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Fight: Judged  - Little Do You Know

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Due to not responding, @Rhone forfeits the fight and @Liam takes the Dusk court throne!

This thread will be locked and moved to the Archives shortly. The characters' official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with any signos rewards sent), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!

This thread cannot be claimed as a "completed thread" for signos redemption.

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: +2 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: 25 Signos
TOTAL: +3 EXP, 25 Signos

No "Participate in a Battle or Challenge" experience is gained if fight is forfeited by lack of response.

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