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is this a natural feeling or is it just me bleeding?
Delumine had so much potential for beauty, and already was a grand place for nature now, in Winter. Lasairian had no Winters growing up in the Bheo, because the cold would kill enough of the inhabitants without fail. Therefore, it was always fairly warm and lacking in snow. Which made being here so much more interesting, cold as it was. Aside from the snow, Lasairian had already decided that Delumine seemed the most like home of the courts here, and it felt a little accidental that so much of it would line up the way it did. It shouldn't have been that easy, that fitting. Yet it had been.

Lasairian was grateful for all the ways in which it lined up, though. He had picked this route, this court for what he had heard was their thirst for knowledge and their library, and all the rest had just been there as little bonuses. Things to make him fit in when he had felt so oddly lost when he had first arrived, when he had realized that this was his life now. Such oddities, but he couldn't say that was a bad thing, when so far it had only offered him good. Lasairian felt more settled here than he could have imagined he might, and it was such a confusing feeling to have after everything.

Yet it also seemed that he had made a new friend, and that was something that warmed his insides against the Winter chill as they walked back from the Night market and into Delumine. The library was the goal here; to bring Cassilyn there to see all that it was. All those books it held, all that knowledge that those books contained. Lasairian knew that for some, diverting from an original path to put the past behind them was the best way to move on, but in this he could not divert. He was too interested in learning, in expanding those horizons for himself. Being more in a place where that might be possible.

Did he cut himself deeper to throw himself into being a medic? Into that very subject that his mentor had been so well known for? Sought out for? When that was the wound he was truly looking to escape from? Lasairian would never truly let go, and he couldn't, but this was a constant reminder, and for as long as he kept going down this road, it always would be. Things that he didn't say on the way, on this journey with Cassilyn. He did enjoy her company, and would tell her the answers to most questions she asked, but a few personal things would stay as they were; personal.

The travel did not bring them through the bulk of Delumine, because it was an upward curve towards the forest of the Dawn Court, and up in the Northern part of that, the library. Lasairian had gotten lost more than a few times at the start, trying to get to and from the library, but it was such an integral part of how he lived, that it became easier for him to sort out how to get there. Now it felt familiar to be walking the paths once he had hit where the Dawn Court began at the forest itself. Eventually they had gotten to where the trees changed, reformed, "the library," he finally said, looking at Cassilyn.
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