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Experience Earning  - lavender & chamomile

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strangeness and

Delumine was perhaps the last place one would find Corrdelia, but she had arrived here on a mission. It had been a bit of trouble just to even get in as the Dawn Court had apparently been keeping their borders in check. After bribing the guard with some signos and rice cakes, she had successfully been let in. Her initial goal was to go to the Library to do some research on Tempus, but she decided to take a detour and explore the forest. She figured she could find some useful herbs while she was here.

And that is exactly what Corr sets out to do with Hāsta flying ahead of her. Her companion is not very useful when it comes to these things as much as she wished her to be. The bird had better eyesight than Corr and yet was too lazy to help. This is why she doesn't bother to ask and simply goes about searching on her own. She knew there should be some Woodland bluebell around at the least, but she wonders if she could find some good herbs for her tea blends as well. Hāsta helped her gather some lavender on the way which she had tucked into her cloak, but she was always up for more.

"Bluebell, bluebell, where are you?" she trills, then hums to herself as she walks through the forest. She knows that the flowers should be pretty noticeable when she comes upon them since they will generally take over a wide area within the woods. It was just finding them that was the real trick. For a native to Delumine, they would likely find it in a heartbeat, but Corr had not explored this Court's lands yet. She knows too that she'll need to be careful not to wander too far out of the woods either as they were very close to the Solterran border. Last thing she wanted was to come face to face with Raum or his followers. The thought makes her shudder.

"You know, you could scout ahead and let me know where I might find the flowers," she suggests to her companion with a raised brow. Hāsta, who perched herself on a low hanging branch, makes a sort of scoffing noise.

"I could, but we've traveled so far and I'm tired," she grumbles, glaring at Corr with her beady black eyes. The mare snorts in response.

"Oh, stop, you silly old bird! We barely traveled that far. This was nothing compared to the trip to the island."

"Yes and that wasn't too long ago, I'm still tired from that!"
Corr shakes her head and decides not to continue further. There was no reasoning with Hāsta, so it was typically wasted energy when she tried.

When she turns her head back to the path forward, she notices a figure up ahead. Another horse? She decides to try her luck and trots towards them.

"Hello there! Do you know where I might find some bluebells?" she asks with a smile.

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(For reference of Corr's house, click here; doubles as a plot thread!)


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