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There is a hole in the heart of Terrastella now that they are three members less. It still doesn't feel real, especially having Asterion gone. She remembers their meeting on the island like it had been yesterday and he seemed content then. It still had not been made clear just why they all left or even if they would return.

But then, life has to go on and Corrdelia knows she needs to move on from this (for her sake and her Court's). She had offered her help to anyone who needed it in their meeting, so she hopes they can all get through this together.

She is sitting in her house sipping tea when she hears a commotion outside. Hāsta squawks up on her perch in response before gliding over to the windowsill to look out.

"Someone's out there," she tells Corr with a grumpy tone.

"Well, I sure hope they're alright! We ought to take a look," the mare replies in a hurry, then rushes out the door to investigate. Hāsta reluctantly follows and takes flight close to Corr.

A warm breeze greets her when she steps outside. Light filters through the thick canopy of trees, offering even a small amount of sunlight to brighten the swamp. Although they still seem to be having an issue with the sun not setting, it's a nice sight to see given the circumstances lately. As Corr came around the corner, she realizes that the commotion is coming from the twins. She smiles, her anxiety dissipating.

"What are you two kids up to out here?" she asks, her tone mocking a mom voice. She can't help but grin at them though. It's hard for her to feel annoyed since their parents were now gone. If anything, it made her want to take them under her wing and keep them safe.
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(For reference of Corr's house, click here; doubles as a plot thread!)


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