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Guidebook Supplement  - Experience

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This guide will break down our experience (EXP) system, including how to earn EXP and rewards for reaching certain checkpoints.

EXP Overview
  • EXP is the primary statistic for all characters. It gives an edge in battles and allows characters to level up their magic, if they have any.

  • All characters start with 10 EXP.

  • The EXP scale ranges from 10 to 100.

  • EXP is earned per character and cannot be transferred between characters.

  • Upon reaching an EXP Milestone (listed below), you can reply to this thread to update your EXP and claim your reward.

  • Upon reaching an EXP Milestone (listed below), you will also receive 20 extra points to divvy up between Health and Attack, up to an overall 100 split points.

  • To help keep track of EXP, you can create a tracking log. For a free coded format or example, see this thread. Logs are not 'official,' but more for personal reference and ease of tracking. EXP will only be official when formally updated (see above bullet point).

Earning EXP


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