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Thank you, everyone, for a wonderful 5 years!
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Parent #1

Roleplayer: RB
Name: @Bexley
Gender: female
Age: 5
Court: day

Parent #2

Roleplayer: griffin
Name: @acton
Gender: male
Age: 5
Court: night

Other Information

Link to the required Amare Creek "Fade to Black" thread: tada!

How many total threads have they interacted in? 1)

What is the current IC season? WINTER

Are you using any items? Breeding - choose gender (female) and healthy pregnancy, both on Bexley's account

If the parents are of separate Courts, what parent will the foal live with? Mom!

If the conception is successful, do you have an RPer for the foal(s)? RB

Is there anything else you'd like us to know? hehehehe



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The pregnancy is successful!

@Bexley and @Acton have completed 6 threads together, giving them a 100% chance of a successful pregnancy together. This allows them an automatic success, so no dice were rolled.

A dice roll will be made to determine whether Bexley will have Twins or a single. Any number  1 to 5 will result in twins, and numbers 6 to 100 will result in a single.
Bexley and Acton rolled a 91--they will have one foal!

A dice roll will be made to determine whether the pregnancy will be Healthy. As the current season is Winter, any roll between 1-50 will result in a healthy pregnancy; 51-75 will result in a unhealthy pregnancy; 76-100 means the foal will not survive.
Bexley and Acton are using a Healthy Pregnancy item, and will have a healthy pregnancy. No rolls were made to determine this. This item has been removed from Bexley's account!

A dice roll will be made to determine the Gender of the baby. 1 to 50 will result in a male; 51 to 100 will result in a female.
Bexley and Acton are using a Breeding: Choose Gender item, and will have a baby girl! No dice was rolled, and the item has been removed from Bexley's inventory.

Because both parents have Active Magic, a dice roll will be made to determine whether the foal will Inherit their magic. Any number between 1 and 50 will result in successful inheritance; 51 to 100 will result in no inheritance.
Bexley and Acton rolled a 27--the foal inherits Active Magic!
@redandblack will get to design the foal's magic ladder, but the magic must relate to one or both of the parent's magic in some way. Congratulations!
(when posting your foal's joining application, link to this thread so that staff can send the Magic item to the account!)

To recap: the pregnancy is successful! @Bexley will bear @Acton's foal. The pregnancy will be healthy and will result in a single female whom will inherit Active Magic.

As stated earlier, the foal must wait to be born until the following IC season. This means that the earliest you may play the foal is October 1st!

In this time, the foal's profile can be created. The profile will not be accepted until October 1st at the earliest.

If the foal's profile is not created and approved by halfway through the season (November 1st), she will be considered dead (the parents can determine how he died).

The foal's RPer, @redandblack, is allowed to join her anywhere between the age of 0 and 2. Whatever age they decide on in their application is the age that the foal will begin aging from. This allows you the choice of either RPing out the foal years, or skipping straight to their independent years.

The foal design is left up to you. The only requirement we have is that it meets the site expectations for character designs, and that the design is believably based off of the mother and father.

The foal will live in the Day Court with @Bexley, and will be played by @redandblack.



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