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Arabian/TB X Barb mix


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Leonidas is bark brown and dawn gold. His skin is of the richest, burnt umber, dark as soil after rain and bright as copper beneath a flame. His gold is a spark of light, the flash of a comet across a barren sky. Sparks and dust, brilliant and yellow, flare in his wake. They fizzle to nothingness as they pour like water from his wings.

Upon their backs, his wings are that same flickering umber, but their bellies are as though tipped to the sun. They are splashed with a dawn light, fierce and endlessly bright. Each feather there is filigree and it shines and shines and shines.

His eyes are suns, golden gems pressed into the sculpted black of his face. He is woven from the darkness and stardust of far spun galaxies. His feet tread upon planets, his eyes navigate the stars and his wings cruise the solar winds that blow, in light and soundless roars.

Leonidas is forged of endless Time, far flung Space and an ageless magic. And all converge to form the antlers atop his crown. They are spun of starlight, there for a season by Space’s hand and gone for another by Time’s turning seasons. That ageless Magic binds them tight and hard in Spring, transforming dust into gold before they are once again gone as Autumn turns all to blood and gold. Those antlers fall away as golden dust, lost to the breath of Winter that blows leaves from Fall trees.

He shares his gold features and gilded antlers with his twin sister. As a youth he also shares with her light golden dapples that fade as his mature coat begins to grow in.

Positives: Loyal || Charming || Witty and Intelligent || Courageous || Mischievous || Generous
Negatives: Bossy || Aloof || Conceited || Vain || Manipulative || Impulsive

Leonidas is a rogue. Yet what did you expect from the son of a time-travelling mother who kept escaping her parents as a child? He is a pirate with stars in his blood and the universe at his feet. His spirit is a wild thing, untameable and free. Recklessness radiates from him, as consuming and savage as a wildfire. Never will he settle, for the whole of existence is too large, too mysterious – it calls to be explored.

Though only just free from his boyhood, in every way Leo is dangerous from the golden gleam of his eye (as sharp as a blade pressed against skin) to the curve of his wicked smile. His mother taught him loyalty, his father how to be elusive. There are few who truly know him, for to let another in is to be shackled by love (for friends, for family).

Leonidas is the one who will not be tamed, the boy who charms with a smile and gone the next morning. He is self-centered, impulsive, rebellious, wild. But oh, he is generous, loyal, fierce and brave too.

If there is one thing that softens the impulsive, rebellious nature of Leonidas, it is his twin sister. They share a connection, as deep as their genes, as deep as the magic in his veins and maybe, just maybe Aster is the only one who can see Leonidas for who he truly is. And she is the one you would need to ask for always, to any watching, Leonidas is the charmer, the rogue, the boy with golden smiles and mischievous, dangerous ways.

Born in the summer of 504 with his twin sister Aster into the Dusk Court.

Active & Parvus Magic

Time Acceleration

Nothing upon initial inspection. But cut his hair and it will grow back in moments. Injure him and his wounds heal much faster: a small cut and, like his hair, it will be healed in moments. A broken bone and it will not take months, but days. Because his hair grows fast he has to cut it daily to keep it at a manageable length. If you know a good hairdresser then please let him know.

Tier I:
Leonidas is but a young boy. Like most young children he knows little about himself. His childhood has always felt like a slow, slow thing. But occasionally, quite suddenly and delightfully, something will speed up. The younger he is, the more mysterious and strange such events are… a small puddle growing faster than the others in the evening’s rain… A leaf turning brown before his eyes… It will be a while until he recognises that these moments are something to do with him… When he begins to suspect, it will not be long until he tries to control such strange happenings…

Young and inexperienced, Leo can speed up only the smallest of things… A closed flower opening as quick as a palm... a sigh of wind suddenly gusting by in a rush… a smile only begun to be thought about but then so suddenly there - before its wearer even realises… Such small things he can make happen, fast. Yet each small thing, like a leaf floating down, slowly, slowly then suddenly arrow fast, require such concentration of this young boy. He tires easily and each little, effortful flick of magic is as small as a parlour trick, yet they bring him joy and put a smile upon those who come to watch time suddenly slip by them before their very eyes. His favourite might be a cup of tea made cold in the blink of an eye. A little twist of magic just so he didn’t have to drink such a boring beverage…

Twin Magic:
Little does Leonidas know how deep his twin bond reaches. It is not just familiars he and his sister share. Where their magics may seem opposite, behind their mirror nature is a bond that weaves deeper than the ocean. Their magics, you see, are twins also. Where Leonidas is dark and fast like a storm, Aster is light and slow as snow fall. Yet their essence is the same, a gift from their mother and her genetic affinity for Time. Never are the twins magics to be used against each other. If used in opposition it will simple cause things to...stop. Things around the twins will stop. It is chaotic and near uncontrollable for two children newly discovering their weak and unpredictable magic. This sudden stopping of their surroundings provides them with a space private to them. None of the frozen horses around them can hear for they have just simply stopped. It provides a place for the twins, a moment, a secret place they will quickly begin to view as their own. At first they will not be able to control how long this space in time lasts until suddenly everything kicks off again, exactly from the moment in which it stopped. No one except the twins will ever know that everything stopped when their magics were working against each other.

