliver of flesh and a flash of turquoise eyes to be seen.

The cloak is slit along the shoulders, allowing for the free movement of the twins’ wings. It is tied loosely together behind the wing joints and along the spine with more dark green hemp cord, keeping it secure and prevents the cloak from slipping or sliding upwards.

Along many of the belts are small pouches, used for carrying various small items.

**Will provide a visual reference ASAP**

- Pair of luminous stone earrings that glow faintly in the moonlight

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