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I'm ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets
And join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end

The whispers of the trees drew him inwards. He’d never seen such enormous trees. Their branches reached out to him welcomingly. The denseness of trees was something he’d never felt before. Otherwise it would have been uncomfortable for a larger creature to feel trapped. But that's not how this place felt. He felt sheltered, enclosed.  It tickled his curiosity to investigate further. The chirping of the little creatures with snouts and ears disturbed him slightly. They were so much smaller he felt he had to take extra care to ensure not to step on them. 

He nickered to them softly, greeting them. He gently pressed deeper into the trees unsure if they could understand him. His skin was still sensitive and peeling in burnt chunks. The exposed flesh beneath was tender and vulnerable. What exactly he was seeking here he was unsure. He felt lulled in here, as though he had followed the whispering trees for centuries. It was as though he was supposed to come here all along. Deep red eyes scanning the hollows of the trees. 

What was the purpose of this place? Why did he feel so drawn here? He snorted softly and tried to sift through a pile of papers with his upper lip. Who was this place designed for? He squinted at the symbols on the paper and sighed. It seemed to follow patterns but he didn’t understand it. He couldn’t read it. 

One of the many hanging lanterns caught his eyes. He watched it deeply, listening to the chittering of the trees. He tucked his wings in tightly and flopped himself down in one of the patterned blankets. He scratched his itching growing horns gently against a tree trunk, he closed his eyes overcome with the relief of the sensation.

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