Tier II
Once a boy knows he can control magic, he will begin to play curiously with what this strange magic of his is. Once a brother sees his sister wield a magic so similar and yet so opposite to his, it will make him focus and work out just what his own magic can do. He will find himself trying to speed up his sister’s magic. And oh how he does try…

Gone will be the days when Leonidas’ magic was unpredictable and strange. Now he will know just why things suddenly speed up. Now he will realise why, when anger overwhelms him, a flower dies just a little quicker. Now he will see that for all the things he speeds up, his twin sister slows them all down.

He will work hard to gain control of his magic, and his dedication will be rewarded. Little by little he will speed things up a little longer (a caterpillar into a butterfly in only a minute - he will be especially proud of that one), a little faster (did you see the speed at which that ant took that piece of chocolate back to his nest?) and he will tire a little less each time (only a 5 min granny nap now - not bad at all!).
No longer will Leo ask his sister to slow his sleep for he will not need so much now. He will only yawn after a flower opens or wilts and only doze after he made a cloud speed by - a trick done just to make a pretty girl smile and it will be absolutely worth it!

Now Leonidas will try his power upon bigger things...a cat one moment hunting in the midst of the field. The next, eating its prey in the shade of a juniper tree.

Twin Magic:
The twins are now able to control how long they can stay in their private moment in time. Yet it saps their energy and it is eerie to be here. They work hard to control this bond in their magic, to refine it down from the larger uncontrolled space to a smaller one. It is, in essence, an attempt at making their magic directional. At this level they are unable to make it much smaller than the space around them. The innate nature of their magic is bigger and stronger than their control over it.

Tier III
Leo no longer tires. He no longer naps. He has set his eyes upon bigger things. A storm rolling in is no longer setting its own pace, but comes in like a cheetah across the sky. The oceans tides are out and then in, the water rises up the beach fast as a flash flood. The things Leonidas will be able to control are larger and he does not tire. He will begin to be able to move multiple things faster than normal. Yet the more things he tries to influence (a small copse versus wood of trees, an ocean and a storm) the less he will be able to speed them up.

Twins Magic:
The twins continue to work to focus their shared magic, Making the space around them smaller. They are able to work it into smaller and smaller circles around them. Yet each attempt saps their energy although it is less than it was when their magics were weaker.

Tier IV:
Now Leo will be able to stand amidst a timelapse shifting forward around him. If he concentrates, he is able to move himself faster through a world that drifts at normal speed. He could move from one point to the next in just a blink of an eye. There is nothing he cannot speed up. Yet the more powerful he grows, the more he will need his sister to slow him and the world around him down.She is the counterbalance to his magic.

Twin Magic:
The twins are now able to control the repelling nature of their magic. They can choose to have a wider space become still, or refine it down to one small space, such as a cloud that stops, still, in the sky. There is no weakening in their energy. They are able to hold the opposing nature of their magic and focus it into one place, or one object.

The greatest effect of Leonidas' magic is his immortality. As long as his sister is alive, the boy will never age. As their magics when used together will stop things around them. So Aster's magic's connection with his is enough to stop his own natural ageing. As a child he will age normally, but as his magic grows stronger and his sister's too, so the influence of Aster's magic upon him grows.

Passive Magic

Since he was first lost as an orphan in the deep wilds of Novus, Nature has been changing him. Over time not only has Leonidas learned how to creep like a stag through the wood with barely a whisper, his body has also become able to blend itself better. What else could a child to do to evade detection when the monsters of Novus roamed by?

Leonidas's body has learned to darken or lighten into his surroundings. His magic responds subconsciously to his mood. If he is wary, for example, his body will darken, taking on some trace of the surrounding colours of the wood until only a well-trained or particularly lucky eye might be able to spot him. Yet, if he is angry, bold or excited, his gold will glow brightly, the mahogany of his coat growing richer and more striking.

Bonded & Pets


When Leonidas and his twin sister, Aster, were newborns their father bought for them two identically carved wooden cheetah cubs. One day, mysteriously, the twin cubs grew hair in place of wood. Their new flesh grew soft and warm, their limbs turned from wood to bone, their eyes went from unblinking beech to glowing brown, dark as soil. The cubs took on life, animated life pouring through her veins and into their pounding hearts. Circe is a wild cat, slim and fast. She is spirited, never afraid to curb the antics of her familiar, never afraid to stride toe to toe with him. As Leo is drawn to his twin, so Circe is to hers. Both horse and cat are loyal to each other until death.

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Mutation: gold antlers that turn to gold dust with the seasons. See Appearance.

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07/07/19- Character Application Approved. Immortality, Mutation, Realistic Bonded & Active Magic all also approved (Note: magic is from egg hunt of 2019). - NESTLE
07/31/19 +extra roll in future RE (feather) for participation in SWP "a day that lasts forever", TID3888. -SID
08/18/19 +3EXP for Obsidian's 6/27/17 1yr anniversary. -INKBONE
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09/22/19 Rank change from Dusk Court Youth to Vagabond Youth, per member request/TID3999/item purchase. -INKBONE
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10/05/19 +3 EXP for gaining active magic, immortality, and a bonded. -AIMLESS
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12/31/20 +3EXP for completing 5 threads - TID3999, 5062, 5263, 5248, 5080. -INKBONE
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01/03/21 Moved to inactive from Vagabond Citizen per member request. -INKBONE
04/04/21 +400 signos and removed mutation item from inventory & records. Mutation (for antlers made of gold) no longer needed for this character due to the April 2021 design rule changes. -INKBONE