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Information  - The Library

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The Library

Welcome to the most extensive library in all of Novus: since the beginning of the world, the sages of Delumine have carefully snuck away every bit of information they could find, building a stockpile that soon became impossible to hide. For days they prayed to Oriens for a safe place to store it all, for a haven of knowledge in the heart of the gods kingdom. And the Dawn God granted them their wish: from the still-young forest he crafted a library, weaving together the tree trunks and branches with loving skill, bolstering their growth so they became tall and imposing, a labyrinth of interlocked trees and never-ending chambers. Even now the forest continues to grow with the need of the library: wish for a new room one day, and you may just return the next day to find it awaiting you.

All are welcomed to The Library to come and learn; the common practice is to leave a scroll if you take one, and donations to its inventory are encouraged.

But be warned: the forest is always watching.

And it does not take kindly to thieves.

To find the Library, you need only to walk North in the Viride Forest: eventually the trees will grow older, their ancient boughs twisting together to form a nearly impenetrable canopy overhead. You may not even notice the trees becoming walls, their roots forming steps, the path you follow splitting into rooms. This is the only entrance to the Library.

Once the trees become walls and the canopy a room, the path will widen into a large and circular room. Seven additional passageways bridge off from this room: three on either side, and one directly across from the entrance. Each of these side paths branch into additional rooms meant for studying, reading, conversing, crafting, and more.

The centermost opening will take you down a short hallway that opens into a cavernous room. The canopy is sparser here, so that light may filter down to even the lowest of levels. Oddly enough, even during rainy weather this room never seems to become damp; however one may often find dried leaves and flowers scattered about the floor.

Bookcases line each wall from floor to ceiling, with wide, sweeping staircases leading to two upper, asymmetrical  levels to make for ease of access. Rows of bookshelves make narrow aisles and small nooks, lanterns hung every few feet to illuminate the titles. Several spaces have been cleared for reading, with ample beds and small tables dispersed around the room. Often you’ll see the small fox-like Helpers running back and forth with scrolls and books clutched in their grasp, often disappearing into tiny fox-sized tunnels. If you ask nicely, they may just help you find a specific book or even retrieve it for you; they don’t speak in the common tongue, but they seem to understand it just fine.

The library is composed overwhelmingly of scrolls, as suits the age of Novus’ technology. Books are scattered sparsely, but are prevalent. Nearly all of Novus’ written history is recorded within the Library; a copy of nearly every book and scroll in Novus is duplicated here, often several times.

Anything an equine could hope to read is found here: from fiction to fables to historical documents to ancient cave paintings and artistry. The library’s Helpers are constantly at work scurrying between the Courts, collecting and scribing and hiding away every bit of literature they could get their paws on. While the collection is not quite complete, it’s close—and it’s collections are constantly added to.

The library is divided into sections: there’s a wing for each of the four Courts, a section for lore on the gods, sections for fictional pieces separated by genre, and also a sparsely-decorated area dedicated to fables from far away lands.

Reading Beds
Scattered throughout the aisles and rooms are small comforts left by the many equines who have come before: decorative rugs protect from the cold dirt underhoof, while blankets and oversized pillows provide a lazy lounging space.  Equines can utilize them for as long as they’d like

Writing and Crafting Stations
Dawn Court citizens are the most educated upon Novus. They are often sought out for their wisdom and sage opinions. Their honesty can be quite blunt, and they are often the mediator in troubling times. Their thirst for knowledge and curiosity for life holds no boundaries; it is very common to see them as guests in other Courts, only settling in their home Realm when old age starts to affect them physically.

Additionally you may find a multitude of different stations meant for crafting. Large stones hollowed out in their centers make bowls where wood and plant materials can be ground into a pulp when water is added. Wooden planks are provided to smear mixtures onto. In one room, a sun spot has been opened in the canopy to allow papers, mixtures, paintings, and more to dry. Wool gathered from local animals acts as an absorbent layer when placed directly overtop creations. Textile, ink, and quill crafting stations are abundant.

Study Rooms
Every so often, you might stumble upon a private room set up with anything you might need for a long night of studying: broad tables, comfy pillows, ample parchment and quills. They often are not far from the library’s main room.

A peculiar room off to one side boasts a dome-shaped ceiling that has been bewitched to reflect the sky above. It changes with the day, and at night becomes far more vibrant, filled with colors and stars. A collection of maps and scrolls identify and name the constellations, and a strange invention is set up facing the sky, with a holding piece for magnifying glasses found nearby to be placed into. It’s wide enough for two horses to stand beneath at once, and provides a closer look at the skies.

Another device similar to a circular table can be found in the center of the room, made up of revolving devices. Spinning the rings will cause the sky to change, the makeshift sun rising and falling accordingly to create days. This device allows the user a peek into the heavens of both past and future, and can be used to predict astronomical events.

Library Helpers
These grey and brown creatures are not only fox-like in appearance, but also in personality: they love their home, and they have fun with their jobs! They're mischievous little things who enjoy reordering their collections to always keep their visitors on their toes, even going so far as to flip through the pages when the readers aren't looking.

But their playful side can quickly disappear if they feel the Library is in danger; attempt to steal or deface the collections, and you may just find yourself cornered by a pack of sharp-toothed canines hell-bent on revenge.


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