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A sealed scroll, tied with ribbons of gold and ivory was delivered to each and every solar court by an owl of mottled tan and white. Her eyes, beady black and piercing, would stare at the group assembled, watching them with a knowing gaze as one would take the rolled parchment affixed to her leg and reveal the contents hidden away.

Her next stop was Denocte. Like Terrastella, Alba was no stranger to this court of moonlight and stars. This was not her first visit.

Soundlessly she swept down and through the markets, searching among the crowd to spot any familiar face. Taking roost upon one of the market stalls before a gathering of horses, she offered the scroll to be taken and read.

'To our friends in Denocte;

You are cordially invited to participate in the union between Somnus and Eulalie of the Dawn Court. On the first day of Fall, a gathering will be had to celebrate the marital union between both souls within the Delumine capitol, blessed beneath the knowing eyes of the Wise One, Oriens.

We look forward to sharing our joy and love with you on this very special day.

Blessed be,

Somnus and Eulalie.’

As before, Alba did not remain for very long. She allowed the words to be said before taking off, her final destination of sand and sun in mind.


This thread is set in the summer of 503 and before the acts within Denocte from Raum, and the Raum/Seraphina challenge. A link will be provided once the wedding celebration has begun.


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